Conrad Centennial Singapore

  • Room Type : Executive Room
  • Stay Nights : 3 nights
  • Stay Num : 2 people

One of Hilton group hotel "Conrad Centennial Singapore", we stayed for watching Singapore F1 Grand Prix. Here is just walking distance from the race venue and Hilton Group is one of official sponsor of the McLaren Race Team. That is a reason we decided to stay here. Other than watching F1 racing, it is close to the city, the train station is also nearby the hotel and there are some shopping malls, so definitely there is nothing to worry! That's why I chose this hotel. Also posted here! Absolutely not to fail 【Singapore Hotel Choice】 Recommended Hotels Top Ranked!

Hotel exterior, entrance and reception

Hotel exterior

Hotel entrance and carriage porch

Entering the door, it is quiet and calm like an office building. And it feels a sense of luxury that is based on dark brown color at lobby area. I was already so excited that kind of gorgeous staying time has just began!

There is a cafe lounge at the ground level on the left and the reception desk on the right, it means it is quiet enough to check-in. The ceiling behind the front desk is so high, large paintings are displayed and the atmosphere is like overwhelming.

Elevator hall

Panel in the elevator. Our room is on high floor.

Corridor heading to room

Executive room

Room doors that we stayed. The room at the 27th executive floor.

When I entered the room, could see sofa and table in front. Basket of fruit and box of chocolate were displayed, I felt good hospitality from it. The glass wall allows to see a superb view. You can see some hotels standing out, but the view is not interrupted at all, it makes you feel very elegant because you can look at panoramic view under the hotel.

Each bed is not quite big, but we are satisfied with whole room.

The bed is semi-double size. The mattress is a little soft for me and felt a bit tired when I got up, but it was pleasant with a large and soft pillow and I took a nap as well.

TV wall from the bed side.

Stationary including letter set and clips that are stored in drawers under TV.

Sofa and table area

Front door from inside

Luxury bathroom

Luxurious bathroom.

Two sinks are lined up and spacious so it was pretty good to use at the same time with my partner.

The room cleaning came twice everyday, so I was always able to use a new towel and it makes me happy.

There is a big bathtub and a shower booth. We did not use the bathtub during this stay because of our busy schedule. We should have used it!

Conrad's floating duck, which was displayed beside the bathtub.

It was comfortable to use shower booth without water leakage to outside. The shower head is large but the water pressure is a bit weak.

Toilet in bathroom

There are toothbrush, shaving kit, comb, cotton set, sanitary bag, shower cap, dental floss, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, body lotion and bath salt. The shampoo, especially body lotion, has beautiful scent of Asian herbs (jasmine type). The toothbrush, when using the same thing for the first two days, was replaced with a new one on the third day.

Closet and safety box

The door was very smooth to open and close.

There is a safety box in the closet.

I thought that it was wonderful as it was equipped with iron and ironing board. Schummitt and sewing set were also placed.

There was a tray that placed valuable items properly in the safety box, so it was useful to put small items not to miss it.

Laundry service information

In-room minibar

There is a Nespresso machine on the minibar counter and three types of coffee are available free of charge. There are 3 kinds of tea and green tea.

There was a lot of snacks on the shelves of the minibar.

The fridge is a drawer type, it was hard to see the contents so I did not consume anything in particular. I thought that it might not be suitable when I bring something to keep cool in the fridge.

Fruits and chocolate were placed on the living table

View from a big window

The view from the room is awesome!

Although we cannot see the whole of Marina Bay, it is great to see some part of it and greenery such as National museum.

The Pan Pacific and the Marina Mandarin sign were slightly dazzling in the evening, but it turns off at midnight. I was able to spend the time looking at the best view of the day and night. The curtain can be opened and closed automatically by switch panel, and I was excited to see the view by opening it in the morning.

Breakfast at Executive Lounge

The executive lounge on the top floor was available when staying in executive rooms and suites.

The guest can have a breakfast at Executive Lounge on 31st floor.

Selection of meals are not as much as main dining but good enough. It is nice to have a breakfast in a calm atmosphere rather than bustling.

The cheese collection and egg counter.

The selection of serial.

The variety of pastry.

Yogurt and fruit corner

Breakfast. Salads, ham, sausage, hash browns and chicken porridge.

A view from the table. Every time I enter the lounge, the staff comes to ask me for drinks. And as long as I finish it, they also offered the refill. Their services made me feel very comfortable.

Hotel restaurant

The hotel has four restaurants and bars.

Oscars is also an all-day dining, which also serves as breakfast main dining.

Local cuisine and international menu are available.

The cafe at the outside of the building, The Terrace

Lobby lounge on ground level

It seems to be relaxing and comfortable to seat.

Swimming pool, fitness, spa at hotel

Swimming pool, spa and event space are on the 4th floor.

The pool is very open and you can relax under the blue sky. There are some beds but not much, it might be difficult to find a bed when it is crowded.

All equipment and the machine looks new and clean.

It must be refreshing to run while watching the poolside. There is a small drink counter on the poolside, but because there is not much table space and bed, it seems a bit difficult to enjoy cocktails like a resort.

Towel and water are provided.

Spa reception desk.

They sell original spa goods.

Business center

The business center is on the 5th floor and there is a reception as well.

Lobby in business center

Drink counter

Besides the conference room, there was an individual working space. PCs and printers can be used.

Shops in the hotel

There was a gift shop in front of the reception.

Planarikan cloth and goods, cosmetics such as natural soap, newspapers and magazines were lining up.

The floating duck with Conrad logo which was displayed in the room was sold at this shop, I almost got it into shopping cart!

Hotel surroundings environment

Behind of the hotel, there is a restaurant street named "Japanese food street".

There is 24 hours opened Seven Eleven. And many people were relaxing at night in cafes and bars.

MRT train station is just nearby. As here is office area, people coming and going in the morning and it's crowded at weekday lunch time. Singapore is generally safe, so I do not feel danger by walking alone around this area at night.

Millenia Walk shopping street

There is a big shopping mall called Suntec city just short walk away.


From airport to the hotel, it takes about 25 minutes by taxi. Even by MRT , it is very convenient because it is located just outside the exit of Promenade station.

Shopping malls are located around the hotel and there is restaurant and bar so we do not have trouble eating and shopping. I think here is the perfect access because you can take train immediately or you can walk if it is nearby.  Please just be careful that there are not many crosswalks around the hotel, so if you do not know the direction you might get lost.

Staff & Customers

The staffs are very sophisticated and responsive. I was going to enter the hotel in different timing with my friend and had my keys kept for my friends at the front desk, they could manage it firmly, feel well when a friend enters well I heard he gave it. The staff in the lounge also seems that they all worked exactly and I was impressed.

Since it was F1 season,I saw many of F1 fans who came to watch and stay at this hotel.


I can say that I am really glad to stay Conrad Centennial. I have never thought about the advantages of staying in this area, but I realized that I stayed at the center of the town because it is very convenient to go everywhere in Singapore.  In addition, because we could stay on the higher floor luckily, the view which can be seen from the room was superb.  The lounge staff ‘s response was wonderful and attentive and I felt that I took a good service for the first time in a while. The key of comfortable stay was that they cleaned the room frequently and placed a petit gift such as chocolate every day, it was impressive. I was very satisfied with staying here.

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