Fullerton Marriott at California State University

  • Room Type : 1 Bedroom 2 Room Suite, 1 King, City View
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 2 people

I chose "Fullerton Marriott at California State University" because for some business reasons. This hotel is located in the university and close to the student baseball game venue.

Let's check the exterior, the entrance and reception

Hotel sign

Hotel exterrior

It was a small entrance even the building is large.

The entrance is double door.

Entering the building, the lights hanged from the ceiling felt gorgeous.

A view of the lobby from the second floor

There were tables and chairs at the lobby.

The lobby was bright with sunshine from outside.

Objects placed in the middle of the lobby

Front desk

Complimentary fruit at the front desk.

Welcome drinks were also prepared beside the elevator.

Front floor elevator hall

Inside the elevator

Floor button panel

Room floor elevator hall

Guest room floor corridor

One Bedroom Two Room Suite 1 King Room with City View

Guest room door

There was a closet on the right and bathroom on the left.

I can see the bedroom is in front and the large living room in the back. We thought we would be assigned a good suite room! The interior unified in brown color made it luxury.

The bed was spacious and I felt it was larger than normal bed. The mattress was neither hard nor too soft, it just felt comfortable. The sleeping comfort is the best! The sheets were also white and clean. I was concerned about the noise from outside because the place is near from the exit of the highway. But I got a good sleep without noise.

An alarm clock and electric outlet were beside the bed.

There was a TV opposite the bed.

The large and fashionable picture decorated in the bedroom.

Living room is in the back of the bedroom.

The living room was so spacious anyway.

It is enough big to call everyone for having a party.

There is a spacious sofa set.

A TV on the wall.

There was also a desk and a chair in the living room.

Event information of the hotel.

I thought that the roll-up curtain is cool.

The view from the room was only shopping mall and highway.  As when I checked in at 10 pm was already dark, but it might be able to see the fireworks from Disneyland in Anaheim from my room because I saw it from the highway on the way to the hotel.


The bathroom is universal design as there were a handrail and chair. I felt the space is bigger than general bathroom.

The water pressure of the shower is perfect and drainage has no problem. However, due to barrier-free design, there was no partition between shower space and toilet space. It allowed some water jump out of the shower curtain. We needed to be careful for slipping.


Vanity top

The amenities were THANN brand which is the same at other Marriott hotel. In addition to that, a cleansing sheet is provided and it was good quality than I expected. I also like Marriott original liquid hand soap as I prefer the liquid rather than solid soap.

Hair dryer.

Closet and safety box

There was a closet on the right side of the room.

Iron, ironing board, baggage rack and bathrobes were inside. I am 160 cm tall, but the hanger pole too high to reach for me.

There was a storage shelf under the TV in the bedroom.

Mini bar cafe

There was a counter in the living room and cafe corner on it. It has a sink at the counter.

A coffee maker, a de-cafe, regular coffee and tea were set in the stylish box. The taste is quite normal.

A refrigerator was in the shelf under the counter.

There was nothing in the fridge and there was no mini bar.

Room service menu

Restaurant and shop in the hotel

As checked in at late night, we were so tired to go out.  So we had supper at the bar on the first floor as we got $10 voucher upon checking in.

We ordered a few drinks and some snacks and it was pretty good. Because of the baseball game, the parents of the students were also staying at same hotel, and there were many people who were eating with children. The hamburger which one of the family were eating looked nice.

There was a restaurant "spadra33" in front of the bar.

Breakfast is buffet style. It seems to be available for lunch and dinner.

Table seat.

There was a snack corner at the hotel. They sold soda drinks, snacks, small items like eye drops and nail clippers, salads, sandwiches and ice cream. It might be quite useful that microwave is there. The room doesn't have it and some snacks sold there could be warmed there. The sandwiches which is from the bar looked delicious and the price was reasonable.

Facilities in the hotel

The pool was large and surrounded by greenery. It is nice that there are some poolside chairs.

There were some wine glasses left at pool side. The guest seemed to enjoy it at night with good mood and lighted up pool.

There is also a Jacuzzi.

This is fitness center. It is 24 hours available.

They have some convention room where can be held the events.

Meeting room. It seems good for business meeting.

They have some facilities for weddings.

There is also BBQ pit in the courtyard and you can enjoy drinks and snacks at the table around that.

There was a lot of green around the poolside and the garden was lovely. It seems to be well maintained. There was a place like a cobblestone and looked like Japanese garden. We saw lots of green even at the car parking and smoking area, I thought it is really greenery hotel.

There was one PC and an ATM near the front desk.

Environment around the hotel

The environment around the hotel is really calm. It’s not a bad area as it is in college area, but it’s not like a busy downtown. It would be so quiet usually after getting dark.

California State University

Staff & customer base

The man at the check in was very good in hospitality. As we might be looked tired when checking in, he offered us to have a meal at the bar and gave us $10 voucher!  Yes, it is only $10 for two but we were so happy for his consideration.  Also, we were wondering about the fruit at the front desk and asked him, he said we can take as much as we want.

We saw some Asian guests, I guess the staff are used to the guest who are not good at English. .

Because it is next to the university, I saw a lot of kids and parents who seem to be players. And we saw some solo guest seemed to stay here for business. Although it was close to Anaheim, it wasn't convenient place for tourist. All the guests seemed to stay here on the way their driving trip.


From the airport, you can reach there by car.  The hotel was located near the interchange of the highway and convenient to go to shopping and Disneyland.

California State University


It was first time to see this kind of room like being bedroom first and huge living room behind.  I prefer to carpeted room usually, but we enjoyed flooring type room as it felt clean.

We checked in late at night and checked out at noon. Although it was stay for only sleeping, we could enjoy the time at bar and communication with the other guest.

On the next day, it was fun to walk around the beautiful garden and the pool.

Totally, it was nice experience for me to stay at new place. And it is good point that the parking is free for staying guest. Generally, it charged $30 to $50 in San Diego or Los Angels.