Grande Center Point Hotel Terminal 21

  • Room Type : Deluxe Premium (Twin Room)
  • Stay Nights : 2 nights
  • Stay Num : 2 people

It is my 4th time to travel Bangkok. As I did not plan to go sightseeing, I searched for a hotel in Sukhumvit area which is accessible to the royal palace. "Grande Center Point Hotel Terminal 21" set their check-out time at 12:00 and they allow us to use shower facility after checking out. It is quite convenient because the lower floor of the building is a shopping complex "Terminal 21". It is good for me to be able to do shopping and also to have many choices even at food court. Let me show you how we stayed. 【Official website】 Bangkok Grande Center Point Hotel Terminal 21 is on sale now! Absolutely not to fail 【Bangkok hotel selection】 Recommended of popular hotel ranking!

Hotel exterior, entrance, reception

The hotel is located on the upper floor of a shopping complex "Terminal 21" in front of Asoke Station. It was easy to access from the station directly.

The exclusive passage leads you to the hotel.

Entrance and car porch.

The lobby

The ceiling is high and spacious.

The glittering chandelier and big window make it luxurious .

There are three counters at the front desk, but only one counter is opened.

Elevator hall

Deluxe Premium Room

We stayed at the premium room on 18th floor.

The room design is simple but looks clean.

The room size is just nice to stay and it has calm atmosphere. Twin room is with 2 single beds.

There is a couch and table on the window side. There was a TV stand.

Open the blinds and you can see the scenery outside.

It is with a kitchenette.


Bathroom has separate bathtub, shower booth and toilet.

Water pressure of the shower is good.

This is bathtub, it could be used without problems. I felt the temperature of hot water is low but it might be because of hot weather in Bangkok.

Amenities are two sets of toothbrush, comb, sewing set, swab, shampoo cap, towel, shaving, and soap. This brand seemed high grade and I could use them without anxiety. I did not use the sewing set, but I think it would be quite useful in case the buttons took off. Both toothbrush and toothpaste were similar to those used in Japan. They replaced all to new items on next day.

Mini bar and kitchenett

This room has a kitchenette. It was useful all the time as water pressure of faucet is also good. I could also buy some mango at the market and keep it in the refrigerator.

Inside of refrigerator.

This hotel has an option of mini bar. We chose the room with mini bar at this time. The contents were electric kettle and water, coffee and tea. Some snacks were also prepared but I did not eat them.

Closet and safety box

Some hangers for clothes are in the closet. And an umbrella was very useful for rainy weather in Bangkok.

A safety box is at the shelf inside.

View from the room

The room doesn't have terrace because it is high floor. The view was wonderful at night and I was able to feel well in the room. Also the curtain was double layered to blackout the brightness, so it was not dazzling in the morning. The curtain can be controlled automatically with switch panel.

I could enjoy the view without being blocked any other building since it was high floor. I could look at the traffic jam and the weather well.

Outdoor pool

The pool is quite big! It is probably around 30 m in length and 8 m in width. I was able to enjoy the panoramic view during swimming.

There was also a jacuzzi. It was used as relaxing area such as reading and talking with children.

I can relax on the deck chair.

Hotel surroundings environment

It was very good that one of popular exchange store is at Nana station. Their rate is better than the other places.

Once we had dinner at a food court in terminal 21, it cost about 150 yen per meal! , which was economical. Taste was satisfying even though it was economical at all. I thought it would be as same worth as paying around 3000 yen at the restaurant. There are some nightlife spots such as Nana and soy cowboy. One of the popular club "BX club" is near Soi Cowboy. We had fun until the morning.

Terminal 21 has a lot of shops.

There is a signboard for the hotel in the mall.

This is Asok station in front of the hotel. You can take BTS there.


You can take bus to Mo chit station from Don muean airport and transfer to BTS. It takes you to Asoke station in about 20 minutes by BTS. Because the hotel and station are connected directly, it was convenient even in heavy rain Bangkok and we could get the hotel without getting wet. There was no problem even if we came back at late night as it is very safe area of ​​security. Because the location is in Sukhumvit, it is also directly connected to Sukhumvit MRT station which is about 3 minutes walking. Shopping spot were also along the BTS so I could move smoothly. On the way back, I used a taxi to the airport. I was able to return at 400 B and it was the lowest price ever.


All the staffs speak in English well. When I called to ask how to activate the room electricity to turn on air conditioner, they explained gently and kindly. I think the staff was helpful, kind and attentive service with a very high quality. Staff also stayed at entrance and back door at night, so we were able to enter the hotel safely.


I saw a group of Japanese elderly, some young ladies group. It seems Chinese and Koreans were main customer.


How would you expect about Grande Center Point Hotel Terminal 21?

We would say that it was nice to stay here. The best reason was the price. It was good even we stayed 3 nights in the middle of the city. We could save our time because the location is also good. The staff’s response was good and the room was also beautiful. I could relax in the pool and the view was nice. There was totally no inconvenient element at all.

Unfortunate point of this hotel is that it seems some impolite customers stayed even the category of this hotel is luxury level. I felt bad to hear talking in a loud voice at the lobby and corridors.

Anyway I think it worthwhile to stay in Bangkok trip. If you do not mind the details so much, it is a recommended hotel.

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