Cordis Beijing Capital Airport

  • Room Type : Deluxe Room
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 1 person

I chose "Cordis Beijing Capital Airport" because it has great access from the airport. The hotel is only 500m away from the airport, and the hotel offers 24-hour complimentary shuttle bus service from the airport. Moreover, there are lots of rooms in the hotel, so it was easy to make a reservation even in a last minute. The room looked clean and tidy when I checked photos online. I also liked there was a fitness centre and some restaurants in the hotel. It was great for me to be able to use a fitness centre as I was doing exercise every day.

What does the hotel look like? Check out the entrance and the reception!

The hotel is a simple design building.

The sign of the hotel above the entrance is lit at night, so it is easy to find a hotel.

In front of the entrance

The entrance

The entrance seen from inside the hotel

The lobby is spacious and clean.

There was a gorgeous flower decoration in the centre of the lobby.

There are sofas and tables around the flowers.

There is a reception on the left side of the entrance.

The reception was neat and tidy, and it is mainly white colour, so I felt like I was in a wedding hall. I didn't feel like a business hotel at all.

There were wide desks at the reception and lots of staff members there, so I think it didn't take long for the check-in process.

Ground Floor Elevators

Inside the elevator

Elevator floor button panel

Room floor elevator hall

There were sofas by the elevator hall on the room floor.

Room floor corridor

What is the Deluxe Room like?

The room door was very big and looked high-class.

There was a bathroom on the left side of the room entrance.

I stayed alone in the deluxe room, but it was enough space.

The view seen from the window

The bed was king size, so I was able to sleep with my arms and legs spread out. There were 2 pillows. The bed was just right, not too hard and not too soft.


There was a desk and a chair next to the TV. There was a big mirror on the wall by the desk.

A sofa by the window

There was a big window.

There are some rooms that you can see other rooms, so you might be better to ask the request if you would like to enjoy the view from the window.

Night view seen from the room


There is a bathtub and a separated shower room in the bathroom, so you can enjoy the bath time.

The bathroom door seen from inside the bathroom

There is a glass window by the bathtub, and you can see the bathroom from the bedroom, but there is a blind for privacy.

There was shampoo, conditioner and shower gel by the bathtub. My hair became smooth and silky after I used shampoo.

The water pressure was good even while I was filling the bathtub with hot water. You just need to be careful to close the shower door properly, otherwise water might splash from the gap.



There was a tissue box, glasses, a bar of soap and hand towels by the sink.

There was an amenity box in the drawer under the sink.

There was a razor, shaving cream, a shower cap, cotton swabs, cotton buds, a nail kit, a comb and toothbrush sets in the amenity box. It has pretty much anything you need.

A hair dryer

Closet and Safety Box

The closet has enough height, so you can hang up a long coat without problem.

The closet itself is big, but it might feel small for those who have lots of clothes to put on because there is a safety box and storage drawers in it.

There were smoke masks in the drawer.

Black slippers were also prepared. They were fluffy and great quality. You can take them home.

The Safety box is a common type that sets the PIN.

Inside the safety box

Minibar & Coffee station

There is an electric kettle, a French Press coffee maker, coffee cups, spoons, instant coffee, tea bags, sugar and milk at the coffee station. There is a bottle of water, but this is not complementary.

A fridge

There were some drinks such as beer and juice in the fridge.

A restaurant and a shop in the hotel

A buffet style restaurant "CORDIS MARKET".

The restaurant is spacious and there are various types of seats, so I think it is easy to use this restaurant even for one person.

It seems there are various dishes.

There was a pastry shop on the ground floor. You can buy sandwiches, salads, sweets and cakes there.

Facilities in the hotel

There was a fitness gym in the hotel. It is spacious and you can exercise while watching TV. There were not only running machines, but also dumbbells, yoga mats, balance balls and so on.

There are some meeting rooms in the hotel.

There is an ATM on the second floor.

Area around the hotel

Lots of cars ran around the hotel, and the air was not clear, but I didn’t hear any noise of cars in the room. There is no supermarket or convenience store around the hotel, so you need to grab something to eat at the airport or in the hotel. There are a couple of other hotels nearby, so you might be able to eat there. There seems to be a golf course if you go a little way further.

Staff & Guests

All staff members wore their uniforms neatly, and their appearance was flawless. However, there was one thing I was disappointed. I couldn’t open the room door with my key card, so I called the reception and asked to bring a new one. One of the staff members brought me a new key card, but he was blunt and gave it to me without any words. Some of the staff members can speak English, but not everyone can speak English.

There were lots of Chinese guests. I saw some European and Japanese guests, too. It might depend on the day of the week, but I didn’t see families in the hotel. I saw lots of businessmen around 50 to 60 years old.


You will be able to get to the hotel in about 5 minutes by car if roads are not jammed with cars. I didn’t see anyone walking on the street. I think most people travel by car. There are no convenience store or supermarket nearby, so you need to grab something to eat at the airport or in the hotel.

It is located about 30 km away from the centre of Beijing, 22.1 km from the Yonghe Temple and 22.9 km from the Ditan Park. You can use subway from the airport, so you go to the airport by free shuttle bus, and then you can catch subway.


It was nice to stay at this hotel. I didn’t expect the hotel in China so much, but the guest room was very clean and tidy. There seemed to be lots of businessmen in the hotel, but I think it can be used for a special day. There are lots of hotels which don’t have a bathtub, but there is a deep bathtub and a separate shower room in the bathroom, so I was able to have a relaxing time. However, I was concerned about the noise from the next door. I didn’t hear someone talking, but I heard something hit the wall. There are various facilities like an ATM in the hotel, so it was very convenient.

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