Hilton Seattle

  • Room Type : King Room
  • Stay Nights : 3 nights
  • Stay Num : 1 person

I was planning on sightseeing in the suburbs during my whole stay, so I decided to stay at the Hilton brand which was on the Star Alliance list. In the past I also stayed at the Hilton hotel chain so I was relieved. There is another Hilton hotel in Seattle city, but because the hotel that I stayed in, which is on the 6th and the corner of the University street is in an area that is accessible to go anywhere near the highway, since it is only a few blocks away from downtown and the the price was cheap, I decided to stay here.

What is the exterior of the hotel? Check entrance and reception

The entrance is on the 1st floor and the front desk is on the 7th floor.

Due to  the entrance renovation work, the outside of the 1st floor was covered with a board, and only a simple banner of the Hilton logo was visible.

There is one Bell Staff on the first floor who guids people to the front desk and arranges for a taxi. It seemed that the bell counter was temporarily installed.

I moved to the front desk on the 7th floor with 3 elevators.

Front desk

I got off the elevator and had a front counter ahead of me, a bell counter on the left, a gift shop with only shelves on the right and a lobby with only one sofa. There was an entrance of the hotel restaurant in the back right, but there were no menus and no signs, only some tables and chairs arranged, and guests sitting and relaxing.

Bell desk on the front desk floor

There was a drink corner

Elevator hall on the guest room floor

Room Door and Corridor

The King Room

Room entrance door

My first impression of the room can only be described in one word: simple.

The middle bed is a double size with a comfortable mattress. The hard bed was very comfortable, and it was the same bed as the other Hilton hotels. The pillows were particularly good. The sheets were clean, but the bed frame was dusty.

Furniture other than the bed was a small lighting counter, a chair with an ottoman, and a coffee corner cabinet.

There was a big window with nice sunlight.

The TV seen from the bed.

The view outside the window were buildings and a highway, so we closed the curtain for privacy. Curtains are opened and closed manually, not electric. I was disappointed to see hat the bathroom was small and old-fashioned. It felt a little dark and dusty.


The bathroom had a bathtub and a toilet in the same space. Since it is a shallow bathtub, only shower can be used. There was only a shower stuck to the wall and no hand shower. The water pressure was weak, and the temperature becomes cold and hot even without touching the lever. There were no problems with the drainage. You must be careful not to hit your body as it is narrow.

There is a towel rack on the inside and the wall of the door. The toilet did not have a washlet as many hotels in America don't.


Amenities were two types of bar soap, shampoo, conditioner, body cream, shower cap, and hair dryer. Because there are many hotels without shower caps, I was saved. There was no body jell, make-up remover, lotion, toothbrush, comb, swab, razor, so you need to bring your own. The towels are clean and water-absorbent materials, three types of towels, each consisting of a face towel, a hand towel and a bath towel, and there were three each kinds.

Closet and Safety Deposit Box

There is a closet of about 120 cm width next to the entrance door. I used it because there were plenty of hangers. The two doors of the closet were inconvenient because one did not open.

There was a small safety box in the closet that used 4 digit PIN. There was a laundry bag on the safety box.

Mini bar / cafe

There was coffee maker and coffee / tea / sugar / powdered milk prepared at the mini bar. Two glass cups and two coffee paper cups were also prepared. Coffee is a type that uses packaged powders set in a coffee maker for each dose, so when you drink tea, hot water will come out when you turn on the switch without setting the bag. Alcohol / snacks were not installed.


Restaurant in hotel, facility

Although it was indicated that there is a restaurant on the 7th floor, which is the front floor, there were no menus placed near the entrance and no one was eating.

When we checked in, we were informed that there is free breakfast on the top floor (T floor) and a bar in the evening so we used it.

Breakfast was continental buffet style, with eggs, bacon, bread, fruits, oatmeal, yoghurt, cereal and drinks. It was fresh and tasty, and I ate a lot. The evening drink bar was crowded with snacks such as cheese and crackers. There was a big window which made the room bright with good atmosphere.


There was a corner where the PC and the printer were installed at the entrance of the breakfast venue on the T-th floor at the business center. There is no laundry room. The shop had a wall displaying chocolate and cookies etc alongside the front counter and it was very simple. There were no other shops. Since there were no shops selling daily necessities such as drinks and shampoos, I went to buy some at the drug store.

Hotel surroundings environment

The hotel block was quiet in the downtown area, but there were many cars due to the freeway nearby. I did not see people walking on the the streets, maybe because  it was during the week. Although you can stroll safely during the day, it will be dark due to few shops and I do not recommend walking there alone.

I had no trouble finding a places to eat because there were many  stylish cafes and restaurant one block ahead. The museums, department stores, and the Haiku Market Place were within walking distance. There were a lot of buses operating three blocks ahead.

Staff & Customers

Front counter staff were courteous and smiling so I was very relieved.

was very relieved with a smile and courteous customer service. Bell Staff was particularly kind, and delivered a surrounding map to the room. I asked him to bring a bathrobe by phone and asked me to deliver it in a few minutes, so I called a reminder because it did not arrive. After that it arrived in a few minutes.

Most of the crowds were families and couples of different aged groups. If it is a weekend there were many family guests relaxing, casual dressed and talking about where to go next.


From the airport it took about 30 minutes to get the the hotel using the freeway (highway). It was crowded because there was a lane decreasing during construction work. Although there were no shop on the hotel block, there were eating and drinking establishments and clothing shops one block away and it is downtown from 3 blocks away. The hotel was on a safe block.

The hotel is 4 blocks downhill to the busiest Pike Marketplace so you can go on foot. Because the road back was uphill,  it was 8 dollars including a tip to ride the taxi. The nearest drugstore was 3 blocks away, so I bought a lot of water.


The hotel staffs were friendly, the beds were comfortable and  the quality of breakfast was good, so I had no bad impression. However, would not visit again. One of the reasons is that the facilities in the bathroom were outdated and dissatisfied. The second thing is the rooms were cleaned, but there were dusts seen in the corner and shelves. The dusts caused me to cough on the last night and I could not sleep well. It may have not been because of the dust, but I was curious because I have dust allergy.

The third reason is that it is inconvenient that it is 3 to 4 blocks away from the shopping district, that the return will be uphill and that convenience stores were not nearby. I chose it because the price was cheap, but I would have paid more for a hotel that has a larger bathroom and a convenient store nearby.