Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

  • Room Type : Business King Room
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 2

I chose "Crowne Plaza Changi Airport" because we were going to take late night flight on next day. And we planed to stay at Marina Bay Sands for 3 nights before the date. In terms of convenience and budget, it is the best choice to stay jusy around the airport. Compare to other hotel directly connected to Changi Airport, Crowne Plaza is not very expensive. Hopefully we could find reasonable plan ans booked it. I checked the review after booking, there are both of good and bad comments. I was wondering how it like actually. 【Official website】 Crown Plaza Changi Airport Also posted here! Absolutely not to fail 【Singapore Hotel Choice】 Recommended Hotels Top Ranked!

Let's check exterior, entrance and reception

The exterior is a very unique architecture, It is easy to recognize the hotel.


Guest rooms and the lobby are decorated with many indirect lighting dimmed.

Guide display on the pole. It took 3 to 4 min to reach the room and it's a bit tedious since we stayed Annex.  Air conditioning was working well inside the building, so it was cold on the way back from the pool to the room. I think that it would be troublesome if you need to go and back from pool to room in case.

Entrance to Annex  

Floor button

Inside the elevator

Elevator hall at room floor

Room floor corridor

Business King room

The room light was dimmed and window roll screen was closed due to construction outside. There is not much space to open the baggage. That makes the room like "dimming". The room itself was clean and comfortable. The bed mattress was also good to sleep. But I wonder their cleaning quality because I found the stain of makeup color on the pillow.

The wall opposite the bed is a big mirror.  TV set in on the middle.

There was a sofa and a table next to the bed.

Desk and chair. Rental smartphone is placed on the desk.

There is no terrace / balcony, the bathroom has a window. The view from the room was "Airport Under Construction". When I open the electric roll screen in the bathroom, I saw many of constructors so we couldn't open it during taking shower. If staying in this room, the roll screen would be closed all the time and the lightning turned on even the day time. If you want to see the scenery outside, it may be better to go to the pool.


There is a glass door between the bathroom and the bedroom.

When push "privacy switch", windows become frosted glass instantly. It is the first time for me to see it is used in the hotel.

Privacy switch

The shower booth and the bathtub were separate.

The bathtub was deep enough. The window is next to the bathtub. When I open the electric roll screen, there are so many of workers outside! It is quite difficult to enjoy the view during taking the bath.

The shower was movable (TOTO), it was comfortable with a rain shower. There is no problem with water pressure and temperature control at all. The water basin was very clean and makes us happy. There was a toilet behind the shower booth.

Amenities are shampoo, conditioner, body shampoo and body lotion. Each bottle size were very small, like a sample of a milky lotion. I wonder it is enough for two guests because it would be finished once taking shower one time. Others are toothbrush, cotton, oil paper, hair rubber, sewing set and razor & shaving foam. There was no cotton swab.

There was a towel in the shelf and a scale was on the floor.

Closet and Safety Deposit Box

Bathrobe and slippers in the closet.

Slippers and laundry bag

Iron and ironing board were stored here.

Because the most of guest stay here only 1 night for transit, the room is compact and not enough to open the luggage. Since they are not target long-term staying guest, the closet is also thin and it is unsuitable for those who want to hang a lot of clothes.  We didn't use safety box.

Mini bar / cafe

There were an electric kettles, two glasses and two cups, two instant coffee, two tea bags and two plastic bottles at the cafe corner.


Room dining menu.

Restaurant and shop in hotel

I did not have a chance to visit, there is a restaurant called "AZUR" on the second floor.

The inside of "AZUR" is a little dark.

I didn't use "BAR '75" either, its opening hours are from 5pm to 1 or 2am. The entrance is distinctive as it is difficult to see the door from outside. It looked like just the wall.


Facilities in the hotel

There was a pool on 3rd floor of the hotel, a lot of people were enjoying there than I expected.

There is a bar next to the pool. Besides alcohols, they have  snacks and child meals.

There are no "kids pool". Families with kids and adult would use same space.

It is good space to just relax  and chill as there are lots of beach chairs.

Many of trees are planted at the pool side. It brings blight atmosphere unlike the dimly inside.

Fitness center on the same floor.

Hotel surroundings environment

It is better to have meals and buy some stuffs in the airport since you need to take taxi or MRT to go outside of airport.

Because it is in the airport, nothing to worry about safety. We saw lots of single female guests. However, there are many passenger sleeping at the lobby space without staying in room . That’s why the sofa was badly dirty although other facilities are clean.

Staff & Customers

The staff at check-in counter speak to us in typical “Singlish”, it was a bit hard to catch. But he explained with patience with smile. Other staffs are friendly including cleaning staff.

We didn’t meet someone who can speak Japanese. All sign and description in the hotel was in English.

It seems 60% of customer is European and American and 40%  is Asians, mostly Chinese. We saw just a few Japanese.  I saw many families.


The hotel is located at Changi Airport Terminal 3. It is very convenient as Skytrain station is just next to the hotel entrance. At midnight, shuttle bus is working instead of Skytrain. Its bus stops is also 3 minites aaway from the hotel.

We could reach there easily with luggage since the floor is smooth without up and down.

There are several restaurants in Terminal 3, we can go anywhere in about 5 minutes by walk. During night time, 2;30 am to 5 am, shuttle bus works instead of Skytrain. So it is all right for the passenger who take the flight from other terminal. it


There are some hotels connected to Changi Airport and seem to be costly against their quality. for every level. We felt this hotel is enough comfortable and clean even the review has both good and bad comments. At this time we found affordable price luckily, but we might not stay wiht original place.

Convenient access for transit and also it could be recommended for families because of their nice pool and kids meal services.

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