Hilton Shanghai Hongqiao

  • Room Type : Tower 1 Junior Suite
  • Stay Nights : 2 nights
  • Stay Num : 2 people

There are a couple of reasons why we chose "Hilton Shanghai Hongqiao". Firstly, this hotel is close to the Hongqiao Airport, not in the middle of Pudong or Shanghai city area. Among these hotels, this hotel has a great reputation, and is a well-known hotel in the world, so we felt safe to stay at this hotel. It is also close to the Shanghai Zoo, so it might be great for those who are planning to go there. Secondly, we were able to upgrade from the twin room to the junior suite this time. It was important for us the room was clean and tidy, and had enough space.

What does the hotel look like? Check out the entrance and the reception!

The view around the entrance from the guest room

It was easy to carry our luggage as there was no steps from the entrance to the lobby. I saw lots of people in the hotel as a medical forum was held on that day. The World Cup was coming up soon when I stayed at this hotel, so the original tournament table was prepared, and staff members announced the guests about the public viewing at the bar which can enter from the courtyard. When we lost which way to go, a staff member helped us immediately.

The lobby has a high ceiling and it gives an open feeling.

There are lots of sofas and tables in the lobby, but there were not many people who were sitting there.

Artwork in the lobby

The reception

Ground Floor Elevator

What is the Junior Suite like?

The entrance door

The room is unified with classic furniture.

The bed was king size so I could relax.

The bathroom has a movable glass partition and has enough space. There is a curtain there, so you can keep your privacy, too.

The view from the living area


There was a desk, a chair, and a light in another room.

I thought the room was big.


There was a bathroom on the corner of the room. There was a glass partition door and a curtain to divide a bathroom from a bedroom.

The bathtub is big, and I enjoyed taking a nice relaxing bath. The water pressure in the shower room is low. The water temperature wasn’t hot, either. There is no lighting in the shower room, so it was a little bit dark.

The Bedroom and the bathroom

A separate toilet

There are bottles of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body soap and body cream both in the shower room and by the sink, and they have enough amount. There are also toothbrush sets, a comb, a bar of soap, cotton pads and cotton swabs.

There is another bathroom in another room.

Minibar & Coffee station

There was an electric kettle, glasses and tea and coffee making facilities.

There are cups and an ice bucket, too.

There was a fridge and drinks are prepared in it.

Closet and safety box

I didn't use the closet, but it was next to the entrance door.

There were 2 bathrobes, an iron, an ironing board, a safety box, a laundry bag, lots of hangers and a shoe rag in the closet.

A safety box

Breakfast at the hohtel

All-day dining restaurant "Essence"

You can eat buffet style breakfast here.

There are plenty of seats.

Hotel restaurant

Chinese restaurant "YUE XUAN"

Lobby Lounge “Pulse”. There are seats on the terrace in the courtyard.

It has glass walls which give the lounge an open feeling.

You can get bakery and sweets at the "DELICATESSEN".

Executive Lounge

An executive lounge

Facilities in the hotel

There was a 25-meter indoor pool. There were a few lanes in the pool. The deck chairs and tables are prepared around the pool.

A fitness centre

There is a spa next to the elevators. You can get a massage.

A table tennis table


There is a courtyard which you can use whenever you want.

The courtyard is lush greenery and it was a pleasant place. There is a smoking place on the corner.

Area around the hotel

There are lots of company buildings and hotels around the hotel, and it was calm and quiet area. There are many taxis waiting a customer in front of the hotel, but you might be better to tell a staff member where you go and ask to call a taxi. A shopping mall was about 5 minutes away by taxi.


Shanghai Disney Land


The hotel is less than 15 minutes by taxi from the Hongqiao Airport. The hotel seems to be still new and taxi drivers didn’t recognise the hotel when we told the name, so you might be better to take the address or the map in local language. There is Family Mart (a convenience store) and Starbucks on the right inside the building, and a Japanese restaurant and a café on the left hand side.

Staff & Guests

I managed to communicate with staff members by using a translation app on my mobile. The young staff members helped us a lot when we have some problems. There seems to be lots of businessmen in the hotel. The forum was held in the hotel when I stayed at the hotel, and meeting rooms on the second floor seemed to be crowded. I didn’t see families in the hotel.


The hotel is close to the airport and it is a great hotel for those who want to have a rest quickly. The AC was too strong in some places, so you might be better to take your light jacket even in summer. I couldn’t find useful information around the hotel because there are many business users, but it was very convenient there was Family Mart and Starbucks next to the hotel. The Junior Suite which we stayed this time was in Tower 1, so we didn’t think we were able to use the luxury zone in Tower 3. However, we knew we were able to use it at the end of our trip. We didn’t get any explanation about the pool, the luxury zone, breakfast at all, so I felt it was inconsiderate.

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