Centro Hotel Domicil 31

  • Room Type : Apartment type (1 bedroom)
  • Stay Nights : 2 nights
  • Stay Num : 4 people

"Centro Hotel Domicil 31" is the hotel which I stayed at this time, and it is an apartment type hotel. It is within walking distance from Bremen's main tourist attractions and is conveniently located near Bremen central station and 5 minutes on foot. Next to the Best Western Hotel check-in and breakfast were together. In the guest room, kitchen and dining are provided, and kitchen and dining are separated, living room and bedroom are separated, and dishes, cooking utensils, minimum necessary things such as television and telephone were completed. Although I was staying only for 2 nights for sightseeing, it is a room that you can spend comfortably for a long stay. Let me introduce you to the room we stayed in.

What is the exterior of the hotel? Check entrance and reception

Arrived in front of the hotel. The outside looked like an old building with beige walls.

It was connected to another building.

The adjacent building is "Best Western Hotel Bremen City".

I stayed at the Centro Hotel Domicil 31, but I checked in for the room and  breakfast here.

The Best Western front desk.

The lobby is small, but there were sightseeing information pamphlets and a computer.

There is space to sit.

vending machine

There was free coffee service in the morning.

The Centro Hotel Domicil 31 is connected with the Best Western, but if you use the room key you can also enter from the entrance on the apartment side.

Apartment type rooms

The hotel door was lined with guest room doors, but the apartment side is quite far from the entrance.

Entrance door

When entering the room it was a spacious.

The sofa in the living room was accommodated by four people, so it was made into a bed.

This is the kitchen and dining. The dining table is small and there are only 2 chairs.

There is also a working desk or dining room, a multipurpose table and chair.

The rooms seen from the living room. You can see that it is wide until the back.

The entrance on the left side has a bedroom and a bathroom.

The bedroom has a king size bed.


The end of the corridor is the bathroom. It is a new and clean bathroom.

There is also a toilet inside.

The sink is also spacious and there is a hairdryer. There were no bath amenities, only a hand soap at the sink and hair and body soap in bathtub.

The large bathtub was nice, but when using the shower the glass partition was so small that I was concerned about the water splashing.

Guest room with kitchen & cafe corner

I checked the kitchen.

It is small, but there is a refrigerator.

On the upper shelf are cups and dishes.

About four to six sets were prepared.

There were glasses and instant coffee. Cookware, dishwashers and detergents, waste bins and etc were also in the shelf.

There was free water available on the dining table.

Closet and safety box

There is a closet in the hallway.

Inside was very wide and there were several hangers.

There was also a safety box.

View from the room

There are several windows in the rooms, and the interior of the daytime is bright even without electricity.

We were surrounded by buildings, so the view was not good.


It is the Best Western breakfast.

It is small.

You can have a buffet style breakfast.

A little fruit and cake

Cereals and breads

There were many kinds of cheese and ham.

Salads. It seems that the number of items is not substantial, so it was alight breakfast.

There was also a coffee machine.

Around the hotel

The front of the hotel is a road where trams and cars pass. A lot of restaurants, cafes and bakery are lined up.

There are also Asian shops.

Fast food store

A bar and liquor store.

McDonald's is also in front of you.

I can reach Bremen central station in about 5 minutes from the hotel.

A lot of people were walking.

Staff & Customers

The staffs were friendly. I could speak with them in English. They will kindly reply to your questions. I saw guests who were couples and some businessmen staying.


We were able to drive a car. There was discount at an affiliated parking lot near the hotel. It is a 5-minute walk from Bremen Central Station.

Walking from the hotel to Bremen

You can walk to the center of Bremen by walking from the hotel. On the way, I crossed the bridge with a good view of the windmill.

The symbol of this town, also known as Bremen's music, is the four animal monuments. There seems to be a jinxu that if you grab the golden donkey's feet your wish and come true. Many tourists were doing that.

Many people were crowded in the square in front of the city hall. The city hall and Roland Statue are world heritage sites.

Because the city of Bremen is not wide and there are not many sightseeing spots, it is a wonderful city that you can enjoy sightseeing in one day, having a cup of tea at the cafe terrace, and having a relaxing time.


The hotel was in a very convenient location for Bremen’s sights and strolls. The apartment type hotel is spacious, easy to use and comfortable to spend in. I stayed there for 2 nights, but I did not use the kitchen because I wen to nearby restaurants, and I think that it is a good room to stay in as a family. It is hotel which we can recommend to people staying in Bremen because it was spacious and very beautiful and the bathroom was large.

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