Crown Harbor Hotel Busan

  • Room Type : City View Deluxe Twin
  • Stay Nights : 2 nights
  • Stay Num : 3 people

I stayed at "Crown Harbor Hotel Busan" because the review and the location was nice. This time, we had several options to choose from tour package, but this hotel got a high reputation compared to other hotels. Moreover, I also liked the good location condition that it is close to the station, not far from the airport, and also close to the center of Nampo-dong. In addition, it was an important factor that you can upgrade your room if there is any empty room.

Exterior, entrance and reception of the hotel

It was tall and conspicuous so it was very easy to find while heading to the hotel from the airport.

It was beautiful appearance with a very luxurious feeling.

Entrance and front is calm feeling with brown-based color, very bright and clean impression.

A view of the entrance seen from inside the hotel

I entered the entrance and there was a front desk in the back of the right side. It was a bit disappointing that the baggage they were keeping was arranged outside the front desk, not inside. Thanks to that, I was able to receive mine soon when returning though.

There is also a sofa and table on the front desk side so you can sit down while waiting for check-in and check-out.

Front Floor Elevator Hall

Inside the elevator

floor button panel

There was also a floor button panel on the side.

Room floor elevator hall

Room floor corridor

City view Deluxe Twin room

Room entrance door

As soon as entering the room there was a luggage table on the left side, and there was a closet beside it. The wall of the luggage platform is a full body mirror. There was a bathroom on the left side.

The bed was ok, not too hard and not too soft. Cover and pillow were clean.

There was a TV set opposite the bed.

There were two tables and a chair at the window.

There was a window in the guest room.

Although it was room of city view, this time it was regrettable that we could not enjoy the scenery much because construction was under way. It seems that night view of the colorful and beautiful bridge can be seen if it is room with harbor view.


The bathroom seen from inside the shower room. There was no bathtub, only shower room. There was a shower room on the right side of the bathroom, a toilet in the front, and a wash basin on the left side.

Since the shower room was partitioned by a glass door, there was no need to worry about splashed water.

The shower was a hand shower with removable height adjustable. However, it was difficult to fix the shower head and stop at my favorite place. Temperature control can not be finely set, but it was just fine at the temperature set from the beginning, so it was not particularly troubled. The water pressure was very good.

The toilet was a washlette type.

Wash basin

Amenity was prepared on the washbasin. Shampoo, conditioner, body Soap, body lotion, toothbrush, cotton, hair Rubber, cotton swab set, and shaving razor. Shampoos and conditioners were also good with foaming. I think that it was still better if they had washing your face and removing make-up. I stayed for 2 nights, but the amount I used was replenishing the next day, so it was good that I could use the new on the second day.

There was also a hair dryer.

Closet and Safety Deposit Box

The closet was on the left side of the room.

In the closet there were hangers, bathrobes, slippers, laundry bags and safety box.

Safety box and slippers

The safety box was of the type that sets the PIN number. Since it is a top opening door, it is easy to put in and take out.

Mini bar / In-room coffee

There was also in-room coffee set. There were an electric kettle, 3 coffee cups, 2 instant coffee and tea. I have to ask for sugar and milk. Among them, I had coffee, but honestly it was not very tasty and I don't recommend it. I do not know about the tea.

There was refrigerator too.

In the refrigerator, there were water bottles (free).

Restaurants and shops in the hotel

There was a cafe called "A TWOSOME PLACE" on the first floor and I went there. I was eating at the cafe, but asked them to pour my remaining coffee for take-away, they helped me with it kindly. However, the number of morning menu seemed not so much, and it went sold out if you go late.

On the second floor of the hotel, there was a restaurant called "La Stella".

For morning and lunch, it becomes a buffet style restaurant where you can enjoy a variety of menus. It becomes a bistro where you can enjoy liquor with meal in the evening.

There was also a restaurant called "Chicken & Beer" in the hotel.

There was a convenience store on the first floor of the hotel. Once you have to leave the hotel, but it is convenient because it is in the same building.

Facilities in the hotel

There was fitness center on the 3rd floor of the hotel.

It seems to be available for free at any time 24 hours.

There was also an aesthetic massage facility.

There are three personal computers in front of the front desk, and there was a business center that can be used 24 hours.

There seems to be facilities and services suitable for medium sized meetings in the hotel.

Hotel surroundings environment

Because the hotel faces the main street, it is easy to catch a taxi and it was very convenient to go anywhere. Also, it was a very convenient location to travel by train as it was close to the central station. There was a cafe on the first floor, and there was also a subway nearby. You can go to Nampo-dong and international markets in about 10 minutes on foot. Since there is a station soon, if you go through the underground, you can go to Nampo-dong without getting wet so much even on rainy days. There were shopping centers in the underground, so you will never get tired of walking. The neighborhood was crowded but I think that security was good.

Staff & Customers

The staff here seemed very smart. The ratio of men was higher for the counter than women. Since it did not have sugar or milks for coffee in the room, they brought me with a smile immediately when I asked. Unfortunately there was no preparation for milk though.

There were many business people from overseas and tour groups, but there were particularly many tourists from the Asian region. There were people working at a cafe with laptop, and I though that there are many local people who use this hotel for business purpose.


It took about 30 minutes by taxi from the airport to the hotel, and it was very convenient because it cost me around 15,000 won. From the airport, you can also go by bus. The street is not too crowded and I felt safe. Because the roads are wide, it is easy to walk. Nampo-dong, Busan Tower, and Lotte Mart are near. I could get there in about 10 minutes by foot, to any of them. Also, just a short walk from the hotel, I could see the Busan Tower and remember it as a landmark. The station is also very near, so it was convenient to go anywhere anyway.


I got to the airport I took a taxi from the hotel, and it took about 30 minutes with 15,000 won. The location was the best to go anywhere. The nearest station is the Central station. We walked to the main tourist spot such as Nampo-dong and Busan Tower, which takes 10 minutes. In addition, cafes and restaurants are also in the hotel. This time we went to the cafe, and the taste and the customer service were good. The hotel was clean overall and I felt safe. Next time I come to Busan, I’d like to stay at this hotel again by all means.

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