Outrigger Guam

  • Room Type : Club Ocean View
  • Stay Nights : 2 nights
  • Stay Num : 1 person

There is "Outrigger Guam Beach Resort" in the center of Tumon's popular shopping area. The hotel is connected to The Plaza of the shopping mall, next to the underwater world in front of DFS Galleria. There are good transportation such as red shuttle and taxi ranking place and it is the hotel which has the best location condition in Guam. The hotel pool located on the beach and the jungle in front of the eyes where the activities are beautifully renewed, and the activities are fulfilling, the playground where children can play is very attractive! You can have the best vacation in a couple or a family. Well then, we will introduce a hotel that excels at this location condition.

How is the hotel's exterior, entrance and reception?

Outrigger hotel is on the main street where Tumon's shopping area and shops line up. It stands out well in soiled buildings.

The exterior is integrated as built on top of the luxury brand and restaurant shops are lining up.

Still, the entrance of the hotel is understood because there is a signboard.

This is the exterior seen from the beach side.

As I entered the shopping mall, the lobby is spacious.

Brand shops and shops are lined around the front desk. There was also an entrance leading to The Plaza.

Club room / ocean view rooms

After checking in, head to the room.

The upgraded club rooms are located on the higher floors above the 19th floor. Accommodate in a club-type room, you can use the private lounge at Voyager 47 Club · Lounge.

This club/ocean view is the same size as the basic standard room and deluxe room, but there was a difference in the service prepared in the guest room.

Guest room of modern Asian taste is cleaned beautifully, and it is a calm atmosphere.

A telephone, a memo pad, a remote control, etc. are placed on the bedside table.

A TV was hanging on the wall, under it was a counter desk. The side to see is a connecting door.

Club room The privilege of staying in this room is amenities. Beach sandals and beach towels were presented as a set.


When entering the bathroom the front was a washbasin.

The left side is a bathtub with a shower and it is partitioned with a shower curtain.

The refurbished bathroom is marbled and beautiful. The shower head is not bad either. Amenity was placed.

There is a toilet on the right side. There are no partitions such as doors.


Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, body lotion, bath salt are arranged in bottles. The box has a toothbrush set, a solid soap and a shower cap, a shaving set and so on.

Minibar / cafe corner

There was a cafe corner next to the bathroom. Capsule coffee machine and mineral water, cup and glass, electric kettle and tea were prepared.

Open the lower cupboard and you will find a refrigerator.

The inside of the refrigerator is empty, but there is a space to put the things you bought.

Closet and Safety Box

The closet is Asian taste door which is caught in full-length mirror in the hallway immediately after entering the guest room.

There were bathrobe and slippers in the closet, iron and ironing board.

There is also a safety box, it is an easy operation to lock and unlock by entering a favorite code.

The lower shelf and drawer included a hair dryer and a shoe polishing set.

The View from the high floor room

There is a little balcony in the room, which is about to hit the outside wind rather than relaxing.

The view from there is very nice and you can overlook Tumon Beach.

You can also look down at the hotel's pool.

It's always best to see the blue waters of Guam from far away from the room.

Restaurants in the hotel

The Palm Cafe has an all-day buffet available and a wide selection of menus, and at lunch, there were plenty of kinds of sushi.

In the evening of Bambu Bar, you can drink stylish and delicious cocktails while listening to live music playing.

Beachside BBQ is a beachfront restaurant. You can enjoy delicious BBQ while watching a beautiful sunset.

The Grind is a cafe where snacks such as sandwiches, salads, and bakery can ask. Drinks are also rich in variety.

Outrigger's pool and beach

It is a big pool on the sea side of the hotel.

There is a pool in the southern country jungle.

The pool has basketball goals and nets and you can play games while entering the pool

Activity is prepared as the waterfall flows from the rocky place.

Also, since there is also a water slider, I am enjoying it from adults to children.

You can relax with a relaxing jacuzzi.

There is no height difference from the pool, and it is also a high point that you can access the beach! The beach in front of the hotel is an impression that there is not garbage and it is in good condition. It is very pleasant without sea cucumber in the sea.

There was a menu on the signboard playing on the beach.

If you enjoy snorkeling sets, paddle boats and canoes in the family for $ 60. you can enjoy floating rings and sand playing set for children for $30 for all day. If you do not bring it, you can buy it at the JP store or rent here.

Although Guam often has rain, it is fun to see the rainbow after it passes and the unique climate of the island.

Many people romantically greet the sunset at this beach.

Spa and Fitness / Self Laundry

At Navasanaspa of the outrigger, you can experience the traditional therapy that aids energy recovery and awakens the inner radiance.

There are various courses such as 50 minutes, 80 minutes, 120 minutes, all of which can be refreshed with relaxing massage.

There is a fitness center for maintaining health.

A launderette can also be used by self.

Voyager 47 Club · Lounge

It is “Club · Lounge” which can be used only by people staying in the club type room.

Dedicated breakfast is available at the top floor Voyager 47 Club · Lounge and cocktail time can be enjoyed in the evening. It is sure that you can spend a luxurious time watching the magnificent view of Tumon Bay.

Hotel Surroundings and Access

It is located in front of the center DFS Galleria in Tumon Bay, a 10-minute drive from Guam International Airport, and if you take a red shuttle (Tumon shuttle) you can also go to Micronesia Mall and Guam Premier Outlet. Car rental and taxi are also useful.

Customers & Staff

The hotel is safe to have staff who can speak Japanese. Cleaning of the room is also well worth it and the front desk is well cozy. People staying at the hotel are mostly Asian, and 70% of the guests are said to be Japanese. Couples from young children, young people also have high popularity.

Room introduction! Ocean view · Deluxe

Here, the rooms of the Ocean View · Deluxe are located on the 7th to 18th floors and the room with the most number of this hotel. At first glance, it looks like a club ocean view, but it is a basic room so there are some minor differences.

The interior is very nice, but not only the beach sandals and beach towels are amenities, and in the tote bag is placed.

The curtain was also standard specification, it was not a blackout curtain but a type that closes the door.

The coffee machine was not a capsule type but a drip type. But the facilities are in place, those who do not mind such things, of course, reasonable rooms may be good.

Room introduction! Ocean front

Oceanfront is the room in front of the sea.

It is wider and more comfortable.

The balcony is large, the sea is right in front of the hotel and the view is the best.

Room introduction! Oceanfront Suite

This is a one bedroom ocean front suite.

The bedroom and the living room can be separated by a door. The balcony is also wide, the sea is in front of the sight and the view is beautiful.

The cafe corner is also widely expanded. The working desk was also independent.

The bathroom is large, double sink and marble construction have luxury impression.

Outrigger Guam Beach Resort Summary

How was Outrigger Guam Beach Resort? Enjoying Guam It’s enough to say that all the content in this hotel will come true, I was blessed with activities, super convenient location. It is located in the center of shopping even if you go out to the street, a big pool, beach in front of you, spa and gym and street. It was satisfactory to use bus and taxi without inconvenience. As the building itself is old, it is still difficult to condition the air conditioning and there is some inferiority around the water, but it is also a high point that is superior to that, it can be said to be one of the hotels I would recommend to everyone coming to Guam.

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