Courtyard by Marriott Shin-Osaka Station

  • Room Type : Courtyard King Room
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 1 person

As I was only staying on a business trip at "Courtyard by Marriott Shin-Osaka Station", it did not have to be a particularly prosperous facility, and it was necessary to move from Itami Airport on the day and move to Shinkansen the next morning. It was good because the hotel near Shin-Osaka Station where there was a limousine bus from where you could get on the Shinkansen immediately. In addition, Marriot SPG points were saved, and the price was less than 20,000 yen including breakfast, and it satisfied the hope in terms of location, price and points. In addition, because I am already a member of SPG's advanced members, I can receive a relatively flexible response such as late checkouts and upgrades, so I receive better service than other hotels.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The appearance is not particularly beautiful, and it is not noticeable compared to the surrounding buildings, but it has a Marriott logo and was easy to find. The entrance is on the first floor and the third floor, and the third floor is like the main entrance.

1st floor entrance.

Bell desk.

The entrance is not large, but it is clean. There is only a courtyard, and it is a casual impression in Marriott. The stuffed toy of Sesame Street was put on the front desk and the bell desk whether it is collaborating with Sesame Street.


3rd floor entrance.

Entrance automatic door.

Front floor elevator hall.

Elevator floor number button panel.

Guest room elevator hall.

Guest room floor corridor.

Guest room room number.

What is the Courtyard King Room like?

Guest room entrance door.

Entrance door seen from the room.

While the rooms are modern, it is stylish with red in the sofa. The room is very large.

There are enough outlets by the desk and both bedsides, so there was no inconvenience.

The round table in the desk is large enough to eat without any inconvenience.

The bed is not too hard and it's just right. There were four pillows, but there was not much difference in hardness. The sleeping comfort was good, but I think multiple pillows are good in advance. However, maybe I could have asked for a soft pillow, as I registered my pillow preferences as a member.

There was a TV across from the bed.

If you are staying with 2 people, it may be inconvenient because the sofa is a single size.

The view seen from the window. There was no terrace or balcony. The view is in front of the Shinkansen, conventional lines, main roads (may be expressways), Shin-Osaka Station and miscellaneous. It was close to Shin-Osaka Station, and the neon light of the building was dazzling at night. I did not want to open the curtains. It wasn't too loud, but it made a noise that seemed like the bullet train passing. There are no big windows. I think it is an access-oriented hotel, so I can not expect much from the view. Even on the upper floors, I think that the landscape does not change much to the extent that you can see Shinkansen and roads.


Hot water comes out soon and is comfortable, and hot water in the bathtub is immediately filled. There is no particular complaint, but with this amount, there is also a washroom hotel, so it is a bit disappointing there.

The water pressure in the shower is not a problem at all. The shower head was large and comfortable. The bathtub is also made wider. As it was not the shower curtain, but the glass door was the type that was in contact with the toilet, I received a clean impression. It had good ventilation as well.

Toilet and wash basin.

Pajamas x2, Disposable slippers x2, Shoe polish, Tooth brush x2, Toothpaste, Adhesive plaster, Shaver, Shampoo x2, Conditioner x2, Body wash x2, Soap x2, Hairbrush, Cotton, Sewing set and Shower cap. There is no shortage. Shampoo's are a brand called Nirvae. Made in China. i did not use it except for slippers. Shampoo was used for both mobile and dispenser type.

There was also a hair dryer.

Closet and safe


There were 10 hangers, deodorant sprayer, iron, ironing board, laundry bag, shoehorn and 2 disposable slippers in the closet.

Safe was a common type.

Mini bar and cafe

There were 2 bottles of free Marriott water, 2 tea bags, 2 green tea bags and instant coffee. The charges are beer, Pepsi, Perrier, apple juice, green tea and mineral water. The pot was lovely but otherwise it is as simple like a business hotel.

State of the refrigerator.

Restaurant and shop in the hotel

The restaurant I went for breakfast was on the lobby level, with teppanyaki and bar on the top floor. Teppanyaki and bar were adjacent to the club lounge, there was a reception desk, and there was no casual atmosphere. There were more foreigners in the bar.

Lobby level restaurant.

Teppanyaki and bar on the top floor.

Restaurant reception.

Facilities in the hotel

There was a fitness room in the hotel. It was not very wide.

There was also a currency exchange machine.

Hotel environment and access

It is a few minutes walk from Shin-Osaka Station. There are restaurants and apparel stores in the station building, so there is no inconvenience in shopping. The minimum things can be bought right away. The limousine bus from Itami Airport will need to walk for 5 minutes or more, as it will stop on the other side of the roundabout at the Courtyard Shin Osaka exit.

It is convenient for access because it is Shin-Osaka Station immediately, but it is miscellaneous. There was something like a station building next to the hotel, with McDonald's and Tully's coffee inside. It seems that it is not necessary to have breakfast at the hotel. If you go to the station, you will find restaurants and apparel shops such as UNIQLO, and you will find the minimum necessities. It faces main roads and tracks, and sounds are also interesting on the lower floors. Anyway access is the best, but it is not suitable if you want to spend a leisurely time. It was like an office district when I walked a little.

Staff & customer base

Half of the front staff were Chinese, but there was no problem in speaking Japanese. I asked for receipt of baggage, but there was no problem in particular, and they prepared currency exchange with new bills. It looked more casual than Marriott, but it doesn’t mean that it was bad.

I saw many foreign workers (Chinese and Westerners) and businessmen who seem to be on business trips.  Family members were only Chinese. The influence of the location and the stay of art will be large, but it is the impression that it is better to use for business.


It is the best for a business trip. I want to stay here again. If it is Osaka, the Marriott affiliated hotel of the amount of money that can be stayed on a business trip is only like Courtyard Shin-Osaka Station, Moxy, Sheraton Tokyo, but I think that it is the best with the newness and facilities among them. I think that access to Itami Airport is about 30 minutes by one bus, and the merit that you can get on the Shinkansen immediately can not be converted into the amount of money for businessmen. However, I do not think that I will stay overnight for traveling. If you play in Osaka, there are many comparable hotels in Umeda, and I think that the price will be worse. There is no bad part in particular, and I think that the location is good. This hotel is highly recommended for business people and foreigners who are new to Japan.