Courtyard by Marriott Siem Reap Resort

  • Room Type : Deluxe Pool View Room
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 3 people

I Stayed at the “Courtyard by Marriott Siem Reap Resort” in Siem Reap, Cambodia with family (wife and daughter), So having a toilet, bath and a meal was a must. Because we wanted to travel around the main tourist destinations such as Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and Taprohm efficiently, while staying for only for 24 hours, it was necessary for the hotel to be within 30 minutes from airport by car. There were several other hotels, but because I wanted to make effective use of the Marriott group's rewards, I decided to stay in this hotel, which had a more affordable price.

Hotel exterior and entrance, reception

The building that was not too expensive gave a feeling of security to the feeling in a way that matched the cityscape.

The building itself was new, and I felt a sense of cleanliness in the whiteness of walls and columns. Even after entering the site from the road, space was taken for the entrance spaciously, and the height of the ceiling was impressive.

Hotel billboard light

There was a feeling of openness very much, and a lot of buses could be parked.

After entering the building through the entrance, the newness of the building was as it was, and the front desk was prepared wide enough to handle even 4 to 6 pairs at the same time.

Spacious front counter

What is your room? Deluxe room

The room which we stayed in is a deluxe with a pool view.

The rooms are modern, and the walls and ceilings have been beautifully built to make it look like it has not been long since this hotel was built.

The bed was king size and was large enough to sleep with 3 families. The mattress was a little bit firm, but I got used to it after lying down on it for a while.It was very comfortable to sleep in. There were two types of pillows available, and I used the hard one, and my family used the softer one. It was nice to be able to choose.

There were no traditional objects or interiors, and it was a simple, neatly organized, and a urban room in a good way.

Table and chairs

The TV and its surroundings were clean and tidy.

I did not feel lik we were at a historic tourist destination, but I personally liked it because I prefer to stay in a clean room.

New bathroom

The bathroom did not have a bathtub os there as only a shower.

There were two types of showers, one was  hand-held showers and the other that comes down from the ceiling. The hand-held shower had sufficient water pressure and you can wash your body easily. It depended on the type of shower head, but the water did not splash that much.

The type of shower that falls down from the other ceiling has a lower water pressure than the one with a hand, but still it is a water pressure that can flow the body comfortably enough. Above all it was an advantage that both hands were open.

The sink was spacious and clean.

The amenities were the type commonly provided in the Courtyard group. There was a toothbrush, hand & body lotion, soap, vanity kit in the wooden box in the bathroom. In addition, there was one soap in the soap dish in the bathroom.

Amenities were arranged in the shower room, and there was a shower gel, conditioner, and shampoo. Al were small in size and, except for the soap, which was enough for two families to stay for one night, but maybe not enough for two nights.

There was also a hair dryer.

Toilet in the bathroom

Mini bar and snack

There was a refrigerator with the mini-bar, and there were 2 Evian 500ml, 2 Perrier, 2 Pepsi Light, 2 Pepsi, 2 7 Up, 2 Encore Beer, 2 Heineken, 1 Orange Juice and 1 Apple Juice included.

In addition, there were 2 stick type coffee, milk, lemon tea, sugar each.

Two kinds of cup noodles and one potato chips were prepared.

A kettle,  2 glass, 2 cups, 2 tea spoons, and 2 coasters were prepared.

Closet and safe

The closet was large and had 2 bathrobes, 10 hangers, an ironing board and an iron.

There was also a laundry bag.

The safe was in the closet. In terms of size, it was large enough to hold wallets, passports and and other valuables, but too small to hold bags.

the view from the room

There were 2 sofas and a table on the terrace, and there was enough space.

I looked out from the terrace the night after check-in, and the pool was very nicely lit up, and I looked out for a while.

The cityscape was not particularly outstanding, and it was better to think that the terrace was prepared to look at the courtyard of the hotel.

Also, it is better to be aware that you can overlook the terraces of other rooms and, also that means that other people can see your, terrace well too.

Restaurant in the hotel

The lobby Lounge is a lounge attached to the lobby.

The shop was bright and the bar counter was fashionable.

You can order drinks as a pool side bar as well.

The Upper Deck is a barbecue and grill restaurant.

The restaurant is located on the rooftop of the hotel and offers panoramic views of the city.

There was an area where you get to sit and relax. You can also enjoy alcohol at the bar.

Lok Lak is an all day dining with international dishes. You can enjoy a breakfast buffet here.

Breakfast buffet at Lok Lak

In the morning, a buffet breakfast is served at LOK LAK. It was very crowded during breakfast, but there were not many customers during dinner and lunch.

The restaurant was very clean and calm, so I could spend a relaxing time there.

There were seats on the terrace side with spacious sofa seats.

It was easy to select because the menu is abundant and there are English instructions. Here is a salad bar.

There were several types of breads.

Yhey also had Danish.

The cereal corner was divided into sweet and not sweet.

Waffle and pancake station

The chef standing by at the counter will make it in front of you.

Egg station

You can choose from a variety of egg dishes and toppings as you like.

Noodle soup station

You can also order noodle soup by choosing your favorite topping here.

I had trouble deciding because there were so many types to choose from. It was a very good breakfast restaurant.

State of outdoor pool

A large pool was prepared.

Several pools with different shapes and depths were prepared, with curves as the main. On the pool side, the seats that you can rest on were arranged inline, and on the opposite bank there were also 3 seats  for 2 people with a roof (sunshade) above it.

In addition, a pool for kids was prepared, and slides, water guns, and tricks from the barrel were also prepared. At night the pool was lit up and had a blue and fantastic atmosphere. I saw a lot of children playing in the pool at night. In addition, while enjoying a drink at the on-site bar, people watching the pool were also able to see a few.

Fitness gym and spa

There was also a fitness gym in the hotel.

There were treadmills and exercise bikes as well as muscle training machines, and the facility was fully equipped.

There was also a spa where you can get a massage.

Kids room (nursery school)

There was a kids room with outdoor play equipment.

This was a spacious room.

They had many toys.

I do not know so much about what it is like, but there may be a childcare service.

Business center

The business center was set up on the first floor behind the front desk, and had two desktop computers.

Hotel shop

There were 2 souvenir shops in the building.

This was a shop that deals with folk crafts and had a selection of items such as cute children's bags.

The other was picture postcards, jewelry and folk costumes.

It is said that the goods handled here are handled all over the world regardless and not only in Cambodia. All were expensive, as much as several tens of thousands of yen.

Surrounding environment of the hotel

You can see the city from the bar on the roof of the hotel. There were also two binoculars, and they were fully equipped to enjoy the view and the sunset.

State around the hotel

The area around the hotel was still undeveloped, and there were a large number of local cafeterias, shops and bike repair shops, but there were  no convenience stores and supermarkets.

There was a shop like a small convenience store.

There was also a shop unique to Cambodia.

Seafood restaurant that was nearby.

Massage shop. Although, I was not sure about the safety of the city, there were several other foreigners, and there were some cars and people coming and going, so it was not a quiet place.

A state of the town I went a little

A few minutes' drive from the hotel, you can see the downtown area, where you can find restaurants for tourists, shops with local young people visiting, bars and souvenir shops.

However, sometimes there were a stray dog.

One step into the alley is full of local atmosphere without paved roads.

We were able to arrive to our destination (Encore Wat, Angkor Thom, and  Taprom) in about 15 minutes from the hotel because we were transported by a chartered car.

The magnificent scenery with a history.


Access from the airport was limited to taxis and tuk-tuk. We used grab taxi, and arrived in about 30 minutes without traffic jam. However, grab taxis are prohibited from entering the airport, so we walked off the premises and got into a car. As we could go out of the airport site in around 100 meters, we were not worried so much.

The taxi back to the airport also arrived in 30 minutes and there was no such thing as not being able to guess the amount of time that it was going to take because of traffic congestion. there were only small shops, so we only went out shopping to buy water at dawn. There were only private stores around, and it took about 30 minutes to go back and forth including the time when I was looking for a store because I walked.

Staff & customer base

The staffs checked us in in a kindly manner. There was a mechanical trouble on the way, and there was a problem that the receipt could not be issued, but they promised to send it by e-mail at a later date and I was able to check it out. In the afternoon I received an e-mail, and I felt that they do their jobs very well.

The customer base appeared to be around 30% for Chinese tourists, 40% for Westerners and 30% for other Asian tourists. I think that age is more in the elderly, most in the 50s. There were not many children, and there were many visitors that were a family or a couple.


It was a very nice hotel to stay in. The cost performance was good. The quality of the breakfast was good, and I enjoyed eating from morning until I was satisfied. Moreover, the access from the hotel to the sightseeing were very good, and it has been very active as a hub for sightseeing. I finished sightseeing in the morning and went back to the hotel once before the airport check-in in the afternoon, took a shower and was also able to have a nice lunch. During that time, I could leave my luggage in my room, so it was a very positive thing to choose a hotel with late check out. I thought it would be better to choose a hotel closer to the city if you would like to eat in the city or go around the city, but the Courtyard Hotel is the best to do sightseeing in a short amount of time, and I think it was a good choice.

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