Goreme Inn Hotel

  • Room Type : Standard Double Room
  • Stay Nights : 2 nights
  • Stay Num : 2 people

In order to save accommodation expenses while traveling, we were looking for a cheap hotel. We chose this hotel among budget hotels because the price was reasonable and the reviews were good. It was located in downtown of Goreme and there was a feeling of cleanliness in appearance as well.

What is the exterior of the hotel like? Check entrance and reception

The exterior is not a cave type but look completely like a building. Since there are no buildings around, the atmosphere is peaceful. The front desk is very spacious and looks bright because there are many entrances and windows. Since the sofas and the tables are distantly apart, you can have a pleasant time without worrying about the surroundings.

Hotel exterior



Front desk


Room of Standard Double Room

The rooms are spacious and the windows are wide, and it is a very comfortable space. However, it is not a typical cave type hotel in Goreme. A space is wide like a living room and it is nice that you can eat in the room since a firm table and two chairs are prepared. We could see the garden from the window and the balloons in the morning.

The room overview

Scenery from the window


A table next to the bed


TV set



Air conditioner


There is a shower room but no bathtub. The water pressure of the shower is strong and the temperature of hot water becomes hot enough. It is nice that the water does not splash into the space of the washbasin as we tightly close the door of the shower room.

Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body lotion, solid soap etc were prepared. The volume is enough, and a complete set of necessary items seems to be stocked. The quality of conditioner was not bad either.

Closet and safety box

There was a spacious closet just in front of the entrance and a solid safe box was prepared. In the closet, several hangers and extra blankets were available.


Safety box

Mini bar / cafe

Water, juice and alcohol were prepared in the mini bar. Besides, there were two free bottles of water.We were glad that we could cool our drinks as there was enough space. The temperature did not seem to be that low, but the drinks became cold enough when they were put in the fridge overnight.

Pot and free tea bags etc were also neatly arranged side by side.

Breakfast buffet at restaurant in hotel

There were many kinds of dishes ready for breakfast buffet, and we were happy that we could eat fresh vegetables and fruits.

Buffet breakfast

Breakfast on a terrace

Potatoes and wiener etc.

Bread and fruits

Dried fruits and cereals

Cheese and olives

Hotel's garden / terrace

Flowers and herbs are blooming in the garden, and a pathway in the lawn full of clover is arranged. There is also a beautiful man-made pond in the center.

There was a shared terrace and several table seats were prepared. You can overlook the hotel garden. Because it is on a ground floor, we can not overlook the town. However, we could see the balloons when we looked up in the early morning.

Hotel surroundings environment

It is the very quiet area because it is the far end of downtown. We walked around the hotel at night, but we thought it was safe. Tour companies are also in the vicinity. There are also few car running on the streets so it is easy to walk. On the other side of the downtown area, Pigeon Valley is spread in front and Uchisaru is beyond it. We were able to see Uchisar from the hotel. You will see an area with plenty of restaurants and souvenir shops in 3-5 minutes on foot. Access within the downtown is very good. Tour companies are also in the vicinity.

The main street in front of the hotel

Staff & Customers

The front staff was very friendly and easy to talk to. When we asked them some information on hiking spots near the hotel, they provided us with pleasant and wonderful information. A wide range of customers such as married couple, couples, family group, male group, and single customer were staying at the hotel. Whether the hotel is spacious or the customers are matured, the inside of the hotel is very quiet and has a calm atmosphere.


It is around an hour by car from the airport. Pick up service is available at the hotel. Because it is in downtown, access to downtown is also convenient. After walking about 3 to 5 minutes you will see plenty of restaurants. The area around the hotel is a very quiet area.


It was a cheap hotel so we did not expect much, but it was a very pleasant hotel. Following are the main reasons why we enjoyed staying at this hotel:the staff was very friendly and the hotel was spacious and bright overall. We thought it was the best hotel to have a pleasant stay while keeping down the accommodation expenses.

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