Hilton Waikoloa Village

  • Room Type : Standard Room (Ocean Tower)
  • Stay Nights : 3 nights
  • Stay Num : 2 people

We got a ticket for 3 nights free stay at either Hilton Village on Oahu or Waikoloa Village on Hawaii Island by a benefits to participate in the Hilton Grand Vacations briefing. I went to "Hilton Waikoloa Village" . It was uneasy because there was an eruption of Hawaii Island two months before the traveling day, but when i confirmed to Hilton, we were able to stay as planned as planes and attractions are regularly operated . Let's see what we have stayed.

How is the hotel's entrance, reception and lobby?

The entrance is spacious. Because there is no outdoor window and no light, the light of the day is coming in and it is a very bright atmosphere.

There is a main lobby on the 2nd floor.

In the lobby the ceiling is high. I was able to see the monorail running in the back.

It is a very open atmosphere, to be connected from the main lobby.

There is a Japanese exclusive counter on the first floor descending the stairs.

There is a Hilton Vacation Club counter only at the small front.

There is also a lobby of waiting.

The Standard Room

After checking-in, the moment I entered the room, I felt wide, bright and beautiful.

There is a double bed in the room wide enough, soft and comfortable is good. The sheets are clean, of course there are no dirt or odor at all, the pillows are also soft.

There are set of desk and chair.

There are 2 to 3 people sofa, but it is still enough room to afford.

There is a play station on the desk, you can rent a DVD for free during your stay or you can borrow a PlayStation software.

Entrance side

The Bathroom

The sink is spacious.

Bathroom feel narrower than expected. It is a compact bathroom of toilet and bathtub.

However, I was pleased that the bathtub was able to extend my legs and enter.

The water pressure of the shower could not be adjusted and rather weak. And fixed type shower was hard to use.

Because it is narrow, when I shut the door I got a feeling of pressure and I felt humidity caught.

The hair dryer is in the drawer.

There are a shampoo, a conditioner, a body cream, a soap and a shower cap. Since shampoo and conditioner are small sizes, we could not use a sufficient amount. But if you wish at the front desk, you can bring it in addition. The quality of the shampoo and the conditioner is not so good and it is watery. It is better to prepare those if you need it.

The Minibar

A coffee maker is prepared, and two regular bags of Honolulu coffee and two cups of decafer are prepared. It is easy to make it and it is awesome to drink coffee slowly in the room from the morning. Two tea bags are also placed, but since there was not an electric pot at the beginning, I asked the front desk to come bring it.

The inside of the refrigerator is empty, but it is large enough.

Closet and safety box

The closet is large and have enough hangers to be detachable.

There is safety box. However, as the previous guest stayed and keep locked, it could not be used.

The View from the room

There is a balcony in the room, one table and two chairs.

It is an ocean view and it is westward so I was able to sit down and looked on the sunset.

Just below the balcony is a swimming pool, but it is a pool for adults, so I did not feel noisy voices. Many beach chairs are prepared in the garden spreading from the poolside. Although it seemed to be the beach, But nobody was in because it was a rocky place.

The view is nice as it is on the 6th floor.

Hotel restaurant

There are many restaurants in the hotel.

Boat landing Cantina is a Mexican cuisine restaurant.

I ate nachos but it was really authentic and tasty.

Famous Kona coffee shop

Donna & Tony's Pizza

KPC (Kamuela Provision Company) is a restaurant of steak and seafood.

The interior is wide,

Terrace seats were pleasant.

There is also a restaurant dedicated to Italian and breakfast buffets, and an ice cream shop on the poolside. We also had the choice for each restaurant, such as a restaurant with a nice view that needs reservation and a restaurant to eat buffet dinner while watching the show.

Huge resort pool

There are 4 pools in total, there are Kona Pool which is the main broadest pool, Ocean Tower pool only for adults, Kohara pool nearby, and lagoon where you can enjoy activities.

Kona pool is always full of people and there were plenty of beach chairs but I could not sit.

There is only one slider, but because the distance is short, the rotation is fast, and about 20 people were always in line, but I was able to get on at once.

Kona pool is very spacious so I was able to enjoy it. On the other hand, Kohara pool is facing the sea and it is small pool, but once there are three sliders and it is a pretty good since it is few people.

Ocean Tower pool is in the middle of the accommodation building so it has a bad view and is just a swimming pool.

It is a pool exclusively for adults over 18 years old.

This is an automatic renting machine for towels.

The Shops in the hotel

There are also many souvenir shops and boutiques in the hotel.

The goods are also impressive, ranging from miscellaneous goods to clothes.

Jewelry shop

A lot of shops are lining up.

You can have all the things you need here.

Facilities in the hotel

I introduce the service counter that is in the hotel.

This is where to apply for tours and various activities.

Business center

Car rental shop

There are many event halls, spa and Hilton vacation clubs.

Landscape in The Resort

The resort grounds are very large, If you move inside the resort, monorail or bicycle looks good.

The garden is large, everywhere is properly maintained. There are many monuments and the concept is disjointed a bit, such as the statue of Buddha, the Buddha statue of Thai style, things like Chinese horse carriage.

Entrance of other accommodation building, Palace Tower.

Hotel surroundings

Hilton Waikoloa Village seems to be in one town, and it seems that there are not many other guests other than Hilton hotel, Marriott hotel, Hilton time-share accommodation building.

Basically because of car movement, few people are walking on foot. I think that security is good for most guests.

Shopping center near the hotel. The supermarket here is cheap and recommended to buy things.

Access to the hotel from airport

From the airport you can rent a car, use a taxi, or book a van for pick-up in advance. It seems that uber is also running on Hawaii Island, but I thought that because it is forbidden to board the airport, I could not use it on the outbound route. By taxi it arrived at the hotel in about 30 minutes.

There is a small shopping center near the hotel, and there is one shuttle bus in 15 minutes. It is two dollars one way. It will take about 20 minutes on foot. I think that rental car is necessary to go to sightseeing spot in guide book because island of Hawaii is very wide.

Because the inside of the resort is large, you can move by monorail.

Bicycle hire beside the lobby is also available.

Staff & Customers

There are many guests,so the number of staff is also many. There is a concierge, but the person in charge was away for a long time when needed. Guests were diverse, such as westerners, Chinese, Korean, but 30 to 40% were Japanese. Also, the hotel site is very spacious, it is possible to move on a monorail or a ship, and activities such as swimming with dolphins and snorkeling are fulfilling so many children and families are there. There are also many couples who seemed to be honeymooners.

Summary of Hilton Waikoloa Village

How was Hilton Waikoloa Village? We were very happy because we were able to stay 3 nights free of charge as a privilege to participate in the Hilton Vacation Briefing, but if you think that it actually costs accommodation, there was a part which was a little lost. This hotel has a big area and it takes time to move. In the ocean tower we stayed there is only pool and Mexican dish, coffee shop, so if you think to go to the main restaurant, souvenir shop, boutique and rental car shop etc, go over the main lobby and go to the other side It took about fifteen minutes on foot, as it is necessary. It would be nice if we could be a distance that we do not need to travel by monorail or ship, which depends on the timetable, if possible. From the Ocean Tower, we recommend staying at the lagoon tower which is full of variety. However, it is unusual to move this vast single hotel by monorail or boat, so the child seems to be delighted. The price is high, but the activities are also fulfilling and I can choose the restaurant, so I think that it is a particularly good hotel for a child with a desire to complete all in the hotel.

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