Cappadocia Cave Suites

  • Room Type : Deluxe Suite II
  • Stay Nights : 2 nights
  • Stay Num : 2 people

We chose this hotel because the price was reasonable and the interior of the room was cute with the atmosphere like a cave. In addition, it seemed easy to access from the airport and downtown at the center of Goreme. As it was Cappadocia, it was also important that we could see the balloons from the hotel.

What is the exterior of the hotel like? Check entrance and reception

We could not see the whole picture of the hotel from the exterior.It looked like a small hotel. The front desk located just in front of the entrance was cozy and the lobby with sofa was outdoor. It was a late-night arrival, but a young man stationed and welcomed us warmly.

Entrance, exterior

Outside lobby in front of the reception

Front desk


Corridor and stairs

What is the room of Deluxe Suite Ⅱlike?

The hotel had an atmosphere of a cave. As well as the exterior, the walls inside were firmly scratched made it a more cave-like hotel. Interior was warm and had an ethnic image with red highlight which was very cute. The room was small, but there was a bathroom, a small kitchen counter with water service, and the bed was large enough. We think the room was solid. There was no window and it was a bit dark, but we assumed it must be pretty much the same with any other cave hotel so we did not mind at all.




Heating equipment

A desk and a chair

Postcards and maps on the desk

Television and air conditioner

There was a shared terrace outside the room. There was a terrace everywhere and it was for free. There was a sofa and table on the terrace in front of our room and no one else but us was using it, so we could relax. On the popular luxurious terrace around the time when the balloons can be seen from the early morning, it was a little crowded with women in dress. However, as there were not so many guests it was very quiet and calm and we could chill.


The bathroom has a washbasin, a toilet and a bathtub in a set. What we were concerned about was there is no shower room but a bath tub. The shower head is installed next to the faucet in the bathtub, so you can also lift it by hand as the pipe extends. There is no shower curtain and partitions in the bathtub and you have to sit down and take a shower to keep the shower from scattering. There was enough water pressure.


Shower head

Bathroom amenities include body shampoo, shampoo, bath soap, solid soap, cotton, shower cap, and cotton buds. It was disappointing that there was no treatment.


Disposable slippers, sewing kit, shoe polish, handbag with hotel design, shoe belly etc were also prepared in the room. They were plain with simple quality but the selection looked good enough.

Closet and safety box

There was not a safety box. The closet was set in the back and there was no light, so it looked a bit dark. There were some hangers and a pillow etc inside. The closet is not too big and simple.


Mini bar / cafe

There was enough space in the minibar so it was good that our drinks could also be cooled. Because tap water is attached, it is very convenient that you can wash the cup and your hands.

Charged Water,juice, alcohol and snacks were prepared in the minibar. There are also 2 free bottles of water and tea bags.

There is a pot and you can also make hot water. we are glad that there is a tap water on the minibar.

It was helpful that the price of the fee-based service was stated on a paper.

Restaurants in the hotel

We had breakfast buffet at the restaurant.

Breakfast buffet entrance

Table seat

Potatoes and boiled eggs

Dried fruits and olives

Tomato stew etc.

Cheese and vegetables

Hotel surroundings environment

There are no restaurants and shops around and it is very quiet. Because the hotel is on a hill, you can see the downtown of Goreme below. You can enjoy the balloon from the terrace in the morning. If you climb up the slope for another 10 minutes from the hotel, you can go to the popular Goreme Sunset View Point. Although the view is better here, the terrace of the hotel has no people around. You can enjoy the balloons on a sofa with a luxurious feeling.

Sunset view point about 10 minutes on foot

Surrounding streets

Balloons seen from the terrace

Shared luxury terrace

Staff & Customers

After walking about 3 to 5 minutes and going to the main street, lots of restaurants and shops are lined up. Access to the main street of downtown is very good. There were few visitors, but we also saw families with children, married couples, couples and single travelers. When the balloons were up, three pairs of women in dress and men were filming on the terrace.


It is around an hour by car from the airport. The hotel is in downtown, so it is accessible. The area is located in a place a little away from the main street, so it is a quiet and calm area. A lot of restaurants and shops are lined up in the main street which is about 3 to 5 minutes walk from the hotel. Access to the main street of downtown is very good.


During my stay in Cappadocia, we were able to see more balloons than we had expected from this hotel in the morning. This is the first hotel we stayed in Cappadocia and it was the best beginning of the trip.Moreover, we enjoyed the wonderful scenery as much as we wanted because there was no one around. There are plenty of terraces, so it is fun to wander around the hotel. The atmosphere is quiet and calm because there are few people. We enjoyed breakfast full of cheese and olives, vegetables and dried fruits, and access to the city was also good. We made the right choice staying at this hotel.The price is not high so far, so we would definitely want to stay here again if we got a chance.

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