Embassy Suites by Hilton Waikiki Beach Walk

  • Room Type : Aloha Tower City View Queen Bed Room
  • Stay Nights : 4 nights
  • Stay Num : 3 people

I chose "Embassy Suites by Hilton Waikiki Beach Walk" because We tripped with a baby and this hotel looked like convenient to use. The room was equipped with a kitchen, so we were able to warm up baby food and also we can warm up take-out foods. The bedroom is in a separate with a living room, I thought that the good point. The jacuzzi was installed in the side of the swimming pool. In addition, it was interested as there seemed to be a reception where alcohol was able to be enjoyed on the poolside free of charge in the evening. Because breakfast is also attached, I thought that it is good to spend slowly in the hotel without eating out every morning.

How is the hotel's exterior, entrance and reception?

The hotel is located next to the Waikiki Beach Walk and the hotel's tower is big and I did not know how far the end of the hotel was.

The entrance had plenty of tropical-like well-grown plants. Also, under the sign of the front entrance, there was a water fountain, which was a space to heal green and water.

There was a big sign when entering the entrance.

The entrance was cleaned and there was a feeling of cleanliness.

State of the lobby.

The front desk.

There is two staff at the front desk at all times, we were able to talk to each other without hesitation so much and we were able to tell you a variety of things.

There were a sofa, a chair and a table in front of the front desk.

First Floor Elevator Hall.

There were red chairs in the elevator hall.

Inside the elevator.

Elevator Inner, floor button panel.

The room floor elevator hall. Ice machine was prepared at each floor, just after getting off the elevator. It was convenient to have ice pails in each room and use it.

The room floor corridor

A view of the hallway near the entrance of the room.

City View Queen Bedroom Room in Aloha Tower

The room entrance door.

When entering the room, there was a kitchenette on the right side.

When you pass the kitchenette you have a living room.

It is not a new guest room, but cleaning was perfect and was clean. There was enough room to stay with three families, and there was no cramped feeling at all. However, since there is no lighting that illuminates the entire room since it is all indirect lighting, I felt somewhat dim.

Because the bedroom is in a separate room, after sleeping the child, I could watch and talk with the TV without any hesitation, and adults were able to spend a relaxing time, so I thought it was very good for children.

There was a window on the back of the sofa.

View from the window.

The guest room had a veranda and was able to go both from the living room and bedroom.

Although I reserved a room with a reasonable city view, I was glad that I could see the hotel's pool and beach a bit from the living room. There were four chairs and two tables in the veranda and it was good to cool down my feelings with drinking a little outside. The view was in the city view, it looked like the restaurant of the next hotel was eating, but it was not awkward because the eyes did not match. It was very beautiful because the night view of the city view can be seen.

There is a bedroom on the right of the living room.

The bed was not too soft, not too hard, just right. The coverlet was not too thin, it was not cold. Also, They put on a bed guard for my baby.

There were a dresser and a chair, a TV, and a closet on the other side of the bed.

The dresser.

The Bathroom

The bathroom itself was spacious, not narrow, even with bathtub, toilet, and washbasin.

There was a bathtub on the left side entering the bathroom.

Because the bathtub was also big, it was easy to put the child in the bath.

The shower was able to hand hold so it was easy to use. However, because the water pressure was not very strong, I felt unsatisfactory.

a toilet.

The washbasin was spacious and there was plenty of space to put cosmetics and family members washbasins goods.

There were a hair dryer and extra toilet paper under the sink.

Glass and soap were also placed on the sink.

Amenities were shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, bath soap, hand soap was prepared for the number of adults. Bath soap, body lotion, hand soap are not particularly good, but the comfort was not bad. However, when I used Amenities shampoo and conditioner, my hair was pulsed, so I used something I brought from the second day. Shower cap, razor, body towel etc were not put. It did cleaning every day, but there was no amenities replenishment.

There was also a hairdryer. However, the outlet of the bathroom did not fit and it was impossible to use, and it was necessary to dry it in the bedroom and the living room.

The Closet and Safety Box

There was a closet at the window side in the bedroom.

There was an iron, ironing board, slipper, luggage stand, extra coverlet, and hanger in the closet. It was a blessing that it was possible to adjust the temperature because there was a spare duvet. There were many hangers, I could hang them all the clothes I brought and clothes that I do not want to become wrinkles.

Safety box was a type that decided four digits of your choice and entered, locked, unlocked. It was a solid build, so I could use it with confidence.

The kitchen in the room

There was a kitchenette on the right side just entering the room.

A microwave oven and a refrigerator were also installed.

The refrigerator was small in size.

There was nothing inside, there was no mini bar.

There was a cafe corner on the kitchen table. In addition to a coffee maker, electric kettle, paper cup, green tea, and black tea, sugar, milk, and muddler were also equipped at the cafe corner. However, the electric kettle was somewhat old, so dirt was conspicuous, so I used it after washing since there was resistance when I first used it.

Restaurant and shop in the hotel

Guests were able to receive a buffet-style breakfast for free.

The menu changes little by little every day, but since there is no major change, I got tired of using it consecutively for a while.

There were also warm dishes.

There were salads, fruits, and yogurt.

There was a corner where chefs made omelets in front of us, picking whatever ingredients you like, and it was always a queue. The taste was delicious and I enjoyed changing the ingredients every day.

There is a machine to make miso soup.

A view of the breakfast buffet venue

There was alcohol reception on the poolside from 17:30 to 19:30 every day.

Drinks such as beer, wine, cocktails, and soft drinks are available free at the reception.

Snacks and mix snacks were also available, and these were also available for free.

Facilities in the hotel

It is not very wide, but there was an outdoor pool large enough to enjoy with children. Although it was able to use floating wheels, it was a blessing for children, but there was no compressor to inflate the floating rings. Towels can be borrowed on the poolside if you write your name on the roster.

There was also a jacuzzi next to the pool, so it was very convenient when the water in the pool was cold or at the end when you want to warm your body. There was a chair with umbrellas, a table set, but it was popular with almost no vacancies. We were able to use the seat without a parasol.

We can use the pool until 21 o'clock in the evening, so many family members, couples and friends were using it until late, including children. Especially at night, there was wind and the water temperature lowered, so I was having fun while warming up gathering in the jacuzzi rather than playing in the pool. Because the jacuzzi is not wide, I felt a little more narrow if there were many people. In the evening the poolside was lighting up and it was a little adult atmosphere. We could see the beach a little from the pool and we could see the beautifully colored ocean during the sunset time zone.

There was a fitness center.

The fitness center seems to be available whenever you like.

There were various machines.

The Hotel surroundings environment

The hotel has a commercial facility called Waikiki Beach Walk, I was concerned about the noise of the night, but there was no noise and be able to spend comfortably. Also, there are convenience stores and restaurants where everything from eating and drinking establishments, daily necessities to foods are available, so there was nothing to worry about shopping. The Japanese restaurant and cheeseburger shop in the beach walk can also take out, so it was convenient when you wanted to eat slowly in the room. Because there are many hotels over the middle class in the surroundings, the quality of tourists is not bad, we could go shopping at night with confidence.

Waikiki Beach Walk

Staff & Customers

The front staff kindly gave us a generic explanation such as check-in and introduction of the store kindly. Staff other than the front desk will greet you with a smile. The inconvenience is that the hairdryer was unable to use it at the exit of the bathroom.

Access to the hotel from airport

We arrived at the hotel in 20 – 30 minutes by taxi. In the surroundings, Starbucks, general cafe, ice cream shop, Waikiki Beach Walk which is attached to the hotel has steak shop, Japanese style restaurant, cheeseburger shop etc. There was no trouble with eating out. Also, as soon as I left the hotel there was an ABC store so I got daily necessities and souvenirs. There was no noise at night, and public order was not bad.

A few daily necessities, beverages, etc were very convenient because ABC store and nearby convenience store are within 3 minutes on foot. It was possible to go to the beach in about 5 minutes, and access to the sea was also good. Also, it was about 7 minutes on foot to the place where trolley stops gathered, so it was saved when I wanted to go a bit far.

Summary of Embassy Suites by Hilton Waikiki Beach Walk

I am satisfied with the whole and I think that I was happy to stay. Because we want to trip with a baby, we wanted to stay at a condo or hotel and we stayed at this hotel which combined two good points, but it was very convenient. Because it has a kitchenette, I was able to warm up children’s baby food and warm up take-out items, and because breakfast was attached, I cooked everything like a condominium and did not have to eat out. All the staff was kind, they introduced the hospitals and pharmacies when my children were in trouble, and I was pleased that they cared for me every day carefully. The only disappointing point was that the breakfast level was lower than I thought. Although I stayed for 4 days, the menu changed little by little every day, but the overall seasoning did not change, I got bored from the middle of consecutive nights. I do not expect much for breakfast, I think that it is better to consider it to the extent that it satisfies a little stomach.

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