The Westin Resort Guam

  • Room Type : Ocean King Room (Club)
  • Stay Nights : 2 nights
  • Stay Num : 1 person

Westin Resort Guam (Westin Resort Guam) is an elegant and luxurious resort hotel with swimming pool and beach in front of you. It is very conveniently located in the north side of Tumon Bay, close to Tumon Beach, DFS Galleria, and the shopping mall. There are seven restaurants or bars in the hotel, BBQ while watching the magic show. You can also use a private lounge to stay in a room of Royal Beach Club type. Activities are available on the beach at the option, and at night there is a magic show and can be enjoyed with children. Well, I will introduce it because I stayed this gorgeous hotel this time.

The Westin Resort Guam How is the hotel's exterior, entrance and reception?

It is in front of the intersection with Tumon Pacific Place. A white building with a large size is conspicuous.

When entering the entrance there is a doorman and will guide you soon.

It is a lobby with a very open feeling that the central part with the elevator is blowing through.

The front desk is luxurious, the staff called my name soon, so I could check in smoothly.

Ocean King Room (Club Room)

When you finish the check-in, go to the room at once!

This is the Royal Beach Club Room, which is the same size as the Deluxe Room, but it is on a higher floor and you can use the private lounge.

The bed is a king size 1 type with chairs and tables on the window.

Fruits and cookies were served on the table.

On the other side of the bed, there is a desk with a large mirror and a TV. Telephones, memos, tourism magazines were placed.

There is also a table that spreads suitcases, so there is enough room.


The bathroom is separated type with bathtub and shower room and has a toilet.

There is a toilet next to the washbasin. Cleaning is done cleanly on the whole.

The shower room is glassed and has no hose type shower head.

The bathtub has a hose type shower, so there are curtains so you can use whichever you like.

Mirror mirror, hair dryer, amenity items were placed on wide and bright washbasin, and towels etc were well aligned.


Amenities on the sink was placed in shampoo, conditioner, body soap, body lotion, and soap, as well as in the shower room.

A toothbrush set, a shaving set, a cotton swab set, and a shower cap were placed on the washstand shelf.

Minibar or Cafe in the room

There was a cafe corner next to the TV stand. It provides live water for free every day. (There is a charge for the addition of mineral water.)

There are also glasses and a refrigerator under the TV stand.

The refrigerator is empty. I get a lot of things I bought.

Closet and Safety Box

Bathrobes and slippers, irons and ironing boards are located in the closet beside the entrance.

There was also a safety box. It is an easy operation to lock or unlock by pressing 4 digits.

The view from the room

This is the room called partial ocean view of part of the ocean view.

I could see Tumon Beach enough from the balcony.

You can also look down at the pool and the beach in front of you.

Restaurants in the hotel

The hotel has 7 restaurants and bars.

Taste is a buffet style restaurant where you can enjoy multilingual cuisine at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The lunch and dinner buffet has different themes every day, and you can enjoy various meals.

At Star Light BBQ, you can enjoy a gracious feeling by a barbecue on the terrace every evening, watching the sunset.

Prego is a restaurant where you can enjoy Mediterranean-style Italian cuisine.

Guests can relax on terrace seating or in spacious seating with a full window as the window.

Mix @ chachacha is open for breakfast and dinner, and you can drink freshly baked bread and cake, burger and Starbucks coffee.

In the evening, alcohol can be enjoyed in various relaxed seats.

One thing is a Japanese restaurant.

There are sushi counter and teppanyaki set.

On the rock is a snack that you can drink in a calm atmosphere.

It looks fun to try again, such as drinking again in an elegant atmosphere.

Misty's Beach Bar is a beachside bar with beers, cocktails, and dishes.

5: 00-7: 00 pm at sunset holds happy hour so many people use it with sunset. I am doing until 10:00 pm so I can do it slowly afterward.

You can also dine in the room. Room dining can order from the menus prepared in the guest room.

Pool & Beach

As soon as you leave the hotel's first floor you can relax in the deck chair with a resort-filled pool. However, I felt less deck chair is out.

It is a pleasant experience to have fun at the pool while in fine weather!

There is also a jacuzzi.

The pool is the same as the bar and it is open until 10:00 pm.

The lighted-up evening pool is also wonderful.

From the poolside, the beach is right in front of you.

Deck chairs are also lined up on the beach.

There is also a tour desk, and you can apply for snorkel sets, menus for renting boats, sea turtle watching tours and experiential diving.

If you have a life jacket and a sandbox set for a small child, you seem to be able to play for hours.

You can dive in the ocean, take a walk on the white sandy beach, or have enough elegant time. A private cabana is available for those staying at the Royal Beach Club.

Lavender Spa by L'Occitane

Lavender spa is a spa of L'Occitane popular in the world.

You can enjoy a relaxing massage wrapped in elegant fragrance with various programs using plenty of L'Occitane products.

There are abundant menus suitable for that person, such as a couple massage that can be taken with friends or a pregnant massage that can receive pregnant women over 4 months pregnant.

Royal Beach Club Private Lounge

This is a special lounge for guests staying at the Royal Beach Club for free.

It is available from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm every day in the lounge.

Continental breakfast specially prepared

Evening cocktails are available, and computers installed in the lounge can be used or used freely. Special concierge in the lobby, special check-in, check-out can be done, and there are various other benefits such as transfer to the shopping area.

Shop Bonne voyage

It is a store in the hotel lobby 5th floor.

Duty-free items and souvenirs are placed.

T-shirts, sandals, hats and other apparel to toilet goods

You can purchase small items such as medicines, snacks, and drinks.

Rental car in the hotel

You can easily rent a car at Thrifty car hire in the hotel lobby.

It is also recommended to drive to nearby sightseeing spots feel free.

Of course the car is on the left hand drive and on the right side. Do not forget your international license when using it! !

Hotel Surroundings and Access

It is a 10-minute drive from Guam International Airport, but if you make a reservation it is charged, but you can use the courtesy bus between the airport and the hotel. Shopping rear such as DFS Galleria and JP store is a 5-minute walk, Tumon Sands Plaza is a 13-minute walk, and Micronesia Mall is a 5-minute drive. It is convenient to use a red shuttle, bus, taxi, and car rental.

Staff & Customers

Every staff was kind and polite, I did not feel dissatisfied. A variety of guests, such as families with children, couple, young people, were staying. Overall, it is only Asian.

Room introduction! Ocean Front Room

The oceanfront room has a full view of the ocean view from the hotel corner.

There are many windows and it is a very bright room.

Even if furniture is placed, it is still spacious.

The bathrooms are also in good condition.

The view from the balcony is very beautiful.

Room introduction! RBC Ocean View Room

Royal Beach Club Room Ocean View Room is the same type of room as the one I stayed in and has more view of the south side.

The view of Tumon beach is far away and the scenery is very good.

Room introduction! Oceanfront Suite Room

The Oceanfront Suite Room is a separate building with a bedroom and a living room.

The bedroom has a bathroom and a working desk and it is very large.

The bathroom is convenient in the room where bathtub and shower room are adjacent, is clean.

The living room is also quite large, with furniture in one place and a cafe corner.

Room introduction! Executive Suite Room

The Executive Suite Room is a special suite room on the top floor, luxurious and luxurious room.

The bedroom is separated by the shelf wall on which the TV is installed, and the living area is next to it.

There is a working desk next to the entrance door

On the other side, there is a spacious bathroom, which is a tropical style building full of luxury.

Room introduction! Governor Suite Room

As the executive, the governor suite on the top floor is the most high-class room.

When entering the entrance, you enter the room through a long entrance hall.

Spacious areas in the living room and dining room

I am also surprised at the size of the walk-in closet.

The bedroom is luxuriously built and you can spend a luxurious time.

The bathroom is a spacious space made of tropical-like color marble. The double sink is very easy to use.

The bathroom of one room where shower and bathtub were divided was quite widely surprised.

The view from the room is perfect and the best view.

The Westin Resort Guam Summary

How was Westin Resort Guam? As a hotel, it has been a long time ago built so I feel some oldness, but I was impressed with the cleanliness that is superior to that and the goodness of correspondence of the staff. Every room was refined and comfortable room, bed comfort was also very good. We are convinced that Heavenly® bed and bath which is said to be the signature of Westin is highly rated. The many restaurants you can choose and the beach and pool in front of you are comfortable. It is recommended for those who want to act in close proximity at a favorable location where you can go shopping as soon as possible.

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