Goodwood Park Hotel

  • Room Type : Deluxe Mayfair Room
  • Stay Nights : 3 nights
  • Stay Num : 2 people

I chose "Goodwood Park Hotel" because I wanted to forget daily life and treat myself as staying such a luxury hotel. The calm atmosphere and a lot of green at the poolside helped my decision. Besides, I thought that I do not mind the bustle since it is located in a place slightly in from the main street. Personally, I also liked the color of interior design that does not show flashy. And there are restaurant and bar which has live performance of piano, so I thought that I could spend relaxing time. 【Official website】 Goodwood Park Hotel has also posted here! Absolutely not to fail 【Singapore Hotel Choice】 Recommended Hotels Top Ranked!

How is the exterior of the hotel? Check entrance and reception

Even we still had time until checking-in, we went to the hotel directory from the airport as we were carrying luggage.  It was easier to find out the building which has triangular roof since we checked it out from their website.

There is a staircase with a red carpet at the entrance of the building. I thought that there was a reception desk at first room but there is not and the passage still leads to inside. It's unexpected!

Passage to front desk

We will pass through the aisles in the dining space.

In the end of the aisles we can see the reception desk.

The lobby space is relaxing and calm with some sofas in front of the reception.

Spacious lobby

The main entrance exterior

Elevator exterior

Room floor corridor

The corridor near room door

The Deluxe Mayfair Room

The room door

The room door from inside

It looks well-maintained and cleaned even it is kind of old buildings. I think that it is more suitable for those who like a calm and relaxing atmosphere than who like modern and cutting edge design.

There were a table and a pair of chairs beside the bed.

Dressers and chairs are opposite side of the bed.  

The cabinet which to stow a safety box, cafe equipment, a refrigerator and minibar in next to dresser. And there are a desk and chair. TV is on the wall.

TV channel list

Things on the desk

The hotel provides complimentary rental mobile. It allow us to call Japan for free. We can search on internet with this devices at anytime walking along the town without looking for free WiFi spot.

The looks of bed from the window side

The room telephone and an alarm clock on the bedside table.  Lightning switch panel, electric outlet and two lamp on the wall.

Alarm clock

Electric outlet

The bed was large enough to sleep comfortably. Pillows are soft.

View of the balcony from inside the room

There was a simple chair and table at the balcony.

Our room has garden view. We usually closed the inner curtain because sometimes the hotel staff pass by outside of our room. Also we could see a part of other hotel's pool. I felt that we were in a tropical country since we could hear a song of the birds often.  Next time I'd like to try pool view room.


I chose a room with bathtub. Bathtub is a bit shallow compared to Japanese one but enough to stretch my legs. Since the floor material is stone, we did not care much even the floor got wet by shower.

It was comfortable since they came to change the towels frequently.

Shower head is not fixed type, height adjustment, removal is possible. Temperature control and hydraulic pressure were comfortable to use without problems.

Washbasin and mirror

Washbasin in the front and bathtub on the right side.

There was a toilet on the left side.

There was also a scale in the lavatory space.

Amenity included shampoo, rinse, body soap, shower cap and soap.  I tried the shampoo once but I felt it remove necessary oil from my hair, I used my brought one. Toothbrush sets are also provided which I did not expect at overseas hotels. The toothbrush head is rather large. Toothpaste is an ordinary white one. There was also a sewing set with threads and buttons but without scissors, so I think we should borrow it from the front desk in case I use this set.

A hair dryer is in the dresser's drawer.

Closet and Safety Deposit Box

Closet door

There were lots of hangers inside, and there was also iron and ironing board.

There was a safety box using 4 digit PIN.

I think that it is better to use the safety box so that you don't have to worry about that cleaner comes into the room while we were out.

Mini bar / cafe

Cafe equipment

There were a kettle and 2 tea sets. TWG tea bags are English breakfast, Earl Gray and Sencha.

There were two different size of glasses and a bottle opener in the lower shelf.

Some snacks are also available at mini bar. This is the price list.

The hotel label water is complementary and Evian is chargeable.  

There was a mini bar in the small refrigerator, and several kinds of juice etc were contained.

Restaurant in hotel, shop

We had buffet style breakfast.

Porridge corner

Bread corner

Sausage and ham.

Egg corner.

I took some fruits.

We spent the time at bar. Ordered beer and peanuts are served complementary. The bill is deducted from 150 dollars deposit which we paid at checking-in.

They have Chinese and Japanese restaurants.

It seems they serve afternoon tea at the lobby lounge on day time.

There is a tailor shop for a man's suit. The customer could choose the cloth and it would be sewed. Many kind of cloths were lined up.

They also might tailor women's suites as the lady mannequin was displayed. A scarf and some small goods looked beautiful.

Facilities in the hotel

There are two pools. The front side is sunny and water temperature was not too cold. The pool area is quite open from the restaurant and the lobby lounge, so it may not be suitable if you really care about that. Beach  chairs and large bath towel are available on the poolside. Some spot has a parasol.  Even after closing the pool, we could enjoy alcohol on pool side at evening time. We enjoyed a beer which is ordered at the bar.

Another pool is small and more private. Because the pool is surrounded by the building, the water temperature is lower than the other. Opening hours are both same as from 7am to 10pm.  The point should be cared about is the depth of the pool varies from place to place, it is 2.5M at deepest.

There was a green apple as a healthy snack at the entrance to the pool! It was also free of charge.

They don't have a garden,lots of tropical tall tree reminds me it is like a resort. Vivid color flowers have also produced a southern country atmosphere. It might not be taken care frequently since we could see there are lots of brown leaves on the floor.

Fitness gym can be entered our room key. Towels and water were prepared.

They have laundry service. There was a price list in the room.

Hotel surroundings environment

There are lots of hotels in the surrounding area. That’s why we never worried about the safety. If you go to Orchard, there are so many choice of shops and money exchange. To cross Orchard you need to go through the underground shopping mall which has also restaurants and ATMs. Everywhere you go, you can walk comfortably  without strong sunshine and rain.

In the next building, there were Korean supermarkets, snack shops, pharmacies. There is not so many commercial buildings around, it is quiet environment.

Laundromat in Chinatown

We tried curry at Little India's market "Tekka Center".

"Mustafa Center" in Little India

Gardens by the Bay

Staff & Customers

The most of the staff is middle ages. They are very kind and mature. They checked the access to the place I wanted to go for me and passed me an umbrella because it seemed to rain soon. The cleaning staff was also kind since she was frequently came to clean and replenished water and tea.

I saw a Japanese bellboy and he could help the guest in Japanese and English. We survived in English, so we did not feel any particular inconvenience. Sometimes the staff called us “〇〇san” in Japanese way. Is it their “hospitality”?

It seems that there were many Western guests. I also saw a Japanese and Chinese family, I guess it is because of summer vacation. Also many businessmen as well. At the breakfast venue, I heard quite a lot of Japanese, so I think that there were many Japanese.


I took a subway from the airport and it took about 5 minutes from nearest MRT station. To the main road, Orchard road, it is just 5 minutes to go down.  You can enjoy shopping at high-ends brands and various of food.

You can easily access to anywhere by MRT and bus.


We stayed at this hotel for 3 nights. As a review, we totally enjoyed it! The only things to feel boring is having same breakfast three times in a row. For religious reasons, it was impressive that chicken ham and sausages were lined up. It was good that the handy phone installed in each room was able to make phone calls to Japan free of charge and to access without worrying about free WiFi when walking around town. The TV program was also various, too. It was the time of Wimbledon and the football World Cup, we were able to see both by live broadcast. Of course, NHK was also included. Both before and after the check-in, they allow us to keep luggage at the lobby, so we were able to enjoy until the last minute.

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