Congress Plaza Hotel Chicago

  • Room Type : Family Sweet
  • Stay Nights : 2 nights
  • Stay Num : 3 people

I chose "Congress Plaza Hotel Chicago" because it is the closest hotel to Millennium Park. I participate in the Chicago Marathon in October every year since 2012. This hotel is located closest to the Millennium Park, which is the starting venue for the Chicago Marathon, and is a 1-minute walk away. On the morning of the marathon the city's road is closed in various places, and if you stay at a distant hotel, you need to walk for many kilometers before the start. In that respect, if you stay at this hotel you can wait in your room till the start, you can save your strength. So decided to stay at this hotel from the point.

What is the exterior of the hotel? Check entrance and reception

The Congress Plaza Hotel was established in 1893 when the Expo in Chicago was held, so it is a well-established hotel which has been over 130 years already. Therefore, although it can not deny that there is a place of aging which turns over the heavy feeling, it is maintained in a fine manner, there is no problem in use at all. I think that it can be said that it is a first-class hotel with rare history, tradition and formality in the United States.

The state before the hotel entrance


I saw the entrance from inside the hotel

State of the lobby

The ceiling height of the lobby is nearly 10 meters, and it produces luxury like a castle in Europe.

I am using indirect lighting as a mechanism, and the front desk and the corridor and the room are moderately dim, making a good atmosphere. When entering for the first time, it seemed to be buried in that atmosphere.

Front floor corridor. It was a stay for the Chicago Marathon this time, so we wandered around the hotel with a sporty casual outfit, but in reality guests may well better protect their dress code properly.

Front Floor Elevator Hall

Elevator Inner floor button panel

Room Floor Elevator

A state before the elevator

What about the family sweet room?

Room entrance door

View of the entrance door from the back of the room. There were two bedrooms in the family sweet. Only a long-established hotel boasting 130 years of history boasts a heavy atmosphere. The hotel's structure is a luxury Versailles form.

There was one king size bed in the first bedroom. In addition, there was a television and a dresser (storage shelf with a mirror) etc.

King size bed

Bedside Table

Another bedroom door

There were two beds in full size (size in about double bed in Japan). It is comfortable to be satisfied just about everything in size, height and hardness, there is no problem at all.

There was a table, two tables of chairs, a dresser (storage shelf with a mirror), etc. in addition to a television opposite the bed.

Both bedrooms feel the same way.

Both rooms have windows. In this hotel, you can choose city view and lake view when making a reservation. Unfortunately the city view can only see the back side of the building and the view from the window is not very good. I definitely recommend Lakeview if you book a room.

As a matter of course, reservations are filled from the lake view, so we recommend that you act early. If you can luckily reserve a lake view room, the view of Millennium Park and Michigan Lake from the window is the best.


There was bathtub in bathroom, too.

The size of the bathtub was enough for one adult to lie down and was separated by a waterproof shower curtain.

There was a fixed shower on the top of the wall where the bathtub was installed. The water pressure of the shower was sufficiently strong, and I was not particularly dissatisfied in use.

There are three kinds of towels (bath towel, face towel, hand towel) for the number of people. It was clean, and exchanged everyday.

There is no problem with the flow condition of the toilet.

The washbasin is bright with lighting, I think that there is no problem with makeup etc. Amenity was prepared above the sink. Amenity included all shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrush, comb, cotton swab, etc which are generally thought to be in the hotel.

There was also a hair dryer beside the sink.

Closet and Safety Deposit Box

Immediately after entering the room there was a closet on the left side. The door of the closet was a whole body mirror. There are also enough hangers inside. There was also a safety box in this closet. It is of a type that sets a 4-8 digit PIN and is not that large, it is just right size to keep wallets, mobile phones, passports and laptops.

Mini bar / cafe

There was a cafe corner on the table in the twin bedroom. There was a coffee maker and I was able to have coffee. The amount of coffee was supplemented the next day by the amount consumed, but the water of the 500 ml PET bottle prepared in the room was charged. There are also other ice spares and seems to bring ice, if you order by room service. There was no mini bar.

Restaurants in the hotel

There are lots of places to eat around the hotel and we do not use it, but in the hotel there were two restaurants and a lounge. It was difficult to enter in casual dress, it was a luxurious restaurant and lounge.

In "Gazebo Restaurant" it seems that you can have breakfast from 6.30 am to 11 am every morning.

"Rafael's Restaurant" seems to be able to have traditional American cuisine and chef special season's creative menu.

"Congress Lounge" seems to enjoy drinks and snacks while enjoying darts and the like.

There was also a shop on the first floor of the hotel. There are postcards and Chicago's name-added T-shirts and goods, and it seemed to be good to purchase souvenirs.

Facilities in the hotel

There was a business center where personal computer etc was installed next to lobby of the first floor. It was such a setting that I could do a whole job.

Hotel surroundings environment

Located in the heart of downtown, you can access the main attractions on foot. Millennium Park is also nearby and is recommended for morning walk. It is also close to Michigan Avenue where luxury boutiques line up. On the other hand, security becomes worse at night. There seems to be a conflict of the gang group recently, and from the night to the morning there are a lot of circumstances that you can hear a police car siren just outside the hotel. When going out at night, we recommend traveling by car with a door – to – door.

Street in front of hotel

Millennium Park which is also the star and the goal point of the Chicago marathon


Staff & Customers

We were involved with people like front desk, room service, doorman and bellboy, but everyone was friendly and courteous, and I felt the hospitality suitable for first class hotels. Everyone was well trained and received the impression of professional. I can not communicate in Japanese, but all the staff of the hotel make efforts to break off the intention in even a part of English. It did not feel inconvenient to collect it during my stay. I think that there is no problem for communication if English at junior high school level level can be created.

I stayed for the Chicago Marathon this time, so it seems that there were many other marathon-related people in other guests. Of course, tourists from various countries also stayed a lot. I think that there are only adult-oriented hotels, but I have not seen children with much.


The hotel is located in the center of downtown, about 30 minutes by taxi from the airport. In the daytime it is in the range that you can walk to various sightseeing spots, but since security becomes very worse at night, I think that it is better not to go out. Souvenir shops and restaurants are also within walking distance and are convenient. For traveling means other than walking, car dispatch service was convenient. No matter when I ordered you found a car within 1 minute. I think that it is good for the base of sightseeing.

The Chicago Art Museum

Millennium Park

Cloud Gate


I have been spending the weekend of the second week of October every year in this hotel for six consecutive years. To participate in Chicago’s biggest event called the Chicago Marathon, this hotel is the starting point for runners during this period. Tour participants from Japan also stay a lot, and participants staying at other hotels are gathered in the hotel lobby for the time being in the morning of the day. It is a 2 minute walk to the starting point and I think that it is the most recommended hotel for participating in the Chicago marathon. Although there is a whole old age, it is maintained well and I have not felt a problem in particular. Of course, it can be said that there is no doubt that it is convenient for sightseeing from the location of the hotel even at other times, it is recommended.

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