Courtyard by Marriott Shanghai International Tourism and Resort Zone

  • Room Type : Business room
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 1 person

I chose stay at the "Courtyard by Marriott Shanghai International Tourism and Resort Zone" because it had airport and subway transportations, it was close to Shanghai Disneyland, and the checkout time was right just the right time for our schedule. This time, my friend had to go to the airport to arrive in Shanghai the next day, so I chose a transfer hotel to the airport. Among them, this hotel was a candidate because it is close to Shanghai Disneyland and there is a shuttle bus to the subway. I am a Marriott Gold member and I can check out at 14:00, but my friend's arrival time at the airport is 15:30, and the check in time worked.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The hotel is not a high-risen building but only had until  the 4th floor. Although it is not tall, the ground was big.

Hotel sign


Entrance view from inside the hotel

The lobby is spacious and I think it will be able to accommodate large groups.

Because there are many places to sit, it is also useful for meeting up with people.

Lemon hot water and tea were in the lobby.

There was also a display of Mickey in the lobby.

front desk

Front desks are located on both sides of the aisle.

There was also a counter for checking in luggage and a counter for booking shuttle buses.

There is a children's playground called Kidsland on the first floor, so I thought it was a hotel that was family friendly.

Front floor elevator hall

the inside of the elevator

Elevator interior floor number button panel

Room floor elevator

There are vending machines for drinks and snacks in the hallways on the guest floor.

Guest room floor corridor

What is a business room?

Guest room entrance door

You use the card key to open the door.

The card key is next to the remote control.

Entrance door seen from the room

Evacuation route map

There is a bathroom in the room to the right.

Air conditioning adjustment panel

It has only been 2 years since this hotel was built and it was very clean and simple. The room seems to have been upgraded with the benefit of the Gold member. Convenience of room was good and it was cozy.

The bed was a double size bed, and it was bouncy but, not too hard and not too soft. It was comfortable to sleep in. There was also four pillows, which was perfect.

There was also a liquid mosquito eliminator on the bedside table.

The bedside table on the other side had a phone, note set and alarm. There are also outlets and light switches on both sides.

There was also a sofa and a small table next to the bed.

There is a TV, a desk and chairs opposite the bed. There was also a cafe corner by the window.

Desk and chair

The trash can under the desk is designed to separate recycled products.

The room seen from the window

There was a small window in the room.

As it was a room facing the east side, the morning sun came in and it was bright. No sound for the next door came through.

View from the room


There is no bathtub in the bathroom.

There is a shower room on the right side of the bathroom. The shower room was divided by a door, so there was no concern with water splashing.

There were two types of showers, rain showers and hand showers. The amount of hot water was strong, and the hot water came out immediately. I was worried that the hot water might turn in to cold water after a while, but not such thing happened.

Shampoo, conditioner and body soap were prepared in the shower room. It was just at a good height and easy to use. It looks natural without any fragrance, and it seems to be kind to the skin and good for the environment. The amount was also likely to be used twice in the morning and evening.



You can also see the bedroom from the bathroom.

There was a scale under the sink.

An arm mirror was also installed.

Soap prepared on the sink.

Two bottles of mineral waters were prepared on the sink. Also, amenities were provided in a black box under the hand towel.

The amenities included body cream, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, cut cotton, cotton swabs, shower caps, combs, sewing tools, nail files, razors and gels. The head of the toothbrush is large, so it may be better to bring on with you. I would have been better if there was a ladies kit included in the amenities.

There were towels a hair dryer on the shelf beside the sink.

Hair dryer

Closet and safe

There was a closet on the left side of the room.

The closet contained a bathrobe, a safety deposit box, an iron and ironing board, a laundry bag, slippers, shoes polish and a gas mask in case of a fire.

Iron and ironing board

Laundry bag


Gas mask for fire

The safety box was a common type where you set a 3 to 6 digit security code.

The inside of the safety box

Mini bar cafe

The cafe corner had an electric kettle, 2 glasses and 2 cups each, instant coffee, tea and jasmine tea. There were three types of sugar.

A refrigerator was also installed.

There was Seven-up, Pepsi, coconut juice and snacks in the refrigerator, and it was all written that it was free. There was no alcohol. I thought that the drink free of charge in the refrigerator was a very nice gesture.

Restaurant in the hotel

There was a restaurant called "Pavilion" on the first floor of the hotel.

The entrance of "Pavilion"

The inside of the restaurant

The seats

Bread corner

There were a lot of food items.

There is no way I can eat it all.

There was also a Japanese food corner.

There was a creative sushi at the Japanese food corner.

There was popcorn and chocolate fondue at the kids corner.

There was also a live cooking corner.

The noodle dishes were made with the ingredients of your choice.

Green bills are signs of empty seats.

When you sit down, turn it over and turn it into a yellow tag.

The wagon service brought me a creative dish of salmon and avocado. It was delicious.

There was also "The Lounge" on the first floor of the hotel.

Drinks and snacks are available at The Lounge.

Facilities in the hotel

There was a children's playground called "Kids Land" on the first floor of the hotel.

It is a very spacious, and I think it is an excellent facility for families with children. I think it is especially useful on rainy days.

There were some rooms with squiggles and crane games in the hotel, but no one was using it.

There was also a business center where you could use a personal computer. There were enough spaces available.

There was also a gym on the first floor of the hotel.

Water and towels were also prepared in the gym.

There are also spa facilities within the hotel.

The hotel seems to have rooms available for events and meetings.

There was also an ATM.

Environment around the hotel

There is nothing around the hotel. I can only see the subway running. There are neither a store nor a convenience store nearby. In that sense it lacks convenience, but you will not get bored even you if you just stayed in the hotel. If you take a walk, I recommend to take one during the daytime. It is not popular at night and the environment is not so good. The next station is a Disney Resort station, so it’s bustling if you go there. I think it is a town still to be developed from now on. I wonder if hotels will increase more and more.

Map around the hotel

Staff & customer base

The staffs were very kind. I could even speak Chinese in one word. Luggage storage, shuttle bus reservation, receipts, breakfast information, and etc, if you have any questions here, they answered correctly. The staff of the maid also greets me, and when I asked for a tour of an unused room, I was able to walk around. They all seemed properly trained. They  understood what I wanted to say in a single language of Chinese.If you ask questions on a piece of paper, they will understand no problem.

The customer base seemed to be overwhelmingly used by the family. Because there is an international conference center nearby, I think that this hotel will be fully utilized at the time of a large conference. I stayed on a weekday, but there may be more families staying during the weekends.


As there is shuttle bus from the airport, it is recommended in best condition. A taxi will take about 30 minutes. The nearest subway station is Kang Xin Road Station, but it is quite far from the station. There is a shuttle bus to Disney, so it’s highly recommended when going to Disney. Walking around alone is dangerous because there is nothing around. I think it is a very convenient hotel if you make full use of the shuttle bus. It takes about 5 minutes by shuttle bus to the nearest station, Xinxin Road Station. If you are riding it all the way, you will arrive at Disneyland. On the way back, there is no bus from Kangxin Road Station, so you can get to the hotel by going to the Disney Resort station and taking the shuttle bus from there. There are no taxis around Kang Shinkook Road Station, so there is no choice but to pick up a taxi passing by. The shuttle bus from Disneyland is final after 1 hour from closing, so it is recommended to take a taxi back from Disneyland if it is not in time. There is a considerable distance from the subway station at Xinxin Road Station to the hotel. You can also rent a bicycle with the bicycle sharing service “Mobike” and come back to the hotel. To get out of the city, you need to change subways, but if you plan on going to Disney, it is a very convenient hotel.

Hotel shuttle

Hotel shuttle bus timetable

Subway Station No. 11 at the nearest station


I did not stay here to got t Disney Land, but I used it because it was a newly built and a very interesting hotel. There is a shuttle bus from the airport (advance reservation required), so if you can arrive there, it will take 30 minutes to get to the hotel. After check-in, I went out to the city by a shuttle bus to Koshinkoji Station. Although the location of the hotel is in the suburbs of Shanghai, I did not feel the inconvenience only with this shuttle bus. The room is new and comfortable. It feels good to be able to get a free drink from the refrigerator. I worked out in the gym when I had time. The breakfast menu was also delicious. We went to the airport by shuttle bus after checking out. The hall is large and the kids play room is very large, so it is recommended for small children. They have swimming pool in the summer, so I would like to use it again.

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