Dormy Inn Seoul Gangnam

  • Room Type : Single room
  • Stay Nights : 2 nights
  • Stay Num : 1 person

"Dormy Inn Seoul Gangnam" was chosen as the fact that it was possible to use a reputable breakfast at +1000 yen while narrowing down a few candidates by price, place, and newness on the online travel reservation site It was. In Seoul, although there is a spa for men, there are many places that do not have a spa for women, but there is a large public bath for women and it is also one of the decisive factors to be able to use for free. It is one of the reasons that I thought that it was a good opportunity to use because it was weekdays thought that it was a little more expensive when it was used on the weekend and it was out of budget. 【Official website】 Dormy Inn Seoul Gangnam Here are also on sale! Never fail absolutely 【Seoul Hotel Selection】 Recommended Popularity Ranking!

What is the exterior of the hotel? Check entrance and reception

The hotel can be reached with confidence as we could confirm the hotel even from a distance from the cinnonon station subway station.

The entrance was a big glass door.

When entering the entrance there is a lobby. Because it is a relatively new hotel, it is bright and clean as a whole, a clean impression based on white and tea. The lobby was very open feeling.

There was a computer that can be used freely in the lobby.

There is also a welcome drink machine in the lobby.

Because of the Nikko hotel, everyone at the front desk was able to speak a little Japanese, and there was nothing troubled especially.

Front Floor Elevator Hall

Inside the elevator

Elevator inner floor button

Room floor Elevator hall

Guest floor Floor plan

Room floor corridor

What is the single room room?

Room entrance door appearance

The view of the entrance door of the room from inside the room

After entering the entrance door there is a bathroom, a closet on both ends, and another door in front of the bedroom.

Because I used single room, the moment I opened the entrance door of the room, I could not deny the feeling of using a Japanese business hotel on a business trip. However, compared with hotel in the same price range of Seoul, room had space to spread suitcase with a little relaxed eyes, it was clean and clean. The bed was semi-double so I felt comfortable. However, as there was only one pillow, it was a bit inconvenient to lie down on the bed and watch TV.

Bed bedside lighting room temperature panel. The air-conditioner's extreme dominance was extremely poor and it was slightly inconvenient to leave food etc. in the room because the air conditioning had run out as the room temperature went out to 34 degrees while he was out for daytime.

Outlet receptacle on bed

There was a desk (dresser), a chair, a TV, opposite the bed.

Outlet receptacle on the desk

View from the 16th floor guest room window

Night view from 16 floor guest room window


Because there was large public bath in hotel, room was only shower. Water pressure, angle of shower head, drainage, temperature were satisfactory. In the case of a cheap hotel, the shower room smells of humidity, but it is a fragrance of body shampoo, it smells nice.

Because the door of the shower closes tightly, it was comfortable without leakage to the toilet side.

Wash basin. There was a hair dryer in the upper row and a cup in the lower row on the left side shelf.

There was a face towel and hand soap on the right side.

Hair dryer


The toilet was a hot water washing toilet seat.

The towels were beautiful.

Amenity was a toothbrush and toothpaste, a razor, a disposable brush. In the shower room there was a shampoo, a conditioner, a body shampoo equipped bottle, and a wash basin had hand soap. We used body shampoo and hand soap, but there is no particular bad impression. Seoul There are few hotels offering a toothbrush for free, but it was free. However, I had a message saying that I should bring my next time with the environment in mind, I felt that my awareness of the environment was high.

Closet and Safety Deposit Box

The closet was just in front of the bedroom, just in the room entrance door. Apart from the closet, there was a hook on the bedroom that could also be hung. In the upper stage of the closet there was a spray like room wearing and Fabrez. The room wear is not fashionable, but the inside of the hotel was available in the room wear anywhere, so many people who stayed in the room as well as the large public bath as well as the breakfast venue were.

There was slippers in the lower stage of the closet. There were two types of slippers, disposable and not.

There was a safety box under the desk (dresser) in the bedroom.

Inside of safety box

Mini bar / cafe

In the cafe corner in the room was only an electric kettle, a coffee cup, and a corn tea bag. However, it was possible to bring a welcome drink in the lobby and a drink from the breakfast venue to the room with a take-out cup. The welcome drink had coffee, corn tea, chrysanthemum tea, Earl Gray tea, water etc. It was easy to use, I was very grateful.

There was a refrigerator under the desk (dresser) in the bedroom.

There was one free water in the refrigerator. There is no mini bar.

Restaurants in the hotel

There was one restaurant and ate breakfast and yakisoba soba.

Breakfast is buffet.


Korean cuisine

Cold noodle


Serial and drink corner

Dessert Corner

For breakfast, cooking was prepared abundantly even in a little late time and the taste was delicious. Yukigi soba is quite normal.

State of restaurant

Facilities in the hotel

There is a public bath on the basement floor.

Although I used a public bath only once, because it was early in the morning or the user was few, I could use it relaxedly.

There is also a sauna.

There was a coin launderet next to the entrance of the public bath.

There was a training machine on the public bath floor.

Hotel surroundings environment

There are only convenience stores and cafes from the subway station to the hotel, but the road was bright and the scenery was never felt at night. When walking in the north-south direction from the station, there are many other shops in the restaurant, so I think that you can hang around by walking if it is a comfortable season. However, I think that it is easier to go down from the Hikozu station side when using the subway because the uphill slope of the hotel direction is quite hard from the cinnonyeon station. Because the road in front of the hotel is a boulevard, I think that it is convenient to use a taxi.

Staff & Customers

For Nikkei hotel, there are many staff who can speak Japanese, I think that Korea is safe even for the first time. However, it was not as much as a hospitality. The staff of the restaurant was better than the staff at the front desk. I used the shuttle bus twice, but the driver was different depending on the person. Even if one person is not a place where it normally stops, I was dropping out “I do not mind being a way”, and I was also happy with that. You can communicate the minimum Japanese required at check-in. Even in a complicated story, I think that someone speaks Japanese for Nikkei hotels, so I think that’s safe in that respect. The driver of the shuttle bus was not good either in Japanese or English depending on the person ….

There were many Asian customers such as Korean, Japanese, Chinese, etc, but we saw a lot of Westerners as well. Although it is a business area area, there were most people who dressed as travelers rather than business use. Because I used it on weekdays, I did not see small children, people in the 20s and 60s were using it.


From Gimpo Airport you can go by express line 1 of Subway Line 9 (It is somewhat inconvenient at Airport Railway + Subway from Incheon Airport), but the uphill from Shinononhon Station is quite tight. I think that it is easy to use because the airport limousine bus stops at the next Novotel hotel.

In the case of the subway, it is likely that it is not suitable for beginners, as it is often necessary to change trains to go anywhere. However, this was convenient as the hotel shuttle bus goes to Myeong-dong and Seoul station. There are many restaurants, etc. within walking distance from Cinnonyeon Station.


Although staying at this hotel was not bad, it is up to the price whether to reuse. In my case, it is important to consider importance when choosing a hotel, the size of the refrigerator and the shower are independent, but the fact that the refrigerator was small and there was no freezing space is a minus. This time it was a single room, but depending on the time, I think that you can use a twin room, a little more spacious room, a hotel close to the station, at the same price. However, breakfast buffet was more delicious and delicious than I thought, and the big bathhouse was comfortable, so that’s good. Also, when you want to use the time during your stay in Seoul as efficiently as possible, the location of Cinnonyeon is often inconvenient, so I think if it has plenty of time to spare.

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