Good Hotel London

  • Room Type : Twin room
  • Stay Nights : 2 nights
  • Stay Num : 2 people

I chose "Good Hotel London" because of reasonable access to London City Airport and good location and word of mouth rating. I was looking for a convenient place to head to London City Airport the next day I stayed. It was an area that was maintained at the time of the London Olympics, and I was interested. It was a little away from the center of London, and it was a calm place. The train station (Royal Victoria) on the route (DLR) was convenient as well. It was also convenient for sightseeing in Greenwich in front of the cableway station connecting the River Thames. The hotel itself was also very new, and the reputation of the word was also good, so I decided on it.

What is the exterior of the hotel? Let's check entrance and reception

The appearance of the new hotel was very stylish.

There is a big sign in front of the hotel, and it is easy to find.


The lobby was also modern and stylish.

The front desk, lounge, and restaurant were all open floor with no wall partitions, and the cleaning was also perfect, so it felt good. This hotel seems to be a social business organization that trains the long-term unemployed local people and uses all of the profits to educate disadvantaged children, but the staff's education is also thorough, I was able to check in and check out pleasantly.

Room Floor Elevator Hall

There was also a window at the end of the hallway of the guest room.

View from the corridor

Room floor corridor

The twin room

Room entrance door

There was an air conditioning adjustment panel and a light switch on the right side wall surface when entering the room.

The bathroom entered the entrance, and it was on the right side.

At the moment I entered the room I was a little surprised by the narrow room. However, it was a beautiful and functional room.

Immediately after entering the room, storage shelves and desks/chairs install on the left side.

On the desk, there was a paper on which passwords and hotel guides, etc. for using WiFi.

The bed linen was clean, and the hardness of the pillow and mattress was exactly right for me.

There was a small round chair at the foot of the bed.

The hotel built along the road, but there were not many cars on the street. So in London, there was no noise despite the front of the Ropeway station. However, the wall was thin, and I could hear the talk of the next room better. I wanted to stay in a place where the view of the Thames river can see next time.


The bathroom is narrow anyway, and I can not deny that there was a feeling of pressure. However, it clean and beautiful. So there was no stress on dirt. There is a sensor in the toilet, it is a type of water flowing when you touch that button, but a little knack was necessary to understand it.

The washstand was equipped with hand soap.

There was no bathtub, and it has a shower room. I did not feel that the water pressure was weak. The shower room and the door of the bathroom are shared.

In the shower room, there was a built-in body & hair shampoo.

Closet and Safety Box

There was no closet in the room, there were five hooks on the left wall immediately after entering the entrance, and a hanger in there.

The safety box was in the storage shelf next to it. It was of the type that sets the PIN.

Mini bar or cafe in the room

The cafe corner was on the same shelf as the safety box. Electric kettles, mugs, liquid milk, tea bags, instant coffee, sugar, etc. prepare at the cafe corner. There was no mini bar.

Restaurants in the hotel

On the front desk's floor, there was "The Living Room" open all day.

It was a place where the lounge and restaurant were together.

We had snacks at 'The Living Room.'

It was comfortable with a modern and sophisticated atmosphere with the reception desk. It seems that there were many uses of young people.

There was a bar in a restaurant, too.

There was a cafe & bar on the roof.

It is a hotel on the waterfront, so it was a comfortable space if the weather is beautiful.

Hotel surroundings environment

There was a mini supermarket in front of the hotel, and it was convenient. Because it is not downtown, it was quiet at night. I found many condominiums, and it was a mixed atmosphere of sightseeing spots and settlements. The town itself was made to suit the Olympic Games, so it was a new and clean cityscape. Breakfast can eat in the hotel. But there is a cafe which is not a chain store in front of the hotel, where we ate breakfast. Because it is calmer than the center of London, I think that it is a recommended place for those who want to relax.

Staff & Customers

This hotel seems to be a social business organization that trains the long-term unemployed local people and uses all of the profits to educate disadvantaged children, but the staff’s education is also thorough, I was able to check in and check out pleasantly. The cafe staff was bright with a smile. Because it is a casual atmosphere as a whole, many people were friendly and friendly.

I thought whether the young couple is the primary customer. The rooms are small, and the lounge is spacious, but it is a new concept hotel. So I think that it is unsuitable for those who like tradition and history. The price was low for London city, so it was a lot of young businessmen and travelers.


Access from London City Airport was excellent. Because I will arrive in the center of London as much as 30 to 40 minutes, I think that it is not too bad for sightseeing. It was very convenient as we could go to Greenwich by a single ropeway in front of the hotel. The station of the unmanned train “Dockland Light Railway (DLR)” (Royal Victoria) is also about 5 minutes on foot.
But, I think that use from Heathrow Airport is far away.

Summary of Good Hotel London

Although staying at this hotel overall was excellent, but I concerned well that the room was too narrow and the sound of the next room was not good, I thought that it was difficult to stay again. Earplugs might be essential. We stayed with two people, but if we are not very good friends, we do not recommend privacy because it is too little. I thought that it was good if the bathroom was a little bigger. Pictures decorated in the room and the corridor, and the atmosphere was fashionable overall, and I stimulate with the right meaning. I think that it is a satisfying hotel if it is only used to enter the room and go to bed late at night. I came back from the London City airport, but the plane was in the evening, so I left my baggage at the hotel, got on the ropeway and went to Greenwich. It is a convenient place to sightsee the east side of London. The Tower of London was also close.