Hilton Chongqing

  • Room Type : Executive King Bed Room
  • Stay Nights : 3 nights
  • Stay Num : 2 people

We chose to stay at"Hilton Chongqing" because it was a hotel with the name of a foreign company. Honestly, I did not expect much for the service at hotels in China, but Hilton, where I previously stayed at in the suburbs of Milan, gave me good memories, with a few convenient places being made. There is also an executive room and a private lounge, so I decided to stay here. Moreover, the price is reasonableI. I think being able to stay in a reasonable but nice hotel the special thing about traveling in Asia.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

The hotel looked a little old from the outside.

Maybe it is covered in smog because other high-risen buildings looked a little old as well.

The sign and fountain in front of the hotel

The entrance is clean but has a sense of luxury.

Sign next to the entrance


entrance at night

There is a large revolving door at the entrance, and flower decorations are also rotating around in stide.

Entrance view from inside the hotel

Front desk seen from the entrance

The lobby

The front desk staff were professionals and responded well. However, I was wondering if the check-in could be done to the exclusive lounge, but I was disappointed that I had to the check-in while standing normally.

I got sweets at the time of check-in.

Front floor elevator hall

The elevator hall also had a mirror.

Elevator interior floor number button panel

Guest room elevator hall

Guest room floor corridor

Corridor near the room entrance door

King Bed Room

Guest room entrance door

There was a closet on the left and a bathroom on the right.

To be honest, it looked old, but they covered it up well. For example, the number of outlets were good, and they also had one that you could plug in your USB which was very helpful. Lighting switches were also conveniently located on both sides of the bed. It was large enough for two people to relax in and was very comfortable.

Because it is a king bed, it was very wide, and it was moderately hard so turning over was not a problem. There were two pillows and different types of pillows, so it was good to be able to chooses one to your liking.

It was nice to be able to watch NHK on a large TV and check the information in Japan.

There was a sofa for one person, a leg rest and a table beside the bed.

There was also a desk with 2 chairs.

There was a big window in the room and there was a feeling of openness.

There was a day when I could not see the blue sky all the time, but people were practice soccer at the soccer field near the hotel and it was interesting to watch. There were no tall buildings around, and the city itself is mountainous and has a difference in elevation, so it's good to have green on the far end of the line of sight.


There was a bathtub in the bathroom, and a shower space next to it.

As for showers and bathrooms in overseas hotels, it always starts with reasoning about how to switch to temperature and currants, but I think the structure was a very easy to understand. Such usability seems to have seen the strength of the famous hotel chain. Of course, there is enough water pressure, so I could finish the bath in a short time and ready to take a shower next door. In addition, it was convenient because there was a hand shower attached to the bathtub. I enjoyed pouring water on my head while sitting in the bathtub.

Bath towels were also prepared.

The shower was a removable, and a height adjustable hand shower.

Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, and body lotion were prepared in the shower space. The shampoo was unisex, and my hair felt squeaky after using it.  



There is an arm mirror on the side with an outlet bellow it.

There was also a scale under the sink

There was light coming from the bottom of the sink that is easy on your eyes when waking up in the middle of the night.

Hand towels, tissue and soap were prepared on the sink.

Also, amenities were provided. The amenities included toothbrushes, men's shaves and cotton swabs. The glass for toothpaste was blue and clean, and two bottles of water were replenished every day and I was very happy to use it for drinking coffee.

There was also a hair dryer.

Closet and safe

There was a closet on the left side of the room.

The closet was convenient because it automatically turned on the light when it was opened, but I didn't want to close too much, so I couldn't leave it open when I went to bed, and I felt inconvenience.

There was also an iron and ironing board inside, and I think that it is convenient for those are staying for business.

The safety box was also in the closet.

It was easy to use.

Mini bar cafe

There was also a cafe corner. There were several types of tea, such as milk tea and green tea. I was a bit disappointing because the coffee was instant. The electric kettle was quick to boil water and enjoyed the tea without stress even when busy setting.

There were also cups, glasses and water for a fee (free water in the bathroom).

A refrigerator was also installed.

In the refrigerator, carbonated drinks and juices were prepared, but they were charged.

Restaurant in the hotel

The hotel had an all day dining restaurant “Cafe at To”, “River Lounge” and a Chinese restaurant “China Moon”.

You can enjoy a variety of dishes at the "Cafe at To" which is a buffet style.

I had breakfast here.

Salad, ham, cheese etc

There are many hot dishes in the open kitchen.


There is also a dessert corner.

the inside of shop

It's nice that they serve salad, because I get to eat vegetables.

There are various kinds of dishes, which is enjoyable.

"River lounge" in the lobby

Inside of the "River Lounge"

Chinese Restaurant "China Moon"

Executive lounge

During the cocktail time of the Executive Lounge, a few snacks and hors d’oeuvres were prepared.

Executive lounge

Breakfast bread corner

Serial corner

There was also dim sum and porridge.


For breakfast, you can also order eggs and noodles as well.

Drinks are also available during cocktail times.

Snacks are available with cocktails.

Executive lounge seating area

Executive lounge table seating

Shops in the hotel

I think that originally there were more shops, because there were a lot of empty spaces. The remaining shops are a bridal shop and a custom-made menswear shop. Also, there was a souvenir shop and a shop that only sold a few drinks and cigarettes.

Custom-made men's clothing store

Souvenir shop

Store that sells liquor and cigarette

Facilities in the hotel

The hotel had an indoor pool. Even though it is indoors, it is not like a swimming pool, but all sides have windows and there is a sense of openness. It is bright and not inferior to the outdoors. It is cleans, and I think you can enjoy yourself more inside than you do outside, because the air is cleaner.

There was also a fitness center.

The fitness center features state-of-the-art cardiovascular and strength training machines.

There was also a spa facility.

Behind the Executive Lounge, there is a meeting space with a monitor, etc., which you can use if you make a request.

Environment around the hotel

There was no concern about security because the large bank of the hotel building and many people around it. There was no suspicious atmosphere at night, so we went out without hesitation to the convenience store. However, because there were no main restaurants such as pubs and bars, I was wondering if the locals do not enjoy such a thing. It is good for travelers to drink at the hotel as it is located in the hotel.

Chongqing Gymnasium

Three Gorges Museum

Chongqing People's Market

Staff & customer base

All the staff were very polite and friendly, so I had a very good feeling during the stay. Even when I could not connect to the WiFi from the room, they responded to my problems by even coming to my room and trying to fix it. However, I had trouble understanding their English.

Though it is the whole Chongqing city, I thought that there were not many tourists from overseas. I think Most people who were staying were Chinese, and they all seemed high class.


As the nearest subway was about 10 minutes on foot, it was convenient. In the meantime, there were shops like convenience stores and local cafeterias. The appearance of doing mahjong at the storefront is very Chinese-like. You can get to the airport by taxi at 70 yuan, but there is also a pick-up service. Chongqing City has 10 subway lines, so I did not find it inconvenient to go anywhere. There was nothing I wanted to buy though. As I was cold after going there, I wanted to buy something to wear, but the clothes did not look good and the price was high, so I did not buy any after all.

The scenery near Chongqing spreads out near the nearest station.

Hot pot shop behind the hotel

Market near the station


It was a three-night stay, an it was really comfortable. Although the reservation itself was a plan without breakfast, breakfast is available in the Executive Lounge, and although the number of items is smaller than general breakfast, on the contrary, I was lucky that some luxury items were out. I also enjoyed the cocktail hour in the evening, so I think the result is free breakfast and dinner, which is a great deal. After all, I think that the quality of the room was good. There was a feeling of oldness, but there was a device that automatically switches to currant when the hot water is turned off, even when using the footlight of the toilet area and the shower. I automatically switched to Karan to prevent a catastrophe when the next hot water was taken out. I wish to stay here again.