Leo Palace Resort Guam

  • Room Type : Medallion Room
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 1 person

Leopalace Resort Guam, a vast resort facility that occupies 1% of the area of Guam, 25 minutes by car from Guam International Airport, in the inland direction opposite side to the Tumon Beach area. Naturally, there is no beach, as it is on the hill of the island. but It is a huge resort facility and there are 2 types of room, hotel type or condominium type, 9 restaurants and bars, outdoor pool, kids pool, kids club, golf course, spa, bowling and billiards activities, sports facilities. where various facilities such as soccer field, baseball stadium, swimming pool, and gym are gathered at the Pan Pacific Sports Center. People who want to spend relaxing from without the crowd and daily hustle and bustle are also perfect for companies and sports organizations.

How is the hotel's exterior, entrance and reception?

I entered the entrance of the Leopalace Resort from the street.

As I came to a certain town, the buildings of the condominium are lined up first. And the hotel is in a place that has gone further.

Here is the main building of the hotel. A red roof is cute in a white building and it has to make a resort feeling.

I entered the entrance and it was located on the second floor part. Light entered the spacious lobby from a big window and it was bright.

The check-in counter at the front was able to check in smoothly on the right side.

In this lobby, there is a spacious loose sitting space and a lobby cafe.

If you go further in the lobby with the reception, you can get downstairs on the stairs. The ceiling has blown up to the fifth floor part also has an atmosphere with an open feeling. Shopping arcade Les Sa Tolle is also here, there are shopping districts where popular brand stores, miscellaneous goods, souvenir shops line up.

What is Medallion Room?

After checking in we will be in the room! This hotel has a superior, deluxe, suite and various ranked rooms.

This medallion room can use a dedicated medallion lounge in the upgraded room.

The area is the same as the superior, but the interior grade is very good.

There are two beds and a couch on the window.

The bed comfort was very good.

There are a table that can be used as a dining room, 2 chairs and a working desk with cleanliness.

The TV is hung on the wall, and the TV stand is also refreshing.

Luxury Bathroom

The bathroom has a washbasin, a bathroom, and a toilet. The washbasin with sufficient size is easy to use.

It makes a mirror is also attached to the wall.

The bathroom is a separate room with bathtub and shower.

The walls and floors were marble and the modern colors were luxurious.

The side of the sink is a toilet with a washlet function.


Drawers in the washbasin are amenities.

Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Soap, Hand Soap, Shaving, Toothbrush Set, Bath Mat, Face Towel, Bath Towel.

L'Occitane shampoo, conditioner, etc. were prepared in the bathroom.

Minibar or cafe

The shelf near the TV became a cafe corner.

Cup, glasses, electric kettle and coffee range, instant coffee and tea were prepared.

There was a refrigerator, too.

Closet · Safety Box

There are two doors in the closet and a drawer. There were iron and ironing board, slippers and bathrobe were put.

I have enough space. There was also a safety box.

Safety box is a simple thing to enter 4 digit code and lock & unlock.

The view from the room

The view from the room is a small balcony, but the chair and low table are placed.

Before my eyes I could see the lake and the outdoor pool, there was no other building to separate it, it was a magnificent view that you are in nature.

Restaurant and Shop in the resort

There are 9 restaurants in this resort.

Italian restaurant "eataliano" (Italiano)

You can eat pizza, pasta, and steak.

Iki is a Japanese restaurant.

The skyscape is an Asian restaurant. Korean roast meat can be enjoyed by charcoal grilling.

LAGO is a cafe that deals with snacks and drinks.

SANA is a sports bar.

GOLD CLUB is a Japanese / Western restaurant in the golf course clubhouse.

CIAO and AMIKA are cafes and bars in the lobby. The restaurant dedicated to charter is ARCO (Arco), a large outdoor event restaurant with 150 seats.

At the condominium building once, there are Leos Deli-mart, which is for sale of breakfast ingredients and everyday items, very convenient as a sense of convenience.

We handle a wide range of souvenirs and water goods.

State of Medallion Lounge

The medallion lounge is a special lounge dedicated to those staying in the medallion room. People who in general stay, cannot enter.

Continental breakfast and evening cocktail dedicated to the lounge, as well as drinks and snack services throughout the day.

Outdoor pool

A huge pool between the hotel and the lake has an active day with a water slider, toddler pool, and aqua play.

The green many pools can taste the tropical resort.

I can relax with enough parasol and deck chair.

You can enjoy the large pool without being concerned about swimming.

The infant's pool has a depth of 30 cm. At Aqua Play Grand the children were having fun.

We also have towel rental and shops.

You can enjoy the resort with luxurious pool with various facilities.

At relaxation Spa

In relaxing space surrounded by nature, how about using a spa for daily stress relief and energy generation?

Various courses of the spa are prepared, and professional therapists will respond.

It is also good to listen to a recommended course by counseling, such as body massage, therapy, aqua treatment.

Jeep Tour going in Guam Resort

As expected, if there is a large site, this tour is also possible. It is a popular tour that you can explore the Leopalace Resort with this orange jeep.

Departing from the hotel, it is an hour jeep tour.

Running in the natural forest, going through the riverside where the waterfall flows,

Touching animals,

In the past, tours of the tanks left by the Japanese army,

I will go about fruits, orchards, and farms.

I can also try tasting the harvested fruits.

Leopalace Resort Country Club

I own 36 holes in the largest number of holes in Guam.

All courses are designed to be top notch, and you can spend the best time for those who love golf.

In the course which is preeminent in opening feeling which can not be enjoyed quite easily in Japan, the round feels good.

It is rich in nature and excellent in view.

You can have breaks at the clubhouse and eat around the round.

Hotel Surroundings and Access

Leopalace Resort, located on the island of Guam, 25 minutes by car from the airport, is located in nature so there are no buildings in the surrounding area. Use a toll-free bus or taxi, or rent a car is convenient.

Staff & Customers

It is safe to have Japanese staff. The staff resident at the entrance of the medallion club greeted me whenever I met and was a kind and courteous response. There are many Japanese guests, mostly like a repeater. There were many families and couples who want to relax in a quiet resort area. Also, it seems that sports athletes and corporate groups are also using a lot.

Room introduction about Executive Suite

Here, the executive suite room is a ranked up club room.

This room is separated from the living room and one king size bedroom or two semi-double rooms.

The partition with the room can also be completely closed.

Luxury furniture set in the living room is wonderful.

The bathroom is also very beautiful and has a high-class feeling. We also have all the necessary amenities and a private lounge is also available.

Room introduction about Governor Suite

Governor suite room is a spacious room with 123 m².

Private room in bedroom, living room and dining room are divided.

The bedroom which becomes a private room is also spacious, bedding is also high class.

The cafe corner is like a counter gold chin and is easy to use with a sink attached.

The bathroom is spacious and beautiful, full amenities are complete.

Room introduction about Condominium

The building which is different from hotel building La · Questa E is a condo type room.

It can accommodate 2 to 6 people in one bedroom, two bedrooms, and accommodation.

You can also have a living room, a dining room, and a balcony and you can enjoy your vacation as you live. The furniture and the building were a bit old, but the cleaning was solid.

In the spacious kitchen, all refrigerators, cooking utensils, dishes are prepared and you can taste light American life.

Leo Palace Resort Guam Summary

How was Leo Palace Resort? When I stayed, I felt that it was probably a huge resort area that gathered many tourists and was full of luxury and vibrancy in the past. I felt that it became a stable calm and stable resort now. The medallion room that I stayed in was just finished renovating a room. I was impressed by the interior that is full of beautiful and luxurious in the whole room. The condo that I saw was still before the renovation, but cleaning was done and I thought that it would be very nice to have a vacation as I would like to live unless I care about the details. There are no beaches although I came to Guam, however You can enjoy golfing, swimming pools and lots of activities in nature.

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