Buddha Zen Hotel

  • Room Type : standard double room
  • Stay Nights : 2 nights
  • Stay Num : 2

I chose “Buddha Zen Hotel” because I heard that the area around Wenshu Temple is a new hot spot nowadays from my friend who came from Chengdu and I wanted to stay at a hotel there. When I checked a booking site, I was able to find this hotel only, but I liked the unique design of the hotel. Moreover, the price was reasonable, and the reviews were mainly great. It was nice that the hotel was only a 5-minute walk from the subway station.

What does the hotel look like? Check out the entrance and the reception!

I think this hotel was designed after the impression of China by the people in other countries. You will be excited when you see the hotel building. The hotel looks more beautiful at night as red lights are on.

The hotel seen from the outside

The entrance of the hotel

The design of the reception and the lobby is typical of China. I realised that I was in China. The Buddha statues and the Buddhist paintings are decorated, and all furniture match the building. The lobby is not so big, and I felt that I strayed into an old house in China.

The lobby

Buddhist paintings in the lobby

The hotel has only 3 stories and there is no elevator.


There is an atrium and you can look down the lobby.

Room floor corridor

What is the standard double room like?

The entrance door

The design of the room is unified with the hotel building and the lobby, and it was nice. However, I was a little disappointed in a couple of points. Firstly, there is no fridge in the room. Secondly, shampoo and body soap were commercial products. Moreover, the furnishings are placed roughly. If you don’t take them so seriously, you will be able to enjoy your stay at this hotel. I was able to connect WiFi without problem.




A Chair and table

A desk and chair

A unique lamp on the desk

I couldn’t sleep well because it was a spring mattress and I felt the shake when my friend turned over. There are plug sockets on both sides, but one of them didn’t work properly.

The balcony is surrounded by a fence which match the building, and there is a bench around the inside of the fence. There is enough space for 2 or 3 people to sit on the bench. You won’t be able to look around into the distance as the hotel has only 3 stories, but you can see the tasteful streets unique to this area.

The lighting like red lanterns has a nostalgic atmosphere. It will be great to spend a relaxing time on the balcony while drinking a glass of wine in spring and autumn which there are not many mosquitoes.


The bathroom is quite small.

A shower room

There are 2 shower holders in the shower room, but one of them is too high to reach. It will be ok if you have more than 165 cm tall.

The shelf for shampoo and conditioner was also too high for me, but it was easy to adjust the water temperature and the water pressure was enough.

A toilet

A washstand

There are toothbrush sets, combs, shower caps, cotton pads, cotton swabs, a razor, body lotion and a bar of soap.  Shampoo and body soap were commercial products, but conditioner was an exclusive product in this hotel.

A hair dryer. The switch was broken, and I couldn't adjust the temperature and the air volume.

Closet and Safety Box

It was a little bit difficult to open the closet door. There is a mirror between the closet doors, and you can see it when you close both doors. There are only 4 hangers in the closet. There is an extra pillow, a scale, a shoe rag, clothes brush and a safety box in the closet.

The left hand side of the closet

A scale,  shoe rag and brush

A shoe rag and clothes brush

The right hand side of the closet

Slippers. They have moderate thickness and were comfortable.

A Safety box

Inside the safety box

Minibar & Coffee station

There is no fridge and minibar in the room. The tea and coffee making facilities were prepared in the coffee station.

Tea bags, coffee and sugar

You can get 2 bottles of free water per day.

A restaurant in the hotel

There is only 1 restaurant in the hotel. It is on the right-hand side through the reception. There are 8 tables there, but it feels cramped as there is not much space between the tables. It closes at 9 pm.

The entrance of the restaurant

There are 8 tables in the restaurant.

A coffee machine.  It took time to get a cup of coffee. There was a queue waiting for coffee.

2 types of cereals, toaster, milk, black tea and hot milk

Buffet style breakfast

Steamed buns with meat filling

Chinese steamed bun, Mantou

Wontons in chilli sauce which is Sichuan specialty. If you don’t like spicy food, you can get them without chilli.

Fruits, sandwiches, buns with a bean‐jam filling and yoghurt

Facilities in the hotel

The business centre is on the ground floor, but I didn’t see a staff member there. I think you need to ask a receptionist when you use it.

Inside the business centre.

I got a coupon of 100 yuan that I was able to use at the spa when I checked in, so I received a whole-body acupressure massage. However, the pressure was not strong, and I didn’t feel I got professional treatment. It is 280 yuan for 60 minutes treatment without a coupon. The reflexology is 98 yuan for 60 minutes treatment, but you can’t use a coupon for cheap menus. Hawthorn tea that I got after the treatment was delicious.

Inside the spa

Area around the hotel

The area around the hotel is WenShuFang area where the old town remains, and it is safe. It is one of the hottest areas in Chengdu. There are a lot of restaurants and souvenir shops. You can eat Chengdu speciality, spicy wonton and sandwiches called guokui at the restaurant called Long Chao Shou. However, you need to remember that most restaurants close around 8 pm to 9 pm. The music bar near the hotel is open till 2 am and you can listen to live music there, but it is a little bit expensive.

It is unique in China that you can see Taoist temples.

Qingyang Palace. It is a relaxing space where greenery spreads in the middle of the city

Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding is a 40-minute drive from the hotel. There were lots of tourists despite the heavy rain. The entrance fee is 58 yuan per person.

Giant pandas. It will be an indoor tour only when the temperature exceeds 26 degrees and it is a rainy day. You need to queue for a while to get in. You had better take insect spray in summer.

You can see lots of pandas at once.

Staff & Guests

I was disappointed with one member of staff. We asked him about good restaurants around the hotel, but he couldn’t think of any. I thought they would have been accustomed to these kind of questions as the hotel is in a tourist spot. He managed to give us one restaurant name after a while and told us the way to get to that restaurant without a map, so I wrote a map by myself and confirmed the route with him. However, the route was wrong, and we had to search it by using my mobile. The restaurant was closed when we finally got there. We went back to the hotel and asked for the detail of another restaurant because we couldn’t find any nearby, but he gave a sigh. We were upset about his attitude and told him we would find it by ourselves. I know I shouldn’t expect too much because it is an inexpensive hotel, but I think they need to prepare their staff for basic questions.

There is always a staff member who can speak English at the reception. Some staff members at the restaurant and the spa can also speak English. You might be better to install a translation app on your mobile because you can’t communicate with taxi drivers or the other people at the shop nearby in English.

There are lots of families from Western countries in the hotel. I hardly saw business people. I saw Chinese families and a small group of Japanese, too. Westerners seemed to enjoy writing calligraphy and playing koto (music instrument) in the lobby.


We came to the hotel from Chongqing by high-speed rail, but we used the airport on our way back. It took about 45 minutes by subway from the nearest station, Wenshu Monastery Station to the airport. You need to change subway twice (line 1, line 3 and line 10), but we were able to change subways smoothly. The nearest exit to the hotel at There are souvenir shops and variety shops around the hotel. The Wenshu Monastery Station is a 5-minute walk from the hotel, and it is cheap and convenient to move around the city. It was easy to buy a ticket at the ticket machine as I just touched the station name which I wanted to go and put money. However, the machine didn’t accept some notes, so you had better prepare extra notes or coins just in case. Otherwise you can buy a ticket at the office, too. has long stairs, so it might be hard to carry a big suitcase. If you want to catch a taxi, cars can’t run the street in front of the hotel, so you need to go to the east side road of the hotel. If you can’t catch a taxi there, there is a bigger street when you walk to south and you will be able to catch it there.

There are souvenir shops and variety shops around the hotel. The Wenshu Monastery Station is a 5-minute walk from the hotel, and it is cheap and convenient to move around the city. It was easy to buy a ticket at the ticket machine as I just touched the station name which I wanted to go and put money. However, the machine didn’t accept some notes, so you had better prepare extra notes or coins just in case. Otherwise you can buy a ticket at the office, too.


This hotel has a great review on a booking site, the building and the room are decorated in a traditional Chinese style and we were very impressed by it. However, there were a couple of inconvenient points for us such as there was no fridge in the room, we couldn’t use one of the plug sockets and so on. I expect a hotel should not only be a place to stay but it should also offer reliable service in an unfamiliar place. Unfortunately, the staff in this hotel didn’t provide this service.

We enjoyed walking around the hotel and the breakfast was tasty. Moreover, the price was affordable. I will recommend this hotel because of these points.

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