Caesar Park Taipei

  • Room Type : Superior Twin
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 1 person
  • Convenient location! In front of Taipei station
  • Connected to the MRT subway station and you don't get wet when it rains

"Caesar Park Taipei" is located in front of Taipei Station, on the opposite of the road with many traffics. However, since it is connected to the MRT (subway) station and you can just take an elevator to the hotel from the M6 ​​exit of the station. This hotel, which is very convenient to move around and access to downtown, originally opened in 2003 in honor of management from Hilton. Various refurbishment and remodeling have been done, but still this hotel looks very classic. Here I would like to review my stay at Caesar Park Taipei.

Caesar Park Taipei : Building like a department store! Entrance feels luxury.

I think that there are many people other than me that the hotel's appearance looks like a department store and doesn't look like a hotel. It is far from "quiet" as it's in front of the station on the main street, but if you think of a good location it seems it can not be helped anymore.

The exterior walls seen from the street are organized but looking at the side, paint has peeled off and you also see not clean parts. The building looks very old with scratches and dirt.

There is always a doorman at the entrance, he opens door politely with greetings. It helps a lot when you have a lot of luggages.

When stepping inside the entrance, the staff will show you how to check-in. Guests can feel relieved and warmly welcomed.

The front desk is a round shaped counter and the staff looks very friendly. When checking in, the reservation card was in order at the counter.

Only the guest can access to each floor because you need your room key to press the button of guest room floors. I felt that security was strong enough.

6 elevators are in operation and it will not be keep you wait too long even if it is busy time.

Caesar Park Taipei : The room is big enough! Cool space to calm down

After checking in, I got my room key and headed to the room.

The corridor has carpet on it. The lighting was dim.

The entrance of the room is a bit old-fashioned door.

Here is the bedroom. It is large enough to have twin beds. It looked old but it was cleaned up neatly and I found it cozy. Carpets are old so you better to have indoor shoes or slippers.

There was no indirect lighting, and all the stand lights that were placed brightened up the room. I feel I can relax fatigue slowly if you have more of indirect lightings and make the room with more warmer.

There were four pillows and one cushion were placed on the bed. You have only one cover but it is comfortable if you just adjust the air conditioning. I could sleep well although the mattress was slightly stiff.

It is stylish that a flat-screen TV is attached to the wall and you don't see any codes. There are a small round table and chairs beside the TV, but when you watch TV you actually sit on the bed. Furniture such as tables and chairs feel old, but I recognizes it as "old style", so it is not negative.

There was a large openable window, but unfortunately the front of the building was another building, so the view from this room window is not good. Look at the room at 360 ° Kuula7lvzw {width: 100%; height: 400px; max-width: 100%; max-height: 100vw;}

Caesar Park Taipei : Simple bathroom with simple amenities

There is a bathroom on the left side seeing from the entrance on your behind.

It looks a bit old but it had everything I needed. The huge marble wash basin in a compact bathroom was gorgeous and was convenient.

The bathroom was tiled and the age was still in, but it was comparatively beautiful. There is a sense of oppression a bit when closing the shower curtain.

The bathtub was old and I didn't feel like to take a bath with hot water.

The water pressure of the shower was strong enough. However, due to the shape of the shower head, the way the hot water comes out was a bit strange.

There are towels ready.

The toilet is also old, and it is a little troublesome that the flowing lever is on the lower side.

Hair dryer is a fixed type. As warm wind wind is weak, people with long hairs will take time to dry hairs.

Bathroom amenities

Amenities include tooth brush set, brush, cotton and swab set, T shaped razor, hair cap, shampoo rinse, and body soap. It has everything you need. Look at the bathroom at 360 ° Kuula 7 lvz 3 {width: 100%; height: 400 px; max - width: 100%; max - height: 100 vw;

Caesar Park Taipei A relaxing cafe barge that can relax!

On the shelf next to the entrance, there are Taiwanese tea packs, 2 mineral water bottles, and mugs are always in stock. There is an electric kettle too.

There was a refrigerator under the shelf.

There were some drinks in it.

This is a price list of drinks. It will cost less if you buy them at a nearby convenience store!

Caesar Park Taipei : Closet and Safe Deposit Box

There is a closet beside the entrance. It has enough space to put on my coat and jacket.

There is also a safety deposit box in the closet.

It is a general type operating by pressing numbers. There is an explanation of English.

Bathrobes were also in the closet.

Caesar Park Taipei :Buffet Style Breakfast

Breakfast is in buffet style and available at the hotel’s restaurant “Checkers”. We can eat lunch and dinner throughout the day there too. I will introduce the breakfast buffet.

All the menus are written in Chinese, English, and Japanese. Overall the satisfaction level is high for a breakfast buffet, and everyone from children to adults will love it.

Western dishes such as pasta and waffles are available in various colors.

There is also a salad bar type.

Not only Chinese cuisine but Japanese dishes such as mackerel salt grill and sushi were there



Tapioca milk has a lot of toppings.

Soft drinks have a lot of variations. Not just oranges and grapes, there are other options too.

It has a full-fledged coffee machines and you can have anything from espresso to coffee latte, cappuccino, cocoa, or hot milk.

One of the other restaurants in the hotel : "Dynasty Restaurant".

Here you can enjoy Shanghai cuisine and authentic Hong Kong cuisine for lunch and dinner.

Caesar Park Taipei : Gym and other service

The hotel has a business center and a Caesar Spa, and you can also change your mood at the rooftop garden.

There is a fitness gym, it can be effectively used for refreshing in business and workout if you eat too much during your stay. It is not a super large gym but enough to do workout.

It is directly connected with Taiwan station (MTR) and in front of the bullet train station. It is a perfect location and it is good that you don't get affected even in bad weather.

Caesar Park Taipei : Access is good. Pick-up service from Taoyuan International Airport available

You can use pick-up service from the Taoyuan International Airport to the hotel. It takes about 50 minutes for one way, fee is NTD 1,880. Reservation is required in advance.

You just need to come to Taipei station as the hotel is in front of it. You can head to the sightseeing area from the hotel anytime from the station. Access is good to go anywhere because the hotel is around the center of the city.

In Caesar Park Taipei : Many shops around the hotel

There are convenience store around the hotel and that is very convenient.

The front of the hotel is Taipei Station.

Many restaurants around the hotel.

Enjoy Taiwanese food!

There are teahouses that you can buy souvenirs on the Hotel's first floor.

Taipei Station at night was lighted up and it was beautiful.

Caesar Park Taipei : Perfect hotel to stay in central Taipei

The hotel Caesar Park Taipei has a good location and can be fully utilize for business, shopping and sightseeing as it’s in front of the station. As it is a hotel a bit old, there are things that you feel old-fashioned, but if you could think it as a classic style, you will be able to have a comfortable stay.

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