Duxton Hotel Perth

  • Room Type : Deluxe Twin Room
  • Stay Nights : 4 nights
  • Stay Num : 2 people

Duxton Hotel Perth is a modern 5 star hotel located in the heart of Perth city center. I chose this hotel because it is within walking distance to the center where shopping and meals are possible and accessible to the suburbs of Perth such as ferry platforms and stations. There are parks and rivers within walking distance, so I was satisfied with the fact that I could enjoy both city and nature in Perth.

Duxton Hotel Perth Stylish exterior Entrance and Front desk

Originally the building used to be a tax office. The palm tree contributes to the resort atmosphere.

This is entrance. The mark of the lion is the motif of Duxton Hotel.

As you go through the entrance, the spacious lobby is spreading. There is a glittering and luxurious atmosphere. There are many sofas where you can relax and chill.

Modern and stylish front desk.

Meeting rooms were available in the hotel. There were days when conferences were held and many businessmen visited there.

Proceed to the left at the front desk, and you will see the elevator hall . There were six elevators and no waiting time.

Room in the Duxton Hotel Perth Deluxe Twin Room

Corridor with calm interior. Here is the room.

The size of the room is 29.5 m² and is comfortable in size. It is an elegant room unified with ivory, red, and brown.

The bed was fluffy and soft, and the texture was also very good. Although the surface was soft, the bed itself was pretty hard, so there was nothing that caused the back to hurt.

The red chair for a single use is fashionable.

The design of the desk was modern. It is also comfortable to work with a personal computer on the desk. Wi-Fi is also provided and passwords will be given upon check-in. I had an impression that the speed of Wi-Fi was pretty fast.

Spacious closet. The number of hangers is small. There is a safety box in the upper part, but it is quite high to reach. Although I am 165 cm tall, I felt that I could barely put in and out things by stretching out my feet. If you cannot reach it I think you should use the chair in the room.

The drawer of the TV stand had depth and it was a good storage space.

Duxton Hotel Perth Bathroom and amenities

It is a type of bathroom in which a bathtub and a shower are combined.

Shower is fixed and can not be moved. I feel that water pressure was not strong enough.

The height of the toilet seat was just right. Washlet function is not attached.

A marble wash basin creates a luxurious feeling.

The dryer is attached to the wall, but the wind pressure was strong enough and I was able to dry my hair properly.

Shampoo, conditioner, body soap and body lotion belong to the brand named after Australian fashion designer, Peter Morrissey. Modest and elegant floral scent was distinct. Shower cap, sanitary bag, sewing set were prepared, but it is necessary to bring your own toothbrush because there was none there.

There were two types of soap, large and small. "FIG & ARMOND" on the left was a natural type of soap,  while "SEA BLOSSOM" on the right smelled of flower.

Duxton Hotel Perth Relaxing time at the cafe bar in the room

There is a cupboard with fridge and cafe set in it. In the refrigerator, refreshing drinks, water, wine, beer, juice, milk are stocked. Corona was the only beer. No complimentary water available.

Coffee, tea, and cocoa were prepared. Half of the coffee was decaffeinated. Because I did not have milk, I opened the milk in the fridge and used it, but as I did not get charged at checkout, it seems you are good to use this milk for coffee and tea.

A simple assortment of snacks, potato chips, pretzels and chocolates was available.  There was also red wine at room temperature.

Duxton Hotel Perth Gym and Outdoor pool Facilities in the hotel

There is a pool, a sauna and a gym on the floor called LL (Lower Lobby).

Open-air outdoor pool. I visited the hotel in late September, the maximum temperature during the day was around 20 degrees. Because the sunlight was strong, I felt about 25 degrees with the body sensation, but it was still a little too early to swim. It is comfortable to swim in the summer between December and February, when the maximum temperature is around 30 degrees.

There is a gym equipped with aero bikes and running machines.

A lot of kinds of dumbbells. It was vacant when I went there early in the morning.

Duxton Hotel Perth breakfast buffet

A breakfast buffet is served at the restaurant Firewater Grille in the hotel. Just for your information, this is the only restaurant in the hotel.

Juice and cereal are lined up at the counter.

Serial bar. When you twist the faucet, a certain amount of serial will come out automatically.

The toaster that you can choose and toast your favorite bread.

While most of the dishes were Western-style, porridge was on the menu! I feel at home with a gentle taste.

Sweet pastries are rich in variation.

There was a machine that automatically baked pancakes.

When you press the OK button at the bottom left of the machine, pancakes come out one by one. It is thin and small so it is easy to eat.

An egg stand making egg dishes. Scrambled eggs are available in a buffet style, but if you want to eat other fried eggs etc, ask a chef to make it by this stand.

There are not many types of bacon, ham, cheese, etc. but there is one whole set, and a satisfying breakfast buffet on the whole. However, there was not enough vegetables if I must say.

Duxton Hotel Perth Hotel Surroundings

On the back of the hotel there is a river called Swan River, and nature is everywhere along the river.

The lawn is beautiful anyhow. Wandering around was just enough to make you feel very relaxing and comfortable.

As you walk along the river, there is a ferry platform. It is about 7 minutes on foot from the hotel. From here, I took a ferry to Rottnest Island where Kuokka is said to be the "world's happiest animal". I was able to purchase the tickets here (Make sure you make reservations before the day of departure as there are many cases where the tickets are not available).

There was a stand for rental bicycles in front of the hotel.

In Perth, there is a free bus called CAT bus which goes around the city. There are four routes, red, blue, yellow and green, but the nearest to the Duxton Hotel was the red line bus stop. A cat illustration is a landmark just as CAT illustrates. It is a 3 minute walk to the red line bus stop which goes to the city from the hotel. It takes only about 10 minutes to walk from the hotel to the city, but the bus runs every 10 minutes, so I got on the bus as it passed by.

It was convenient because waiting time till the next bus was displayed. Because the last bus of CAT bus leaves before 19 o'clock, it was a shame that I could not use it for the night outings.

Duxton Hotel Perth Access

From Perth airport to Perth city, it is about 30 minutes by taxi, which is close in distance. There is an airport bus that connects the five places in the city from the airport, but even if I take a taxi it is around 35 $ to the hotel so I thought that it would be more comfortable to take a taxi.

A taxi is always on standby in front of the hotel.

Duxton Hotel Perth Staff

All the staff are kind and they will talk to us as soon as they realize we are in trouble. When I checked in, he told me what I wanted to do in Perth and he even tried to arrange an optional tour. Unfortunately since I was preparing for my own arrangements I did not ask for help. However I thought that you wouldn’t be in a trouble even if you come here without any plan.

Duxton Hotel Perth customer base

I think that domestic and foreign tourists are the main customers. Of all, Westerners were the majority. Also, it seems a lot of businessmen in Australia stayed at this hotel. A crew of a certain airline came to stay and that makes me feel that this is a reliable luxury hotel in Perth.

Duxton Hotel Perth Summary

I had a pleasant stay at the best hotel in Perth which has a wonderful location:walking distance to the center of the city and nature is just on the other side. Although it is not particularly satisfactory, I wanted to stay in a room with a good view if I could. The room where I stayed was on the 5th floor and the building was facing the next building, so I could not see anything in particular. Those who place importance on the view from the room, it seems better to check with the hotel upon reservation. You can expect a river view if it is room facing Swan river. I think that you can surely see the wonderful landscape.

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