Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Hua Hin

  • Room Type : Deluxe Room
  • Stay Nights : 9 nights
  • Stay Num : 2 people

"Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Hua Hin" was chosen because it was a good hotel located in Hua Hin, and that we were able to stay at great price during the campaign. I was looking for a hotel that I could relax at a beach resort with my husband who lives far away after a long absence. Although it was rainy season in Thailand, we said that Hua Hin is comparatively weather, we were looking for hotel in Hua Hin and this hotel hit. Although I was at a loss as to other hotels, I decided here because this hotel is in good location and restaurants and convenience stores can also be reached within 5 minutes on foot. Also, it was a big point that we also had a campaign called "one night free campaign" when booking from the official website and staying for 3 nights.

What is the exterior of the hotel? Check entrance and reception

State before the main entrance

There was a sign of the hotel beside the entrance.

The main entrance is big like a theme park.

A look of the inside of the hotel site from the main entrance

Before front entrance

The front entrance of the night

Hotel view from the garden side

Tree and pond are cleanly maintained at Rotary, and it seems to be in a different world from the outside scenery.

When arriving at the front entrance, a lot of staff greeted us and welcomed me, so I was happy. The front entrance has no door and it is also connected to the garden, so the wind often passes and there is a feeling of opening.

The main entrance seen from inside the hotel

The ceiling is expensive at the reception desk and lobby and it is spacious.

State of the lobby

front desk

It was lovely at the stairs where spiral staircases leading from the front floor to the guest rooms' floor come out in the movies.

Room floor corridor

What is the room in the Deluxe Room?

Room entrance door

There is a bathroom on the left side of the room. There was also a whole body mirror on the right side wall.

There was an explanation of the evacuation route at the door at the time of the fire.

There was a card key socket on the wall on the left side entering the room, too.

It is like a historic hotel, warm and warm room with an old wooden atmosphere. The room was not that wide, but the brightness of the room was exactly good, and I was able to relax slowly during my stay.

The ceiling is high and has a ceiling fan. Because it is a big fan, it is comfortable that the wind is soft and lying on the bed.

Because it is a king bed, I could sleep well. Bed and sheet are soft, comfortable is very good.

Side lights and book lights are on both sides. The side table was also very convenient with drawer and extra space. Also, there was a receptacle outlet, so that the outlet type of any country was included.

There was a TV set opposite the bed.

Next to the TV, there was a desk and a chair next to the veranda.

There was a one - seat sofa, an ottoman, a table next to the veranda. Welcome fruit was also prepared on the table.

The view of the guest room from the veranda side

The curtain is thick, and no outside light comes in at night.

In the guest room there was a veranda ranging from 3 tatami to 4 tatami mats.

There is a chair that becomes reclining, a small table, and a stand that hangs the towel.

From the room we stayed, we could see the fountain of the garden and the sound of the water was very comfortable. The border with the balcony of the next room is surrounded by a board so you can not see from the neighbor. It was a bit disappointing to see one high-rise hotel from the balcony, but it was quiet and the garden was clean, so it was satisfying. It was also awesome to cool outside after dinner, as the light was on at night as well.


Bathroom is large. There is a feeling of cleanliness on the white wall and the white floor, it is bright.

I saw the bathroom door from inside the bathroom

There was bathtub in bathroom, too.

The shower has a rain shower and a normal shower. The direction of the rain shower was old, or the head was inclined. The water pressure of the shower is no problem. The shower head's hole is large or the amount of water is large, I personally liked the shower, but temperature control was difficult. Shampoo and conditioner body soap were prepared near the shower. Soap series seems to be all the same brand. It was beautiful with lavender color, but it did not smell lavender. It was a nice scent so I was using it all the time during my stay.

There was also a bus form and a bath bomb.


There was a big mirror on the sink.

The wash basin faucet is cute with a retro feel.

There was a magnifying mirror on the side of the sink and it was very convenient to make.

There was a scale also under the sink.

Amenity was also on the washbasin. Amenity had toothbrush, shower cap, cotton swab, hand soap and body lotion. The toothbrush has a big head. The cotton and swab are too soft and the fibers get frayed while using it.

It is such a big one that a hair dryer is used in a beauty shop, the wind power was strong and it was very good.

Closet and Safety Deposit Box

The closet was made of wood and had an atmosphere of the past, it was lovely.

It is convenient because it will automatically turn on when you open the door. Because there is also a height, coats and long dresses can be hung on the hanger. There are five drawers in the closet. Because I stayed for 10 days, I used it.

There was bathrobe and beach bag in closet, too.

Laundry service fee table

There was also a beach sandal.

There was a safety box in the closet.

Safety boxes are a type that memorizes numbers once locked, so there is no need to enter numbers each time.

Mini bar / cafe

There was also a cafe corner. There were electric kettles, ice spares, 2 coffee cups, 2 spoons, tea packs, instant coffee, sugar, brown sugar, no calorie sugar at the cafe corner. Call the staff and we will deliver ice free of charge.

There was fridge, too, minibar such as drink and snacks was abundant.

In the refrigerator there was alcohol such as beer, juice, carbonated drink, milk and so on.

There was also spirits on the refrigerator.



Restaurant in the hotel · Club lounge

There was an all-day dining called "Railway Restaurant" and I had breakfast.

Inside the store

Terrace seating

It is a buffet style and there are many kinds from Thai to Western.

Pan corner


There was also sushi.

Thai food

There is also a live cooking corner, cooking on the spot such as bacon, omelette and fried egg.

Salad corner

Fruit corner

Fruit water



I got a variety of dishes, but it was delicious.

There was also "COAST BEACH CLUB & BISTRO". You can enjoy cocktails, seafood and meat grilled dishes while watching the sea views.

There was a pizza oven here.

There was a cafe called "The Museum". A lot of delicious cakes were lined up.

There was also a Japanese restaurant "Hagi (HAGI)".

We also asked for room service.

We assembled a table like a restaurant in the room, and we were able to have a wonderful time.

There was also a lounge specifically for club members.

A club member lounge

There was also a souvenir shop.

The inside of the shop is bright, and a lot of goods are displayed cleanly.

It is slightly higher than the shops in the city, but the quality seems to be good. There are original goods of the hotel, I think that it is good for commemoration.

Facilities in the hotel

There are plenty of facilities and facilities in the hotel premises, and you can enjoy it well in the hotel.

There were three outdoor pools. This is a garden pool, it has a calm atmosphere. It is a rectangular pool and there are many people who swim more than play.

There was a basketball net in the railway pool, and it was a lively pool with children playing.

Because it was rainy season it was not open but there was also a pool bar in the rail way pool.

Colonial pool has the place which is about 2.5 m at deepest place. I thought that it was not suitable for people who can not swim and small children. Both pools are available until 6 PM. In the evening, the pool is also lighted up, but it seems that you can not put in the night, because you put the chemicals.

There were many sun beds on each pool side.

You can also enjoy meals and alcohol at the poolside.

There was also an ice cream shop on the poolside.

There is a beach in front of the hotel and you can go directly from the poolside. The sand beach was white and soft, it was a very long beach. The wave was a calm and quiet ocean, but no one swam as there are lots of rocks. There is no water activity like a banana boat. Walking in the morning seemed to be popular, there were many tourists from other hotels.

During the day, you can get horse riding experience although it will be charged. In the evening, the beach was lighted up only in front of the hotel, and some people strolled outside.

There is a gym on the first floor. Although it is not very wide, training equipment also seemed to be new.

There was also a library on the second floor.

Books of various countries were prepared, and there were books in Japanese.

There was a spa.

Reception desk

I received a drink before massage treatment.

There seem to be facilities and facilities that can be used for events and conferences.

There was a kids room in the hotel. Every day seems to be holding various activities from 9 o'clock in the morning to 7 o'clock in the evening.

Inside the kids room

There was a park in the hotel premises.

Giant chess that you can actually play

Badminton Court

Table tennis table

Mini Golf

Tennis court

There is a very large garden.

There are also many fountains and animal-shaped trees, it seems to be a theme park.

There is a staff maintaining the garden no matter where you are, keeping it in a beautiful state.

There was also a service of rental bicycle. It can be rented at 100 Baht for 1 hour, 300 Baht for 4 hours, 500 Baht for 8 hours.

Hotel surroundings environment

Around the hotel there are plenty of restaurants and massage shops. There are small pharmacies and convenience stores, so that items necessary for daily living are all around the hotel. There was a locals who calls out that laundry shops are having laundry, I thought they were kind. Restaurants are Italian, Japanese, German and Thai. For resort areas, Thai cuisine is also a little expensive. Drinking time seems to be decided for alcohol, and during the day you can not purchase at convenience stores or supermarkets.

Restaurants in front of the hotel

Convenience store at 1 minute walk

Boulevard in the vicinity of the hotel

Staff & Customers

Every staff member gets greeted with a smile every time they pass the corridor and join hands with a cotton car (Hello in Thai). Although I think that there were many tourists from abroad, I did not give a greeting to Hello, and I thought it was nice to greet the words of my home country. Every staff member is polite and courteous. Even if there was something troubled, I responded as if I was kind. I can not communicate in Japanese. Most of the staff can speak English, but when ordering room service, order may not pass well, and I thought a little inconveniently. The front staff is friendly and actively speaks in English.

There were many couples in their 50s and 60s. I think that Westerners accounted for about 70%. Also, Hua Hin seems to be famous for golf, and there were groups like golf circles. There were few young couples. On the weekend many local people were seen.


Because I was meeting with my husband, I headed to the hotel from Suvarnabhumi Airport. It took 3 hours to use the dispatch service application. The price is slightly higher, 2400 Baht. In the surroundings of the hotel, there were plenty of restaurants and massage shops, and it was prosperous. I think that security is not bad. There was a short distance to do shopping, using tuk-tuk, it was 100 baht on a way to a big shopping mall. The famous Wiekennight Market was a bit far, so it was 150 Baht at tuk-tuk. If you ask at the front desk of the hotel you can arrange a tuk tuk and pick you up at the front entrance. Since the amount of money is decided at roughly the distance, it can be used with confidence.

Hotel front tuk tuk standby place

Street in front of hotel


I think that I was really pleased staying at this hotel. The reason is that the site is very wide, and various activities such as badminton, table tennis and tennis are prepared, and I enjoyed thinking that I do not want to leave the hotel. I do not get tired of staying for a long time. The food of the hotel was delicious, and the view from the poolside was also very good, so I was able to spend luxurious time. In addition, there are various events for each day of the week, and you can enjoy exercise under the lecturers such as pool aerobics, Muay Thai lessons, yoga etc. A housekeeper will come to the room by turndown service around 6 PM. I was deeply moved by the detailed service and politeness. Even when asking for room service, we assembled a table like a restaurant in the room, and we were able to have a wonderful time. It was a nice hotel that I would definitely stay at again.

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