Bangkok Midtown Hotel

  • Room Type : Standard Twin Room
  • Stay Nights : 4 nights
  • Stay Num : 2 people

The reason for choosing "Bangkok Midtown Hotel" is reasonable price in Siam area. My main purposes of Bangkok trip are shopping and visiting a temple! Then I was looking for a hotel around the Siam area where many shopping malls are located. There are many reasonable and beautiful guest houses in Bangkok, but I was afraid it in terms of security. A big hotel should be safer than small one, we thought and decided here. The train bound for Ayutaya departed from Hua Lamphong station, location nearby station was also a big point to select this hotel.

Check entrance and reception

It is not a square building, but it was a fashionable building like art being decorated many of glass.

Hotel private parking space

The guard was always at the gate. I felt their security is enough strict.

Before the hotel entrance

It was a bit difficult to find where the main entrance is since it is not so big.

There was a reception desk in front.

Lobby view from the second floor.

The reception counter is simple and clean.

The lobby design is based on white color which has feeling of cleanliness. The ceiling is high and a chandelier looks luxury.

Concierge desk (information desk)is at lobby.

Charging spot at the waiting space of the lobby.

Stairs to the 2nd floor. There is a restaurant which is breakfast venue.

The front elevator hall is bright.

Ground  floor elevator hall

Inside the elevator

Elevator floor panel

The elevator door was clear glass.

Room floor elevator hall

Room floor corridor

Standard twin room

Room door

The guest room door is opened by tapping the card key.

Entering the room, there is a closet on the left side and a shower room on the right.

The card key socket is right on the door.

Rooms air conditioning.

The interior was unified with yellow and white, it was pretty interior. But the lighting was weak and the whole room was a bit dark.

The room looked clean but detailed part is still dusty such as the edge of the floor.

Our room is connecting room which has a door leading to the next room.

Two semi-double bed are placed. The feel of the sheet was slightly stiff, the bed was soft and the pillow was big.

There was a ribbon towel art on the bed.

The bedside table was on both sides but the outlet receptacle was only on one side.

Foot light under the side table.

There was a TV set opposite the bed.

There was a luggage shelf next to the TV.

Two red chairs at the window.

The window cannot be opened. Some border sticker are put on the window in order to make inside the room invisible. It makes that we cannot see much of the outside, either. Because the window is not so big, I felt the room was a little dark  even at lunchtime.

It could not be said that the view was good depend of  the room. We only saw a small alley and there was a building on the way across the street.


The toilet and the shower room were separated.

There was a sliding door next to the shower room. Wash basin and toilet are inside of sliding door.

The shower room is next to the bed.

The door handle of the shower room can be a towel rack.

There are rain shower and hand shower. The water pressure is not too strong.

Corner shelf for shampoo or soap was very small and inconvenient.

Behind the sliding door, there was a sink and a toilet in the back.



Soap was prepared at the wash basin.

It was inconvenient because there was no outlet in the bathroom.The big mirror on the wall is nice.

There is also a hook on the side wall, the towel can be hanged here.

Amenities are only conditioner shampoo, body soap,  shampoo cap, cotton swab and soap. I used a shampoo with conditioner once, but my hair has become dry so I used own one. The cotton swab and cotton are very soft and the fibers came out while using. I was a little surprised that there was no toothbrush. Hand soap felt like it remove moisture from my hand, so I bought and use another one.

The dryer was attached on the wall, but wind power was sufficient strength.

Closet and Safety Box

The closet was on the left just into the room. It is big enough for two people to use.

Full-length mirror is attached on the back of closet door.

There were only six hangers, it would be nice for me to have some more. There were slippers and laundry bags.

Laundry service form

There was a safety box in the closet.

The system does not memorize the code, so it is a little troublesome to input the code every time to lock.

Mini bar / cafe

There was also a cafe corner. At the cafe corner, there were electric kettles, coffee cups, glasses, mineral water, instant coffee and tea bags, sugar and powdered milk. I tried the coffee and it was not very tasty as it felt thinner even with milk. I thought it would be nice to have fresh milk.

A refrigerator.

It is empty inside, there was no mini bar.

Restaurants and shops in the hotel

There was a restaurant on the 2nd floor.

Restaurant menu

I had a breakfast here.

It was buffet style breakfast.

A variety of dishes were lined up.

Pastry corner

Serial corner

Salad corner

There was also dim sum.


Sausages, fried eggs and stir-fried vegetables.

Hot drinks

Cold drink

Fruit corner

This is my plate what I choose from the buffet.

We also ordered room service menu. What we had are Padthai, spring rolls, wonton soup, hamburgers  and fried rice. The arrangement was gorgeous.

Room service menu table

Thai food was delicious, but we do not recommend hamburgers or Western-style food.

Facilities in the hotel

There was outdoor pool. Since the depth of the pool is about 100 cm, it is not suitable for small children. Opening time is from 8 am to 8 pm. Although I used it five times during my stay, I did not see any other guests there so I could be relax.

The pool is on the 3rd floor. We could see the hotel entrance from the pool. The pool length is about 15 m.

You can use life jackets and floating rings.

Sun bed is on the poolside. There is no towel in the swimming pool, so you need to take it yourself from the room.

There was a toilet on the poolside.

There was also a smoking space.

The pool opens until 8 pm. We could not see sunset from the pool since it is located between the buildings. It is lighted up at the night time. Swimming at the middle of Bangkok city gave me a special feeling. I felt it is little noisy since the hotel is along a main street. I stayed in mid September, it was a little cold to swim at night.

Fitness gym.

There is meeting room. It seems to be required to make a reservation to use there.

Hotel surroundings environment

Because the hotel faces the main street, we are concerned about the noise of the car. It seems easy to get a taxi or tuk-tuk to go out. The narrow alley just next to the hotel has local market, and stall, the atmosphere was nice.  I felt inconvenient because the sidewalk of the main street in front of the hotel was narrow.

Boulevard in front of the hotel

Alley near the hotel

Staff & Customers

The hotel staff was friendly and helpful all the time. Security is always there, so I felt it is safe. The service staff at the breakfast venue were also polite. I was pleased that they treated me with a smile even I could not communicate with them well.   I did not feel inconvenienced in the interaction with the front staff. Except when I ordered for room service,  I could not understand their English much and it took long time to tell what I want to eat. Housekeeper seemed not to be able to  speak English well, so I could not tell her to change the towel.

The main customer of this hotel seemed local people. There were not many people who stayed in business. I think that there were many generations in their 20s to 40s age.


It is about 40 minutes by taxi from Don Muang Airport. Using the taxi app, the charge was 500 baht from the airport to the hotel. There are two convenience stores around the hotel. Because it is facing the main street, I think that security is not bad. Although I did not feel dangerous when walking in the night, it is not recommended to enter a small alley. The hotel is located in the Siam district, but it takes about 20 minutes walk to the biggest shopping mall. Although I use tuk-tuk or taxi app, it takes time to reach the point because the road is crowded and  there are many one-way streets. The price from the hotel to the shopping malls is about 100 Baht to 200 Baht for both tuk-tuk and taxi.

A convenience store near the hotel

Shopping mall stall in Bangkok city

View from the pedestrian overpass in Bangkok


Staying at this hotel this time,  I should have checked the other hotels close to the center. The reason was that when I made a reservation I thought that the location is good, but actually it was hard to walk 20 minutes from the shopping mall. There are not many restaurants around, it was troublesome to go out only for dinner even we had been outside from the morning. However, it was good that the staff was very kind and friendly. Breakfast was buffet style, menu did not change very much, but it was tasty, so we did not get tired of staying for about 4 nights. I think that it was good to stay when we looked at the kindness of the staff and the price of the price comprehensively.

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