Green World Hanahaku Main Building

  • Room Type : Twin Room (6th Floor)
  • Stay Nights : 2 nights
  • Stay Num : 2 people

The key factor for staying this hotel was the good location; 5 minutes on foot from Taipei Station. As I plan to go to Taichung, moving without wasting time was really important for me. There were lots of restaurants in Taipei station area, which was also attractive. I also tried to find other hotels around Taipei Station, but this hotel was reasonable, the price was about the same as a dormitory type inn around Taipei Station.

Exterior, entrance , and reception of the hotel

The outside of the building old and a bit spooky. As I was checked reviews of the hotel, I knew this, but I couldn't get excited and dream of relaxing in a fancy room. I was a bit worried about "how the room looks like?" at this moment.

In the entrance, there was a double door and I could see the front from the outside. Because the hotel name was written on the wall, I understood from a distance soon. The building is old, but I think it was clean.




Twin room

My first impression; the room was larger than I expected. There was enough space for two people to open luggage. I think even three people can fit in this room.

As the building is old, it smelled like water pipe a bit. There was a button around the bed that could adjust air conditioning and electricity, but I felt that I do not want to touch with bare hands.

I could not hear the sound of the corridor nor the next room, so I thought soundproofing was fine. I couldn't say it was very clean, so I thought I would go out side during the day come back to this room just to sleep.

Because it was hotel in the downtown area, I could see dense housing of private houses and buildings. The view was not very good.


The water pressure was strong enough. The position of the handle hanging the shower head was placed in weird place, so water went out of the bathtub and the bathroom get wet. Since my friend who stayed together had the same situation, I think that there is a problem with the structure. I brought bath salts with me, but I didn't use it here because I couldn't feel it very clean. The toilet was ok, as I could flush toilet paper. Washlet was not attached.

It had minimum thing for the amenity. Toothbrush, shampoo, soap, shower cap, and shaving. I didn't use any of them as I brought my own things, but I didn't feel like I wanted to bring some of them to home.

There were glasses but I didn't use it.

Closet and safety deposit box

There was no a safety deposit box. The closet was simple, just a few hangers were placed. Instead of having a safety box, it seemed that valuable items could be deposited at the front desk. Since I was concerned about security aspects, I carried my passport and other valuable things all the time.

In-room coffee

There was no mini bar. The refrigerator was empty, but there was a convenience store nearby, I bought drinks there and put them in here.

Three bottles of water and three tea bags were placed. It was good that they had water. One thing I wondered was I wasn't sure if I was supposed to have hot tea in this glasses or not.

Restaurant in the hotel

There was no restaurant in the hotel. There is a new annex on the opposite side of the hotel, and it seemed breakfast was served there.

In addition, there were a lot of coffee shops around the new building.

It seemed that the breakfast ticket could be used in the coffee shop.

Hotel surroundings environment

Because it is 5 minutes on foot to Taipei Station from the hotel, it was easy to get around. I participated in one-day tour during my stay, and I was able to go to the meeting place of Taipei Station without problem.

A lot of places to eat and drink. There was a famous beef noodle restaurant which was on guide book near the hotel. There was a coffee shop which was very relaxing. There were plenty of seats. I ordered hot latte but it was delicious.

There were restaurants and souvenir shops in the basement floor of Mitsukoshi department nearby the hotel. Since it is a department store, it was hygiene and clean.

Staff & Customers

I asked staff to keep my luggage before and after check-in, and they kindly did it for me. In addition, I found a dirt in my bed sheets and asked for cleaning, but they also responded immediately.

The way they handle of luggage worried me a bit; they put my boston bag on the luggage, the boston bag was falling on the floor a couple of times.


Access from the airport was good as it was close to Taipei Station. There were plenty of eateries in the area around the hotel, and so I didn’t have any trouble finding places to eat. There was a Seven Eleven on the next building. I went out for a walk during the evening and felt a bit scary, but I think it was not problem at all during the day when a lot of people come across.


The best thing of the hotel is its good location.

I couldn’t say the room was clean; hair was falling on the floor of the bathroom of the room. Under the bed sheet, 3 or 4 female hair has fallen and I didn’t feel well. When I called the front desk, they came soon and replaced sheets and mats on the mattress. When I think about its reasonable price, I could understand it, but it was not a relaxing space. I don’t think I want to stay again.

For those who think cheaper is better, I think that it is good, I would like to stay at another hotel around Taipei Station even if the price is a little expensive next time. Although I went to travel a couple of times a year and had experienced staying in various accommodations, I felt it was the lowest hotel ever.

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