Clarion Collection Hotel Griso Lecco

  • Room Type : Standard Room
  • Stay Nights : 3 nights
  • Stay Num : 1 person

Lecco is 45 km northeast of Milan in Italy. Clarion Collection Hotel Griso Lecco is on the banks of Lake Lecco surrounded by mountains. Here in summer, the number of tourists from Italy and neighboring countries has increased, and it is popular as a summer resort. The ratings for this hotel are: 4 to 5 stars. Please use this website as a reference if you decide to visit Lecco.

What is the exterior of the hotel? Check entrance and reception

It is built on a staircase because the hotel is built on a slope. You can see that each room has a balcony.

The entrance is in the back.

The entrance was small and quiet.

There was no one at the front desk, but once I entered the hotel a staff came out after a while.

There was no one in the lobby, because it was past the check-in time it was off season.

Standard Room

The room I stayed in was a standard room.

It is a room with a double bed.

There was a TV with shelves to put your luggage in, a working desk, and it was simple.

Interior decorations were chic and the flooring and walls were also beautiful. It had been reformed.


The bathroom had a shower room without a bath.

The sink was beautifully arranged.

The sink is large and easy to use. There were also bath towels.

The hair dryer was good.

There was a toilet and a washing place next to the sink.

Bath amenities was only shampoo, soap, shower cap, and shoe polish, so you need to bring other things on you own.

Cafe corner with included

There was no cafe corner in the guest room and there was only a refrigerator. There were a drinks inside. Self-made coffee and tea was put in the lobby so I drank that.  

Closet and safety box

The door next to the working desk is closet.

There were hangers and drawers. There was also a safety box in the closet.

View from the terrace

There was a chair and a table on the balcony of the room, also seen from the outside.

I could see the city of Lecco in the distance.

The left side is Lecco Lake.

My room had a lake view, so I was able to see the lake and also the city.  

The family room!

The family room was a large room with 3 beds.

There is also a balcony and you can see Lake Lecco.

The night view was also beautiful.

Hotel restaurant

Both the hotel and the restaurants had marks of the Michelin Guide. Also the mark of trip advisor.

Breakfast venue, buffet style restaurant

Bakery, ham, fruit and egg dishes were lined up.

I had a breakfast like this.

Restaurants near the hotel

Restaurant located just a short walk from the hotel called Ristorante Pizzeria Grotta Renzo Lucia.

It was an Italian cuisine with standard appetizers as well. Raw ham and mozzarella cheese.

The shrimp carpaccio was also delicious.

Pizza and pasta were very delicious and you can eat Focaccia too.

In the furnace there was an automatic turn table and the pizza was rotating while being baked.

Lecco's tourist destination

What is famous for Lecco is a characteristic Focaccia whose cheese is caught in a thin fabric like Focaccia Lecco like a pizza. That festival La Festa de la Focacca leco is also held once a year (Between May and June). When I stayed in this town, it was March so there were no festivals, but I saw a menu of Focaccia at a nearby restaurant. Please try it.

The view overlooking Lake Lecco is really beautiful and superb. It is 5 minutes drive by car from the hotel, and it is about a 15 minute walk, it is possible to go to the center of shopping mall and the city center where shops are lined up. There are restaurants, cafes, and supermarkets, and atmosphere is very nice. There was also a small sightseeing spot about Manzoni Museum who was a famous writer.


I went to the hotel from Milan, Malpensa International Airport and it took less than an hour with a rental car. If you do not take the car, it is a 15 minute walk from the Val Madrera station near the hotel, but it takes about 2 hours to transfer two or three trains from the airport. I recommend renting a car.

The hotel has a parking lot.

Staff & Customers

The staffs were friendly and polite. They could also speak English which was nice. Because it was off season, there were many businessmen and there was a big conference room so they held meetings there. As the season comes, it seems that families and couples will increase.

Coffee maker in the lobby, water and orange juice.


How was Griso Lecco? Lecco, Italy may not be a city that is known so much, but it is said to be a country town in Italy Lakeside, it has a quiet and good atmosphere. And since food is delicious, I personally think that it is a wonderful place. Because I was staying during off season i am not able to tell you what it was like with many people around, but the hotel is built on a high area and it is the best place to enjoy a spectacular view of Lecco.

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