Fiesta Resort Guam

  • Room Type : Ocean Front Room
  • Stay Nights : 3 nights
  • Stay Num : 4 people

I chose "Fiesta Resort Guam" because it is easy to go to the beach and easy to go downtown. The primary purpose of this trip to Guam was to enjoy snorkeling in the ocean, so I was looking for a hotel close to the beach. This hotel is relatively close to Ipao Beach which is popular as a snorkeling spot and liked the location not far from the downtown where DFS etc. are located. There were several other hotels near Ipao beach, but this hotel was a minute walk from the lobby without steps and the point where the beach spreads in front is very attractive, this time we decided on this hotel.

How is the hotel's exterior, entrance and reception?

There was a parking lot in front of the hotel.

Hotel exterior


The sign of the hotel beside the entrance

State of the lobby

There was a feeling of darkness overall, such as entrance and lobby, but there was a very wide openness feeling.

The view of the pool and the beach in front of the eyes seen from the lobby was very nice. I could relax in the lobby while watching the outside scenery. The darkness of the lobby is also just beginning, and I gradually became oblivious. There were lots of doors leading to the outside, and it was okay to have a safe even if you wear a swimsuit.

Look Pool from the lobby.

In front of the reception desk

The staff at the front desk was very friendly and the Japanese staff was outside the last day but there was not much trouble.

Front Floor Elevator Hall

Inside the elevator

Elevator Inner floor button panel

Room floor Elevator hall

In the guest room floor elevator hall, a one-seat sofa and a table have been placed.

Room floor corridor

The ocean front room

Room entrance door

There was a closet on the left side just after entering the entrance door and there was a bathroom on the right side.

Guest room did not have gorgeous feeling like a luxury hotel, but cleaning was perfect and did not feel old age. Furniture and bed of simple design, usability was also good. Extra bed requested in advance was properly included. Even though there were three beds, I did not feel narrow.

The bed was not too soft or too hard, and it was comfortable for me.

Extra beds where the children go to bed were set up at the window. Extra bed was somewhat soft, but seemed to be just right for kids.

There was a TV set opposite the bed. There was a cafe corner and a safety box on the storage shelf under the television.

There was a table and two chairs on the side of the TV and the window.

A view of the room seen from the window side

There was a veranda in the guest room.

It was not that wide, but there were two small tables and two chairs. When it was sunny, I could relax while watching the beach.

It was a 4th-floor oceanfront so it was nice to see the sea. However, if it was a floor below the 4th floor, I thought that the dirty part of the roof of the lobby on the first floor would come into most of the sight, I thought that it was good on the 4th floor.

If you peek under, you will see the dirty roof from the upper floor etc, but if you do not see the bottom, the view of the beach spreading in front of you is really nice and I took it on the pictures a number of times It was.

In the evening, I could see the night view of the hotel street in Tumon.

The light-up of the palm tree in the garden of the hotel is also nice, and in the evening I enjoyed the view while drinking at the balcony.


There was a bathtub in the bathroom. I entered the bathroom, there was a bathtub on the right side, a toilet at the front, a sink wash on the left side. The bathroom felt somewhat old, but the cleaning was perfect and it was beautiful. The shower curtain was also doubled, and since we parted from the curtain to put in the bathtub side and the curtain to go out to the outside, there was not much such that hot water almost flowed to the toilet side. Also, there was a soap put in the dent in the bathtub wall, and it was good that new shampoo and soap were prepared beforehand.

I was able to adjust the strength of the water pressure of the shower, so I was able to put out the hot water with about the same strength as I was in Japan. The temperature was just right.


The sink was spacious and easy to use.

Towels were prepared next to the sink.

Amenities were shampoo, rinse, lotion, soap, toothpaste set, cotton swab, cotton, and shower cap. Everyone had a number of people, but because I was able to wash the whole family with one shampoo, I did not use it much. The fragrance was also good and easy to use. I did not use it because it did not understand clearly what kind of purpose the thing written as lotion was used. Even those with a cotton swab and cotton set in it were also included in the box, and the appearance was also beautiful.

There was also a hairdryer.

Closet and Safety Box

There were several hangers in the closet, which were not large but were large enough. I think that it will be more convenient if you bring some small pinch beside the hanger. In the closet, slippers were also prepared for the number of people.

The safety box was in the storage shelf under the TV.

It was a safe type of opening and closing with 4 digit number, but it was able to be used without problems.

Safety box inside

Mini bar / cafe in the room

The cafe corner was also in the storage shelf under the TV as well as the safety box. To the cafe corner, in addition to the electric kettle, ice pale, and instant coffee was placed for the number of people. There was only the first day when water of a plastic bottle of about 300 ml was checked in. I wanted to drink tea or tea bags of green tea etc, but this time we did not have anything except water.

A refrigerator was also installed.

There was nothing in the refrigerator, there was no mini bar.

Restaurant and shop in the hotel

There is "World Cafe" on the first floor of the hotel, and I had breakfast every morning here. Here seemed to be lunch and dinner in a buffet style too.

The restaurant was large, and we were able to choose your favorite seats freely by telling the number of people and the room number.

The window seats where you can see the pool and the beach are recommended.

There were seats like semi-private rooms.

There was also a terrace seat.

Inside the "World Cafe" store

There are not many kinds of dishes, but it is good that there are many vegetables.

Bacon, hamburgers, and wiener were not very tasty.

There were many kinds of bread, too, but there were many sweet things.

Various kinds were arranged in the day, the tortilla which eats the vegetables and the salsa that came out on the second day is delicious.

Every day, miso soup was prepared, it was a nice menu for us of the Japanese. Apart from ingredients, there were tofu and seaweed in the dish, and it was supposed to have the desired amount in miso soup. There was also Chinese porridge.

There was a teppanyaki restaurant "Samurai" near the hotel entrance.

We do not use it, but it seems to cook US Kobe beef and lobster in front of you.

There was also "Haagen Dazs Cafe" near the entrance on the first floor.

There were lots of drinks, and there were cookies, cakes, and fruits. In the afternoon, many young people gathered.

There were convenience stores where you can buy souvenirs, drinks, and snacks. The entrance was outside the hotel entrance, but it's located at the roundabout so you can go buy it without getting wet with rain. It was convenient to buy cheaply, such as water.

Facilities in the hotel

The hotel has 2 outdoor pools, North pool, and South pool, both of which were free to use from morning till evening during my stay. "Fiesta Resort Guam" is for people enjoying activities in the ocean, where the beach is in front of, and there is no slider or slide in the pool, so many people using the pool There was not.

In the North Pool, there was a space of a depth where a small child could reach his feet.

North pool is open till 7:00 pm. Because the sea is in front of us and there is nothing to shield, I think whether the sunset can be seen perfectly.

The South pool was for adults and was able to do beach volleyball and basketball.

The south swimming pool is open until 9 o'clock. Since both the garden and the pool are lighted up, you can enjoy the pool until late in the wonderful atmosphere. On the poolside, there is a bar called "Cho Cho's", which is open until 10 o'clock, so you can enter the pool while enjoying drinks and snacks.

Towels and life jackets can be borrowed for free at the poolside and it is convenient to use the beach chair freely.

There was a fitness room in the hall.

It is a fitness room dedicated to the guests and seems to be available from 5: 00-23: 00.

There was a room like a visitor center in the lobby, which made it possible to reserve optional tours and car rental.

ATM and public phones were also set up in the hotel. There was a coin-operated laundrette on the second floor, and it was truly saved during my stay. Indeed, there were three washing machines, two dryers, and there were vending machines that could buy exchange machines and detergents. It was 2 dollars and 25 cents, once.

The beach in front of the hotel

Continue to the beach, the hotel garden is a very nice contrast with lawn and palm tree green and pale blue sea. The lawn was carefully maintained, there was not garbage and it was a luxurious space that I want to spend the whole day leisurely.

The beach in front of the hotel is a 1-minute walk from the lobby, really in front of you, so you can come and go swimming from the room as swimwear and it was really helpful to us with children. Towels can also be rented on the poolside if you bring cards, so I was able to go to the beach by hand.

Since the transparency of the sea is also high and it is shallow, even small children could enjoy the sea with confidence. Especially snorkel is recommended, and few people compared with Tumon Beach, so much colorful fish were seen.

A snorkel set was borrowed for $ 2 for 2 hours at a marine shop on the beach and we got baits that we entered in a plastic bottle together.

Hotel surroundings environment

The environment around the hotel was quiet as compared to Tamon’s downtown area and I was able to spend a relaxing time. That’s why there was no inconvenience, and the shuttle bus stop was close by as well. There was a lunchbox shop called “Convenience Osaka” in Japanese management and “Bento Chef” nearby. The phone in advance and order a lunch box to take-out and eat it in the balcony of the hotel room, it was really good. It was attractive to have an environment where you can easily buy favorite taste easily.

Tarza Waterpark

About 120 shops gather in Guam's largest shopping mall "Micronesia Mall"

Lover Cape

View from Lovers Point

Staff and Customers

Every one of the hotel staff was friendly. You can rent a towel if you present a card at the poolside, but also lent me a pleasant time when I forgot the card in my room. In the restaurant where breakfast was taken, there was a seat like a private room on the window, there seems to be a rule that gives priority to the group of only adults, but even for children with us like us I was refused, but I was happy to show you around during the vacant hours. Because there were few Japanese staff, I could not communicate with Japanese. I was fortunate to be able to speak English, so there was no problem but I thought there were times when I was in trouble if I could not speak English at all. On the last day, one women’s Japanese staff came in, but it seems that they were not those who came every day.

As an impression, I think that more than 90% of Japanese and Korean guests were. I think that there were more Koreans. When I got out to the beach, I saw some people in the west, but they might have been walking from other places. I did not see much in the hotel.


We were asking for pickup service from the airport so we dropped in at other hotels. If it is a taxi, I think that it is located in less than 10 minutes from the distance. The surroundings are quiet, but there are lots of convenience stores and restaurants, and the popular K Mart is also about 20 minutes on foot and it was very convenient.

Access to downtown where there is DFS is not inconvenient because there is a shuttle bus stop near, but because the bus does not come in front of the entrance when it is raining a little hard did. Still, the bus stop is a few minutes walking distance. Also, there was Nihon car hire in the place about 3 minutes walking on the other side of the street, it was conveniently near. The Japanese staff really taught us how to get to the destination carefully.

Fiesta Resort Guam Summary

The purpose of this trip to Guam was to snorkel in the ocean and to have a relaxing time, so it was a great answer in that sense as well. First of all, the beach was right in front of the hotel lobby, it was easy for us to have a swimsuit in the bathing suit, it was easy for us of our children, bulky towels and life jackets can be borrowed for free, It was very helpful. Although it is a bit far from the downtown, we could go from the bus stop along the street in less than 10 minutes by shuttle bus and there was a rental office obliquely in front of the hotel. The hotel itself is not a luxury hotel, so the luxurious feeling is lacking, but the interior is a clean and simple design, so the oldness was not very much felt comfortable. Breakfast was not very delicious, but if you miss the taste of Japan, delicious Japanese lunchboxes and Japanese-owned convenience stores are also available. It was an exactly good hotel for location, price, scale, everything. And the best reason why I would like to stay at “Fiesta Resort Guam” when I go to Guam is the beauty of the garden next to the beach in front of the hotel. You will be healed by the scenery that you do not get tired of watching for hours. I also would like to visit there soon.

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