Gloucester Look Cock Hong Kong

  • Room Type : superior room
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 1 person

"Gloucester Luk Kwok Hong Kong" is located in the centre of business area on ​​Hong Kong Island. It is only a 5-minute walk from MTR Wan Chai station. The 29-story stylish hotel has 3 restaurants and bars, a fitness gym. It is ideal for both business and leisure.

What does the hotel look like? Check out the entrance and the reception!

The hotel is a stylish 29th floor hotel.

The building is western style and looks luxurious.

The entrance is in two places. One is facing Gloucester Road and you can draw your car alongside.

There were 3 staff members at the reception. The reception counter was wide.

There is a lounge and some sofas in the lobby.

What is the Superior Room like?

My room was a Superior Room which is the most compact room.

There is a double size bed, 2 chairs and a table in the room.

A work desk, a wall-mounted TV and a luggage rack

The size of the room is 22 m².

Clean bathroom

There is a sink, a toilet and a bathtub (including a shower head) in the bathroom. It was very clean and modern.

There is a round shape sink above the counter. It's a simple design.

A bathtub with a shower


There was shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body lotion, toothbrush sets, a comb, a razor and a shower cap by the sink.

Coffee station

There is  a comprehensive coffee station.

An electric kettle, tea and coffee making facilities, glasses and small bottles of alcohols are prepared.

Inside the fridge

Closet & Safety Box

There is a closet beside the entrance door. There were several hangers, bathrobes and slippers inside.

A safety box

The view from the room

I was able to see a city view from the room. There are lots of high-rise buildings around the hotel.

It was not a great view as the buildings in front prevented me from seeing the rest of the city.


The hotel has 2 restaurants and 1 bar lounge.

"LE MENU" is a buffet style restaurant where you can eat European and local dishes.

I had breakfast buffet this time.

Bread and hot dishes were lined up and there were rice and noodles, too.

All food was great. You will be stuffed. It is open for lunch and dinner, too.

"CANTON ROOM" is an authentic Cantonese restaurant.

"LOBBY LOUNGE" is next to the reception. You can enjoy alcohol and soft drinks.

A fitness gym

There is also an event venue, a conference room and a business centre in the hotel.

You can work out at the fitness gym. There are several types of machines there.


This hotel is a 35-minute drive from Hong Kong International Airport, a 5-minute walk to MTR Wan Chai station and a 15-minute walk to Wan Chai Ferry Terminal.

The hotel is facing Gloucester Road which has lots of traffic, and there is a pedestrian overpass to cross Gloucester Road in front of the hotel. It is very convenient because a Starbucks and a convenience store are nearby.

Staff & Customers

The staff members were kind and friendly, and very helpful. There seems to be lots of guests from Asia, and businessmen, couples and friends.


It seemed that lots of businessmen were staying at this hotel because it’s located in the centre of the business district. It is not a quiet place because it is facing the main street, but it is safe as there are many people around the hotel. You can enjoy Hong Kong gourmet and shopping as it is in a convenient location. The superior Room was not big, but you won’t feel inconvenience as the layout of the room is easy to use. You can use this hotel for both business and leisure.

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