Grand Mercure Shanghai Hongqiao

  • Room Type : Single room
  • Stay Nights : 3 nights
  • Stay Num : 1 person

Grand Mercure Shanghai Hongqiao is a staple hotel when I go on a business trip. I can use my credit card, so I can submit my expenses quickly. Moreover, the room is spacious and clean, and the amenities are comprehensive. There is a kitchen, washing machine, and there are 2 types of showers-a fixed type and a removable type in the bathroom. The buffet style breakfast has a wide variety and delicious. There is a convenience store nearby. There are lots of European guests in the hotel.

What does the hotel look like? Check out the entrance and the reception!

The Sign in front of the hotel

There is a roundabout in front of the entrance.

The hotel might not look great as it is under construction, but there is greenery in the front of the hotel and that looks beautiful.

The atmosphere of the lobby is different from outside. It has high ceilings and the reception and the dark brown pillars looked gorgeous.

There were two reception counters, and both were operating when it was crowded.

There is a cafe (bar at night) at the back of the front desk, and there are sofas for those who do not use a cafe on both sides. The cafe was spacious as there were some seats which we can't see from the entrance.

Ground Floor Elevators

Inside the elevator

Room floor elevators

Room floor corridor seen from the elevator hall

Room floor corridor

It is an atrium.

What is the Superior King Room like?

The room was clean and spacious. There was a kitchen and washing machine in the front of the room, and a bedroom in the back.

The view of the kitchen. There was a closet next to the kitchen.

There was a TV on the opposite side of the bed. There was a desk and chair by the window.

The bed was big enough, and reasonably firm and comfortable. Four pillows were prepared. I stayed for 3 nights and asked to clean the room everyday, but there was no exchange of sheets.

An orange chair and small table are set up by the window, too.

A Desk and chair

A chair and table

The guest room seen from the window

There was a big window and a small balcony in the back of the room, but it was locked for safety and I couldn't go outside. It was a shame.

The windows are a little bit dirty.

The view from the room was not good because there are lots of buildings and apartments of the same height as the hotel.

The night view


There was a bathroom entrance on the side of the bed.

The bathroom was clean and the lighting was bright. There was a bathtub in the back, and there was a shower in it.

There was an overhead shower and a removable shower. The overhead shower has a bigger head than a hand shower, so when I switched from an overhead shower to a hand shower, the water pressure became very strong and you need to be careful about this point. The shower curtain is a little bit short, so the floor might get wet.

Shampoo, conditioner, body soap and body cream were prepared by the bathtub.

There was a toilet which has bidet function next to the bathtub. The toilet paper was under the sink and it was hard to reach it.

There was a sink on the right side of the bathroom door. The mirror was small, but there was an arm mirror on the wall and it was convenient.

There was a shelf to put on clothes opposite the washstand.

Amenities were prepared by the sink.

A bar of soap

There were toothbrush sets, shaving kits, cotton pads, a shower cap, cotton swab, a comb, a nail file, a sanitary bag and a sewing set. I thought it’s more than enough.

Two bottles of free small water and glasses

Closet and Safety Box

There was a closet on the other side of the bed.

There was an iron, ironing board, brush for clothes, shoehorn, cotton gown and pile gown and some hangers in the closet. There was a big mirror inside the closet door.

A safety box

The Safety box was a common type that set the PIN.

Slippers were also in the closet. I stayed in the room alone, but there were 2 sets of slippers and toothbrushes.

Shoes mitt


There was a kitchen on the left side of the entrance door. There was a washing machine and fridge under the countertop. There were a couple of alcoholic drinks and soft drinks in the fridge. They are not complementary.

There were 2 induction cookers and an electric kettle on the countertop. There was a coffee station on the table in the kitchen.

There were 2 wine glasses, 2 glasses, 2 cups, an ice pail, instant coffee and tea bags in the coffee station. A bottle of water and snacks are prepared there, too, but they are not complementary.

Restaurants in the hotel

I had buffet style breakfast at "L'ATRIUM RESTAURANT".

There were a wide variety of foods there. There are basic dishes such as salad, bacon, fried egg, sausages, bread, and 2 types of Chinese porridge and 4 types of noodles. You can get a freshly cooked noodle dish at the noodle station.

You can also get a freshly cooked omelet and roast beef. There are fruits and yoghurt, too.

There are fresh juice which extract the juices from fruits, coffee, tea, Yakult and so on in the drink section.

Inside the restaurant

There was also "LE 98 LOUNGE" on the ground floor.

You can have a glass of wine and cocktails at night here.

Facilities in the hotel

A spa and fitness centre

There seems to be several meeting rooms in the hotel.

There seems to be a venue that can be used as a large meeting or event.

Area around the hotel

There is a convenience store on the same street as the hotel and it is about 5-minute walk from the hotel. There were many restaurants further along the street.

Staff & Guests

I didn’t know where my room was when I got to the room floor after I checked in, but a cleaning staff spoke to me with a smile, and kindly taught me my room. Some of the staff members at the reception were friendly, and some were not. They can speak English, too.

I stayed at this hotel because of the business trip and the big exhibition, so it seemed that there were lots of Japanese business people like me. I saw a couple of Asian people, but there were lots of European families in the hotel.


It is about 1 hour by car from Pudong Airport. I don’t know about the transportation because I didn’t use public transport. The fashionable areas such as Xintiandi and Tianzifang are about 30 minutes by car.


It was great to stay at this hotel. I didn’t know where my room was when I got to the room floor after I checked in, but one of the cleaning staff spoke to me with a smile, and kindly taught me my room. They always greeted me with a smile. I think there were lots of staff members around the reception and their service was perfect. There was an atrium inside the building, and I was able to see a restaurant when I looked down from the corridor. It was bright and gave the hotel an open feeling. I don’t know about the transportation because I didn’t use public transport, but it is about 1 hour by car from Pudong Airport and the fashionable areas such as Xintiandi and Tianzifang are about 30 minutes by car. I think the hotel is built in a wonderful location because there is a convenience store and Japanese restaurant nearby. I was able to stay in peace.

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