Disney's Port Orleans Resort - Riverside

  • Room Type : Royal Guest Standard Room
  • Stay Nights : 5 nights
  • Stay Num : 2 people

"Disney's Port Orleans Resort - Riverside" boasts the largest area of ​​the official hotel, including shops and outdoor pools, playgrounds, motorbike rentals, restaurants and bars in the hotel as well. There is activities that you can enjoy enough among these without going to the park. There are many people who spend their holidays here because they have everything they need for a long stay. Since we were here for the purpose of visiting the park, we decided to stay because of the location was good, the facilities were fulfilling, and there was no worry of bad security. Let me show you what it was like staying here.

What is the hotel's exterior, entrance and reception?

It is made by imagining the departure point of the tour departing with a luxurious passenger boat, the docking spot in the era called Good Old USA.

A spacious and bright entrance with restaurants and bars connect to front desk

It is a fashionable atmosphere like a waiting place before boarding, rather than being a hotel lobby, as the reception is also a portrait imagery.

The guide board was also made cute with the Disney-like design.

There are hidden Micky's in some places and it is fun.

Disney's Port Orleans Resort is a resort facility that combines two hotels, Riverside and French Quarter.

Royal Guest Room - Standard Room?

Although it was a normal sized room, there were Mickey and Disney characters hiding and I was thrilled during my stay. It was a cute Disney room.

There are also difficult things that you do not know unless you are a Disney fan, and it was fun just to try to find it.

The bed board had an effect that the fireworks rise when the button is pushed. I felt comfortable sleeping in this bed.

There are TVs, tables and chairs. The carpet in the room was drawn like magic carpet.

The chair was the same as the one that appears in Beauty and the Beast.


The bath amenity is a pretty bottle of Mickey pattern shampoo, conditioner, facial cleansing soap, and body wash for the number of people staying. I did not have a toothbrush, but they will prepare one for you if necessary.  There were also many towels.

Magical lamp faucet

The bathtub and shower were together. The bathtub felt shallow but the water pressure was not bad. The shower curtain had many items related to Little Mermaid, and was very cute looking.

Guest room cafe bar

There was a cafe bar on the TV side shelf, with a coffee maker and special tea bag placed. There was also a refrigerator, but the contents were empty. At the cafe terrace, cups were available for free use of the drink bar during their stay.

Closet and safety box

There is no place called a closet, but there was a area where you can hang clothes in the bathroom.

Iron set is also included.

The safety box was embedded in the wall with a key.

What is the view from the room?

There was not a particular view from the room where I stayed. This time, I appointed the room with emphasis on location and hierarchy. Other rooms also had river, garden and pool views.

In front of the room is a parking lot for guests.

Hotel restaurant and cafe, bar

There is a restaurant, a cafeteria and a bar.

The appearance of the bar

The cafeteria. There are many kinds of food including salads, and they cook for you on the spot. The food tasted very good, and the volume and pricing was also satisfying.

I had pizza.

Breakfast was a menu that you can make your favorite omelet.

Outdoor swimming pool at hotel

There are several outdoor pools in the hotel and it is possible to use it including those of "Port Orleans Resort French Quarter" next door. We did not use it, but towels were also placed on the poolside and it was designed to be used freely. I think that it is very convenient for those who stayed in the adjacent building of the pool because they can come straight from the room without having to take anything.

Atmosphere inside hotel resort

There was a very large courtyard in each building. Each had gardens according to the theme, and we enjoyed the luxurious garden and also the gardens that were illuminated at night.

There was walking path along the river that is right outside the room.

You can ride boats

In the courtyard of the adjacent building, they were screening a Disney movie.

A store in the hotel

Fulton’s General Store in the hotel is a Disney shop. Products sold in the park are sold here as well.

They also sell food such as sweets, assorted breads and other items, so you can bring the items you bought here without problems, so we recommend carrying them around instead of having breakfast. It was convenient because you can easily drop in if there is souvenir you forgot to buy.


It is far from the airport, so it is difficult to go with public transportation. There were many people coming by car. We did a tour, but if you are not getting a tour you can use the airport shuttle bus with a full reservation system free of charge. It was convenient to  get to the park from the hotel  by boat or bus.

Staff and customer base

The staffs were kind and polite, so if we had a question they would respond as needed and we were able to fully enjoy our stay. If you are having trouble communicating, you can ask for a telephone interpreter at the front desk. There were many good mannered people because it was a hotel with a high grade. I saw a couple of young people staying with friends, but there were more guests staying as a family or a couple.


This hotel was very good. The inside of the hotel is surrounded by rich nature, it is a quiet place, so I was able to get a nice rested. Because we go to the park while we are in the park, there is little time to spend at the hotel, so it was a wasteful time to stay at this hotel which was blessed with various activities for a short time. In addition, the level of the restaurant was also high, and I was able to adjust the nutrition balance while traveling. There was also an official hotel, and access to the park was preferential treatment variously. It was a pleasure to be able to enter the early hours and enjoy privileges like playing until late. However,  because the hotel area was large, the bus stop was a bit far from the lodging we stayed. The room key is recorded in a common band with the park ticket etc, so it will not be lost and it will be easier to just put your hand over a machine when going home. I highly recommend this hotel if you are planning on a trip to Disney World.

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