Goo bay Garden Hotel Shanghai Hongqiao

  • Room Type : superior room
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 1 person

I chose " Gubei Garden Hotel Shanghai Hongqiao" because it has a great location. I liked that the hotel is only 2 minutes’ walk from Yili Road Station, which is 6 stops from Hongqiao Railway Station (about a 20-minute journey). I was planning to use the subway from the airport, so I thought a hotel which was close to the station would be a better choice when travelling with large suitcases. The hotel is also close to the airport, so it is easy to go to the airport. Moreover, there are lots of restaurants around the hotel, so you won't have any problems to grab something to eat. Lastly, it is in a quiet and calm atmosphere around the hotel. I prefer these area to the centre of the city or tourist spots.

What does the hotel look like? Check out the entrance and the reception!

The building looked a little bit old, but it is clean.

There are two automatic revolving doors at the entrance, but it might be a little bit small if you have a big suitcase.

The entrance seen from inside the hotel

Tea sets are displayed by the entrance.

There  are some pillars with bright lights in the lobby.

There is a sofa space which 4-5 people can sit in the corner of the lobby. Fresh flowers are displayed in some places.

In front of the reception

There were 2 staff members in the reception when I checked in. The reception was neat and tidy.

Ground Floor Elevator

Inside the elevator

Elevator floor button panel

Room floor elevator

The walls of the room floor corridor is exposed concrete.

The room entrance door

What is the Superior Room like?

The room entrance door

There was a bathroom on the right side of the entrance door and a closet on the left.

The interior of the room was simple and modern. It is a calm atmosphere with wooden furniture and earth tone wallpaper. The room was bright as there are lots of lighting. There was enough space in the room even I had a big suitcase, and I was able to spend a comfortable time. It has pretty much anything you need.

The view seen from the window

The bed was big and made neatly, so you will be able to lie down comfortably.

There is a desk and a chair by the window.

A TV on the opposite side of the bed

There were slippers under the TV.

A table and 2 chairs by the window

There was a luggage rack (Ottoman?) under the TV.

There was a window in the room, and I was able to open it a little.

I was able to see the panoramic view of Hongqiao Central Park from the window.

I was able to see lots of high-rise buildings like department store Takashimaya, and lots of cars running on West Yan'an Road. I enjoyed the view of the big city, Shanghai.

It is not in the centre of Shanghai, but the lights of the surrounding buildings and car headlights were beautiful in the night and I also enjoyed the night view.


There was a bathtub on my right, a toilet in the front and a washstand on my left when I stepped into the bathroom.

There was a plug socket in the bathroom.

There was a handrail and a soap holder by the bathtub. You can open or close the bathtub stopper easily by pushing or pulling it. The bathtub and shower facilities seemed to be a little bit old compared with the toilet and the bedroom.

The shower head was removable and height adjustable. The water pressure of the shower was a little bit weak, but it didn’t change while using it, and the temperature of the hot water was constant.

The toilet seemed new.

The washstand

Amenities are prepared in the basket on the washstand. There are 2 sets of toothbrush sets, a comb, a shower cap, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and body cream. These packages match the atmosphere of the room. The scent of shampoo was not too strong, and they were all easy to use. There is also a bar of soap and 2 bottles of free water.

A hair dryer

Closet and Safety Box

I thought a closet was a little bit small, but it will be ok for about 2 nights stay.

There was a bathrobe, a laundry bag, a safety box, some hangers and a hair dryer in the closet. There was also an umbrella and it was useful because it was rain.

The Safety box is a common type that sets the PIN.

Inside the safety box

Minibar & Coffee station

There was a coffee station on the shelf next to the TV.

There was an electric kettle, 2 mugs and 2 glasses. There were also tea and coffee making facilities like tea bags and instant coffee. They were complementary.

A fridge

Beer and soft drinks are prepared in the fridge. They are not complementary.

Restaurants in the hotel

There is a Chinese restaurant on the 2nd floor and it is a breakfast venue. There is a fish tank at the entrance of the restaurant.

Inside the restaurant

There were sofa seats by the window.

I had a buffet style breakfast here. There were lots of Chinese and Japanese dishes.

Bread and rice

There were various dishes.

The taste was nice, too.

There was a cafe on the first floor, and a Japanese restaurant on the 3rd floor of the hotel.

Facilities in the hotel

There was a fitness centre on the 4th floor of the hotel. There were 5 to 6 basic equipment such as a running machine.

There was a massage shop on the 4th floor, too. There was a hot volcanic stone bath menu.

There was a menu of the massage shop in the room.

There is an ATM in the lobby.

Area around the hotel

There are some restaurants and convenience stores around the hotel, but it is rather a quiet business district. There were more local businessmen and residents than tourists. There are also lots of high-rise apartments, so there are small supermarkets, boutiques and beauty salons nearby, but they looked posh. Hongqiao Central Park is nearby, so you can enjoy lush greenery, too. There is a department store called Takashimaya behind the hotel, so it has pretty much anything you need.

Takashimaya department store behind the hotel

Staff & Guests

I was able to spend a nice time at the hotel. The staff members were kind and polite overall. A reception staff helped me to call a taxi and tell me how to go to the city. The cleaning staff also greeted me with smile when I walked past in the hallway.

Business guests were overwhelmingly majority. I didn’t see any families with children.


The hotel is 5th station from Hongqiao Airport Terminal 2, and 4th station from Terminal 1 by subway line 10. It is only about 15 minutes by subway without any transfers, so it will be great if you use Hongqiao International Airport. It is also 2 minutes away from the nearest station. It will be convenient for sightseeing because you can go to Xintiandi and Yu Garden by just taking subway line 10. It took about 1 hour to go to Pudong Airport by taxi without traffic. The area around the hotel is not downtown, but there are convenience stores and restaurants nearby, and Takashimaya is about a 2-minute walk.

Shanghai Hongqiao Station

Subway entrance

Izakaya near the hotel


It was nice to stay at this hotel. The first reason is the great location. The traffic in Shanghai is heavy and it might take a long time to get to a hotel if you use a car or a taxi, but this hotel is close to the subway station and it is very convenient to get to the airport and the city. There is also a department store nearby, so you won’t have trouble to get something you need or to grab something to eat. Moreover, I was able to spend a nice time in the hotel. The room was clean and functional. It was nice to have a bathtub in the bathroom. There was an ATM by the reception, and you can exchange money there. I would like to stay at this hotel again next time.

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