Grand Copthorne Waterfront

  • Room Type : Club Superior Room
  • Stay Nights : 2 nights
  • Stay Num : 1 person

I chose "Grand Copthorne Waterfront" as my friend who had stayed here recommend me. I wanted to stay in a room that can enjoy the night view of Singapore, this hotel seems to have a room at higher floor which we can see Marina Bay Sands. Also this hotel looks luxury and access from the airport is also good. Their reviews were also good and the price was reasonable, so I made a reservation.

Check entrance and reception

It is a high-rise hotel that is designed with white and blue, like Tiffany color, and it looked clean and luxury. The building is big compare to other building around this area.

It was lit up in the evening and so gorgeous!


Entrance door from inside

At the lobby, music was being played and the lighting was bright and lively. The high ceiling makes it feeling open, even the space was not so big. The design on the ceiling are very fashionable. It is clean and beautiful even it is not new hotel actually.

Entering the door, I saw front desk on the left.

There was a concierge desk and welcome drink table next to the front desk.

Ground floor elevator hall

Inside the elevator

Elevator floor button panel

Room floor elevator hall

Room floor corridor

Room door

Club Superior Room

Room door

Entering the room, there was a closet and full-length mirror on the right, and a bathroom on the left.

Guest room is chic and calm. Both the bedroom and the bathroom looked a little old but well- cleaned. And I was able to stay comfortably without any noise although it is locate along a busy road. Free WiFi connection was also smooth.

Room interior

The mattress, comforter and pillow are all good quality. I got a very good sleep. Two bottles of water were prepared on the bedside table.

TV set opposite the bed.

There was a desk and a chair next to the window.

Sofa and table at the window side.

As this guest room is with good Sunlight, we were feeling good from the morning.

Viewing the outside,  I saw a beautiful building including Marina Bay Sands with nice greenery.

Night view was also beautiful. I could enjoy the Singapore scenery through the morning and night.


The bathroom is just enough size. There are large mirror, hair dryer, amenities and towels, all the things I needed. It is classy since walls, floors and washbasins are marble.

The bathtub was large enough.

The hand shower is removable and height adjustable. The water pressure and temperature has no problem.


The make up mirror is very useful for me to see the details of my face during make-up.

Towels and amenities were prepared on the right of washbasin.

A shampoo, a conditioner, a body soap, a body lotion and toothbrush set were prepared in front of the wash basin. I was satisfied with the scent of shampoo.

Swab, cotton, nail polish, comb and shower cap were prepared as well. It was great help for us that we didn't have to buy something necessary at local store since amenities are good enough.

Hair dryer was able to be used without problems.

Towels were placed in the bathroom. There is a hook on the bathroom door,it was useful to hang used bath towel or bathrobe.

Closet and Safety Box

Closet is next to the room door.

There were six hangers, 2 bathrobes, iron and ironing board in the closet.

In the other side of space, there are a safety box, a scale, slippers and a laundry bag.

The PIN number setting is required to open/close the safety box.

The door looked so heavy and strong.

Mini bar / cafe

Cafe corner is under the TV board. There was an electric kettle, free instant coffee and tea bags in the cafe corner.

Coffee cups and glasses were in the back.

Refrigerator is also under the TV board.

Soft drinks and beer were prepared in the refrigerator as mini bar.

Restaurants and shops in the hotel

We have four dining options of “Food Capital”, “Grissini”, “Grand Shanghai” and “Tempo” in the hotel.

"Food Capital" is a buffet restaurant that seems to serve international cuisine.

"Food Capital" opens from morning to night. The interior was colorful and bright.

"Grissini"is on the lobby floor. Here it seems to be able to enjoy Italian cuisine including grilled meat and seafood in the oven.

There was a bar "Tempo" right next to "Grissini". It was bright in the daytime and moody at night. It was in an open space just outside the lobby, so I felt it was not a very calm atmosphere.

There was also wedding shop and small gift shop in the hotel.

Facilities in the hotel

The pool is on the 6th floor of the hotel. It is sunny and fancy swimming pool with 25 meter size and not very big. Some palm trees are planted and bright blue umbrellas are there, it feeling like a tropical resort. There were not many people, I felt it was a quiet and relaxing private space. It opens from 6 am to 9:30 pm and I thought it would be good to enjoy it both timing before going out or after coming back.

There was also a jacuzzi right next to the pool.

Towels are available at towel corner.

Fitness center

The spa seems to do hair salon service. I saw a lot of staff was working there and they use Kerastase and L'Oreal brand products. There are conference room and banquet facilities for business as well.

Hotel surroundings environment

The hotel is facing the main street which has a small shop and a hawker center in the neighborhood and it was convenient. The back of the hotel, there are many stylish restaurant and bar along the river. The atmosphere was very good. Since other hotel is also located in surroundings and many tourist are there, I didn’t worry about safety.

Shopping mall ' Great World City"

Hawker Center

Staff & Customers

Most of staffs are very kind and friendly. When asking the staff how to get to the city by bus, he checked the timetable and print it out for us. Cleaning staff who met outside the room also greeted me kindly and makes me feeling good. When we call for the staff who can speak Japanese at the front desk, the staff came immediately and gave us support . It was really helpful.

People from various countries were staying regardless of nationality. I also saw many Japanese people. We didn't see much children, I felt that many people stayed at business or  adults' travellers. I felt that there were more Asian and Indian people as a percentage.


It took less than 30 minutes by taxi from the airport and the access was good. Is is easy place to catch a Taxi and the hotel staff helps it. Also it seems to be convenient because there is a bus stop in front of the hotel. Except that MRT station is a bit far from the hotel, it was still convenient because the hotel provided the shuttle bus service to the city.

Bus stop is in front of the hotel

Shuttle bus


It was great to stay here. Inside of room was very clean, we had a complete set of amenities and we were able to relax with a pleasant bed. From the window, you will see many beautiful skyscrapers including Singapore’s icon Marina Bay Sands. In Sunny day, I was feeling good with bright sunshine. The staff was also kind, friendly, helpful and trustworthy so I was able to spend peacefully. It was the inconvenience that no train station around, but it is still easy to go out by taxi or city bus and there was no problem. Also we can take shuttle bus from the hotel to the city which was very helpful. “Great World City” is just nearby the hotel, we were able to enjoy walking around without getting lost and having meal and coffee.  Totally, I would like to stay again if I have a chance!

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