Disney Explorer's Lodge

  • Room Type : Deluxe Room
  • Stay Nights : 3 nights
  • Stay Num : 3 people

I chose "Disney Explorer's Lodge" because the purpose to visit Hong Kong was only Hong Kong Disneyland, so it was important for me to have easy access from the airport and to Disneyland Park. In addition, it is the newest hotel among the official hotels of Hong Kong Disneyland, and I was interested in the worldview which is particular about the details. For example, there is a desk in the form of a trunk in the guest room, elevators which imitate a balloon. I also read lots of reviews that the atmosphere of this hotel is like Aulani in Hawaii, and these reviews made me more interested to stay this hotel.

What does the hotel look like? Check out the entrance and front desk!

Hotel view

When I stood at the entrance, I felt like I was inside the tent. Bamboo rafters looked like tent poles.

Disney characters' panel at the entrance elevates our expectations.

Goofy and Pluto are also here!

Lobby. Somehow, I felt like I was in Hawaii, not in Hong Kong.

There are various displays in the lobby. This is Mickey's closet.

Minnie's closet

Donald's closet

Goofy's closet

There is a world map on the back wall of the front desk, and Disney characters are hidden here and there on the map.

We could check in smoothly without waiting because we arrived at the hotel in the evening on weekdays.

There is a counter for wheelchair users, too.

Ground Floor Elevator Hall

The inside of the elevator is a motif of balloon.

Mickey is hidden!

A pool on the first floor, restaurants on the second floor, a lobby on the third floor.

Room Floor Elevator

Room floor corridor

Corridor around my room

What is the Deluxe Room like?

Room entrance door

There is a whole-body mirror on the right side of the room door.

The room is big enough to open our suitcase even though there are 2 queen size beds in the room. The theme of our room was "Asia". We could enjoy relaxed atmosphere and the taste of Disney in our room. We had a very pleasant time in the room as it was cleaned thoroughly, and we didn't hear the noise next room.

The bed is wide enough for 2 adults to sleep. I didn't have any problems to sleep with my daughter who tosses and turns a lot in bed. Pillows are soft, and the bed is comfortable to sleep in.

Safety bed rails are prepared on my child's bed.

There were discount tickets, a telephone and a TV remote control on the bed side.

There was a TV opposite the bed.

There was a desk (dresser) and a chair next to the TV.

Mirror frame is decorated with a belt.

View from the window

There is a window in the guest room.

I could see the garden view from our room.

We could see the Hollywood Hotel (back left on the photo), too.


The sink is out of the bathroom. There is no bathtub in the bathroom, and a shower space and a toilet is on the right side of the sink. I heard that there is no bathtub to secure more bedroom space.

The shower room itself is big enough to take a shower with my child. There are 2 types of shower head -a fixed rain shower and a removable hand shower. Water pressure is not so strong, but it is proper strength and I like it. Only 1 problem I had is that the shower room drain was clogged up. The drain cover was always floating up.

There is a toilet next to the shower room.


There were amenities, too. A soap, shampoo and conditioner were H2O which is common in Disney parks overseas.

There is a toothbrush set, cotton buds, a nail file, a shaving kit, a shower cap, makeup cotton pads, and a comb in the original tin which is limited for Explorer's Lodge.

There is a hair dryer, too.

Closet and Safety Box

There is an open closet on the left side from the entrance door.

The closet is spacious and has enough hangers for 3 of us. Slippers which is specially designed for the hotel are prepared in the closet. My daughter was so happy as she can use princess design slippers.

The safety box is under the TV. It is a common type that sets the PIN number.

It is large enough to keep valuables. I didn't have any problems.

Minibar & Cafe corner

There is a cafe corner next to the closet.

There is an electric kettle, an ice pail, 4 cups and 2 bottles of water (1.5L). It was helpful I could get free bottles of water everyday as everything is expensive in Hong Kong.

Instant coffee, tea bags, sugar, milk and spoon are prepared in the drawer. We could bring back Mickey's cup home. This cup is same as the one which is sold at the restaurant in the hotel, so I had a beneficial feeling.


There was nothing in the fridge.

Restaurants and shops in the hotel

There are three restaurants, “Chart Room Cafe”, “World of Color Restaurant” and “Dragon Wind”. We can see Disney characters at “World of Color Restaurant” and “Dragon Wind”. We can enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine at “Dragon Wind”.

This is "Chart Room Cafe".

View outside of "Chart Room Cafe"


Cakes at "Chart Room Cafe"

We can use "Chart room cafe" as a convenience store as it sells drinks and snacks.

Inside the restaurant

This is "World of Color Restaurant".

This is "Dragon Wind". We can enjoy Chinese cuisine.

We can enjoy buffet style breakfast at "Dragon Wind".

Dim Sum

Familiar Mickey waffle

Fruit corner


The restaurant has a luxurious atmosphere.

There is a souvenir shop selling Disney goods, too.

There are lots of items include limited ones for only the Explorer's Lodge.

The products are displayed neatly, so it was easy to shop.

Facilities in the hotel

There is an outdoor pool in the hotel. Guests can use it for free by presenting their room keys from 8am to 10 pm. You can borrow the towel for free at the poolside. There were lots of people there as it was hot day. It was really great to enjoy the pool after we came back from Disneyland Park which is close at 8pm. You can enjoy the mystical mood in the evening as the pool and the waterfalls around the pool are lit up at night.

You can play games and take photos with characters "Explorers poolside adventure" at this poolside.

The view from the pool. There were lots of people who were relaxing at the poolside as we can use deck chairs and cabanas without charge. It was lively there even at night because children were enjoying the pool after they came back from Disneyland Park. The pool can be used safely as there are lifeguards there to the last. The pool seems to be in demand even at night in October as it was still hot in Hong Kong.

There are four theme zones in the garden: Asia, Oceania, Africa and South America. This is based on the concept of the hotel which 4 explorers travelled these 4 areas. There are more than 700 kinds of plants in the garden and it was really beautiful with a lot of green.

Hotel surroundings environment

There is no shops or facilities near the hotel. I think there is only Hong Kong Disneyland around the hotel. However, there is a train station near the hotel and I think it is easy to get around. You will be able to refresh at the hotel because you can see the ocean from the hotel and It is surrounded by a lot of nature. It gets pretty dark at night around the hotel, so you had better be careful if you need to go out at night. However, there is a shuttle bus and you can use it.

Staff & Customers

I was very impressed that all staff members were very kind to children. They were all friendly, talked nicely and gave stickers to children. I had to talk in English with a front desk staff though I can’t speak it very well. However, she explained me again and again till I could understand. I didn’t suffer any inconvenience as we could connect WiFi for free in the hotel and use a translation app.

There were many families with children. Lots of them are Asians. The lobby and toilets in the hotel are used properly and I thought guests have good manners.


You can go to the hotel by taxi, shuttle bus or train from the airport. The hotel is built in a wonderful location as it takes about 15 minutes by taxi or shuttle bus, and about 30 minutes by train from the airport. There aren’t any shops including convenience stores around the hotel. I think it’s safe around the hotel as most people are tourists to Disneyland. You can get to Disneyland in about 10 minutes by shuttle bus from the hotel. It was very convenient as the bus ran every 10 to 20 minutes. This shuttle bus connects the Disneyland Park with other Disney hotels, so it is convenient to go shopping to different hotels or go to restaurants.


I had a comfortable time at the hotel because it is a new hotel, and everything is clean. I’m satisfied with everything -tropical resort atmosphere, high open ceiling lobby, lovely green spacious garden, large room and great customer service. This was my first trip to Hong Kong, but my impression about Hong Kong has changed in a good way. We didn’t have a chance to try hotel activities or character greeting this time, but I would like to try these things next time as not all Disney hotels offer them. We got lucky with great weather during our holiday, but you will be able to enjoy enough even by just walking around the hotel when it’s a rainy day. I’m looking forward to next visit to find something new because it was really big site.

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