Citizen Em Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

  • Room Type : Double bedroom
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 2 people

"Citizen Em Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport" was chosen because it was reasonably priced near Charles de Gaulle airport, hotel design and atmosphere. On my way back from Morocco, I decided to stay in France for overnight. It is close to the Charles de Gaulle airport and the price is not very high, but I am looking for a hotel not as simple as a business hotel, so I decided this hotel was perfect. Because it was a honeymoon, I thought that I do not like being a business hotel too much. The cute design of this hotel and the warm atmosphere became the biggest factor.

What is the exterior of the hotel? Check entrance and reception

It has a first impression that the exterior is open and bright, and it is quite a new building.

State of the lobby

I liked it because it is very cute and fancy interior that is French like entering inside.

The lobby is like the living room atmosphere.

I was surprised that there was no front desk, several computers were lined up, and the guests were systems to log in by themselves.

The key was to take one piece of cards lined up and put it on the designated machine platform, it would turn into a key in our room. I was surprised at the new mechanism, but the staff was always resident and taught me how to do it carefully.

State of the elevator hall

Elevator Inner floor button panel

Room floor corridor

Room in double bedroom?

Room entrance door

There was a whole-sized mirror on the right side of the room, and there was a washbasin behind it. There was an open closet on the left side, and there was a bathroom next to it.

The room is a fashionable atmosphere based on red and white. It was very clean every corner so I had the impression that it was still a new hotel. The room was wider than I thought and there was space to spread two suitcases. As the whole atmosphere is an image of "pretty fashionable business hotel."

In the back of the room, there was a bed at the window. The bed comfort was very good. The bed is quite spacious and I think it is a queen or king size bed.

There was a TV at the foot of the bed. A greeting message "Welcome Mr ◯◯" was on the TV screen.

There was a desk and a chair in front of the bed. I found the iPad on the desk, I was surprised because it was a mechanism that can open and close the lights, curtains, television, air conditioner temperature control, etc. on the iPad.

There was a modern chair and a table opposite the desk.

A view of the guest room seen from the window

View from the room


There was no bathtub in the bathroom, it was only shower room. There was no problem in the water pressure of the shower, and I got hot hot water properly. However, because the length of the curtain at the boundary between the shower room and the toilet was not enough, I was sorry that I was quite wet even to the toilet even when I was showering carefully.

There were two types of shampoo and body soap in the shower room. The interesting thing is that it is divided into "for morning" and "for night use", and the bottle is written with english characters in English. For example, "For you arriving in the morning, this scent is perfect for the morning. Because it is like feeling. I thought that Esprit is working only in France.


The washbasin was not in the bathroom but before the bathroom. It was comfortable to use and was also fashionable as an interior.

There was a hand soap on the washbasin. It was a little disappointing that there was not any amenity such as a toothbrush, razor, slippers.

There was also a hair dryer.

Closet and Safety Deposit Box

There was an open closet. Six hangers were installed and it was easy to use.

There was also a safety box in the closet. It was a type that decides the password oneself.

It was big new and easy to use.

Mini bar / cafe

There was refrigerator in guest room.

Inside the refrigerator

Restaurants in the hotel

Because there are no shops around, we used a restaurant in the hotel for dinner. It was divided into European cuisine (pasta, hamburger etc.) and Asian cuisine (curry, patties, ramen etc.), I ordered pasta and raw ham, but both were sold out. I ordered Pad Thai and curry but neither was tasty.

Hotel surroundings environment

There was nothing in the hotel street around the hotel. Perhaps there are many people that we use to change planes like ours. Because there was not restaurant either, we had only to eat in hotel. I think the surrounding atmosphere is clean and security is not bad. You can see the airport in the immediate vicinity.

Staff & Customers

Hotel staff was friendly. If you are having trouble checking in yourself, tell me carefully, or tell me that a free train is good on the way back, or talking to me that my bag is cute. I can not communicate in Japanese at all, but it is a hotel near the airport so I can communicate in English perfectly. The inconvenience was that I could not erase the air conditioner’s cooler. When I asked the staff, it was left unattended in the whole building so I had to change the temperature in the room.

The audience seemed to be a variety of young and old and male, but I feel that there were many young people rather rather. I checked in myself on a personal computer, I thought that it is suitable for the elderly because the system is new, such as operating all the equipment in the room with iPad.


I took a taxi from the airport but due to a new hotel it was due to a taxi driver, I was taken a detour. As a result, it got about 30 euros, and when I got angry it made me 10 euros, but it was still expensive. When I asked the staff of the hotel, I was able to come by free train in the airport, so I went back for free on that way. I thought it would be nice to write it in an easy-to-understand manner on the net. Although I did not sightsee because I stayed for change of plane, I think that there are not many sightseeing spots etc. because it is near the airport.


If I stayed again near Charles de Gaulle airport, I think that I will choose this hotel. One of the reasons is accessibility. It was very convenient because you can come by free train from the airport. The second one is fashionable interior. Although it is business hotel as price and room, it was able to feel that it is fashionable in France unexpectedly in business hotel as being business hotel. The third one is the size of the bed. I fell asleep on a queen or king size bed. Also, the window was big and it was good in an open atmosphere. The point that was not good is restaurant meal. It was expensive compared to its high. Then the ordering method first ordered at the cash register, and the cheesy style that the machine that was made when it was finished became peepy. I think that it is not a luxury hotel and efficient but it is goodness of this hotel, but since the price of cooking was quite expensive, I think it would be better to improve the service a little more. But overall it was clean and I am satisfied with this hotel.

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