Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok

  • Room Type : Twin Room + Extra Bed
  • Stay Nights : 4 nights
  • Stay Num : 3 people

I chose "Hilton Sukhumvit" because the access is good to wherever I go. The station called Asok, the central city of Bangkok, is just one stop away by BTS. And nearest BTS station is not too far from the hotel, so it seemed that location was good to go everywhere. The room with bathtub makes it easy for Japanese to stay. And the price suits my budget. I consulted with a travel agency and decided on this hotel because the conditions were good. Also posted here! Absolutely not to fail 【Bangkok Hotel Selection】 Recommended Hotels Top Ranked!

Check entrance and reception

Signs at the gate of the hotel

There was a fountain in front of the hotel.

There was a big sign before the entrance, it was very conspicuous and easy to find. Entrance is quite big which has feeling of luxury and.

Hotel exterior

The lobby is colonnade space.

Entering the door, small luggage counter is on the left. Bellboy was standing there.

On the entrance there were a lot of chairs and sofas on the left side, there was a front desk in the back.

The lobby from the front desk side

Welcome drink was grape juice.

A view of the entrance from inside the hotel

The reception is very spacious and we were able to check-in with relaxed manner. The lighting was little dark.

The lobby

Event information screen is at the lobby so that the guests can easily find the venue for the meeting.

Ground floor elevator hall

Inside the elevator

Elevator floor button panel

Room floor elevator hall

Room floor corridor

Twin room with extra bed

Room door

Room key.

Door from inside of the room

Entering the room, there was a card key slot and a light button panel on the right.

The bed was not too hard, so it is just comfortable. There were two pillows, hard and soft type, so I was able to choose the one that suits me.

There was a bedside table between the beds. Telephone and alarm clock are on it.

Bed light are beside each bed.

There was a TV set opposite the bed.

Extra bed was placed under the TV.

There were desk and chair at the side of the TV. The wall in front of the desk is big mirror.

Outlet receptacle on the desk

There was a big window in the guest room. The view is not such a beautiful scene but it was good for me to see and know the part of local life. The city view turned to pretty night view in the evening.


The bathroom was spacious. Toilet is on the right, wash basin is in the front and a bath and shower are on the left.  I found some dust at the edge of the bathroom, it would be better if more detailed cleaning is done .

It has overhead shower and hand shower. There was a handle on the wall, the one on the top is to select overhead or hand shower and the lower one is for temperature control. It was very difficult to adjust temperature of the shower.


The wall between the bathroom and the bedroom is glass.  The curtain can be pull down.

Switch panel for the bathroom curtain.

The curtain is closed.

Towel is stowed on the space between the bathtub and wash basin.

Bathroom door from inside


Trash bin in the toilet.

Vanity top

Although we are staying with three people, it was very disappointing that only 2 sets of amenities are prepared and the items is limited. It was no problem since we brought what we need from Japan. But we felt the service is not as good as hotel in Japan. There is a request card for amenities, so it needs to be careful that only the item marked will be supplied unless you check the mark.

Closet and Safety Box

The closet was so big enough for three persons. In the closet there was an iron, ironing board and hangers. I thought it was very convenient.

The safety box was in the storage shelf on the left of the entrance. Hair dryer is also stowed on same shelf.

The safety box require setting the PIN number.

Mini bar / cafe

An electric kettle and two bottled water are placed on the shelf next to the closet. I used it to brush my teeth.  We bought drinking water outside and kept it in refrigerator.

Minibar such as beer and water was prepared in the refrigerator.

Juice and chocolate.

Restaurant in hotel

There was a cafe lounge "Mondo" on the ground floor.

"Mondo" seems to serve Mediterranean cuisine as well as afternoon tea.

Another restaurant "Scalini", it is Italian.

Facilities in the hotel

The infinity pool is very spacious and open. I felt the pool is well cleaned.

I was able to enjoy the night view and the scenery while swimming in the pool.  It is recommended to put sunscreen during the day time since there is no roof.

We were able to take a rest at the poolside since there were sofas and chairs at the poolside.

There was a bar next to the pool.

There was fitness center in hotel.

The fitness center seemed to be available 24 hours.

There was PC corner that anyone can use at the lobby.

There seemed to be event facility and meeting room.

ATM was is at the ground floor.

Hotel surroundings environment

Some shops and convenience store were just nearby the hotel. We saw some food stall on the street but we didn’t try it since heard it has risk for getting stomach problem.

Because it was in one place off the main street, there was no concern for the sound outside. The atmosphere was interesting for us to feel Thailand and it was fun.  A waiting point for motorbike taxi is just nearby,we saw local students were waiting in line.

Staff & Customers

I got good impression from staff’s uniform and hairstyles with sense of cleanliness. The service was quite good such as helping my luggage, taking pictures of us and telling how to go to sightseeing place. There was no staff who could communicate in Japanese. Some staff could not understand English occasionally.

What I want them to improve is preparation with considering guests number, as only two sets of amenities were prepared even we stayed three people. I had to call housekeeping to get another set. It was also inconvenient that they replaced to new amenities only when we requested, as they wouldn’t supply if we forget to indicate on “amenity request form”.

We did not see family guests with children. I thought their main guests are from Europe and Japan.


Access to the nearest station is only 5 minutes walk and it is just few minute to Asoke station by BTS.  We could reach to the airport about 20 min by taxi, maybe traffic was very smooth at that time.

I would say the location are excellent.

Nearest convenience store is 2 minutes away and there are some more shops around. The street in front of the hotel is not so dark and it is easy to walk around even alone. We found one Japanese supermarket "Fuji Super" where lots of souvenir are sold and could get cute things.


It’s really good to choose this hotel. Most important point for us is cleanness of toilet since it is not clean or dirty generally when we travel overseas, but this hotel cleared our criteria and there was a feeling of cleanliness. In addition, it’s superb to relieve fatigue by taking bath everyday after coming back.

We talked with all the staff in English, there is nothing inconvenient to communicate. I wanted them to change the bed sheets to a new one and left memos and chips on the bed, they changed properly.

Even we stay for 4 nights and we could spend the time comfortably except the elevator was very slow as always some guests were waiting at the lobby. The facilities are good and location is also convenient. I totally enjoyed staying here!

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