Holiday Inn Bangkok

  • Room Type : Executive room
  • Stay Nights : 4 nights
  • Stay Num : 2 people

We decided to stay at “Holiday Inn Bangkok,” because I am a member of the same hotel brand, and also the access to the hotel and good location was good. Because I am a member of the same hotel, so I wanted to stay and earn points. Next, access from the airport was good, and it was within walking distance from the train station that runs the city (there is also an elevator at that station), and access was good with walking distance to the next station SIAM. In addition, power spots such as Isetan, Amarin Plaza, Erawan, and supermarkets are within walking distance, and location is good, and we decided to stay this time as we wanted to stay someday.

What is the appearance of the hotel? Check the entrance and reception

Th sign in front of the hotel

The appearance is immediately recognizable because it is a green logo on a white wall. It is in the position where it can be seen from Chidlom, the nearest station. As you have to go up the slope about 20m to the entrance, it is a little difficult when you go to the hotel with a suitcase.

There is a staff at the entrance where you can leave your suitcases with the staff before going up the entrance stairs (the staff will take you them to the room later).

Entrance view from inside of the hotel

The entrance itself is not very large, but once you enter the hotel you can relax as there are a lot of sofas and chairs on the right. It looks like home furniture, so you can relax like you're at home.

The view of the front desk

front desk

IHG Members Only Check-in Counter

The view of the North Hall elevator hall

Front floor elevator

Inside of the elevator

Elevator interior floor number button panel

Guest room elevator hall

Guest room floor corridor

What is an Executive Room?

Corridor near the room entrance door

Guest room entrance door

There was a closet and luggage stand on the right side of the room.

The rooms are simple and compact, but they were cute. I had 2 suitcases and 2 carry cases, but there was enough space for me to walk even with 2 suitcases open. It may be a little hard to walk if you extend two carry cases at the same time.

The bed was very comfortable to sleep in. It was a bit hard, but I did not wake up in pain or anything. There were two types of pillows, soft and hard, and I could sleep comfortably. The beds were single in size and smaller than normal beds, but I did not feel particularly uncomfortable.

There was a TV opposite the bed.

There was also a table and chairs under the TV.

There was also a sofa for one person, a leg rest and a table by the window.

The room seen from the window

Room window

The view from the room

Night view seen from the room


There was a bathtub in the bathroom. In the bathroom, there was a wash basin in the front right, a toilet in the back, and a bathtub on the left.

I think the bathtub is so deep and wide that even large people can relax in it.

The water pressure in the shower was just right and it didn't hurt. Because the shower was fixed on the wall, so it was hard to wash my body and clean the bath after using it.


The sink was spacious, so it was possible to divide the are with two people and it was comfortable to use, but the sink was circular and small, and I could not find a place to put the soap. Also, when I was washing my face, I needed to be careful with water splashing around.

Amenities were prepared on the sink. It included shampoo, conditioner, hand and body wash, body lotion, toothbrush, tooth powder, tooth cap, shower cap, comb, razor, sponge for heels, sanitary bags, sponge for shoes, sewing set and etc. There was a feeling of cleanliness because they were all in a package. Shampoos and conditioners are used daily because they fo not make your hair frizzy and the smell was't too strong. The sewing set also had several types of yarn, so I was able to cope with any clothes, so I think it will be very useful in case of an emergency. There was also a hair dryer.

Bathrobes were also hanging on the bathroom door. In addition, towels were also on the bathtub.

Closet and safe

There was a closet on the right side of the room.

In the closet there was an iron, an ironing board, slippers and a safety deposit box.

The safety box is at eye level and can be used without bending forward. It was a common type where you set a 4-digit PIN.

It is very useful because it is large enough to fit in several valuables.

Mini bar cafe

In the cafe corner, you will receive an electric kettle, 2 coffee cups, 2 glasses each, ice buckets and 2 free bottles of 500 ml water daily.

Two kinds of coffee, four kinds of black tea, and sugar were also prepared. In addition, snacks such as potato chips and nuts were also available for a fee.

A refrigerator is also installed.

There were 2 kinds of beer, water such as Evian, carbonated water, 9 kinds of soft drinks, chocolate and etc, for a fee in the refrigerator.

Restaurant and shop in the hotel

The on-site restaurant on the ground floor is available only for breakfast.

There were over 100 seats when moving from the front to the room.

The impression is that it is an open space and the furnitures are the same as the ones at the front desk.

It is a buffet style from morning to night, and you can stay up late and relax for a long time, because it does not get full.

the indie of the restaurant

The seat has a number card, if you take the number card tot he chefs, they will bring it to your seat.  

Bread corner

In terms of food style, Japanese and Chinese were the main ingredients, and Japanese ones were nourished with seaweed, and there was not much Tai food prepared.

There was also a bar counter.

the table seat

I think that you will not get tired even if you stay for a long time because the taste is delicious and there are many varieties.

There were 3 shops from the front to the North Building. Souvenir shops selling custom-made suits, jewelry, Thai silk and the Middle Eastern things.

The custom-made suits were for men only, but the fabric of the suit, as well as the cuffs, had several kinds of samples and it was a display that made me want to make a suit.

Souvenir shop

Facilities in the hotel

There is an outdoor pool on the first floor. The breakfast buffet is always visible when you move from the front to the rooms in the North Building, and it is available from 7 am to 9 am. A staff is always there, so you can use the pool safely.

Although it is outside, it is a courtyard-like place, you can always feel that people are looking at you. There are a lot of chairs, and I think that you can spend a leisurely time , as only about 2-5 people were swimming in the pool during our stay.

Bath towels are also provided.

The toilet was also near the pool.

At night the pool is lit up.

There was also a fitness center.

It seems that guests can use it free of charge.

A business center was set up between the two hotels for common use with the hotel next door, the InterContinental Bangkok.

There were a copy machine, a fax machine and a computer at the business center.

There was also a meeting room on the right side where about six people could sit. If you are a guest, you can use it for 24 hours, but since there is no staff present except during business hours (8 to 18), you need to get in touch via the phone at the entrance.

Environment around the hotel

The area around the hotel was well-accessed, and the environment was a lot of cars on the main street, but I did not spend it particularly inconvenient or unpleasant. We could go to shopping center and supermarket, McDonald’s, sightseeing spot within walking distance, and the sidewalk was easy to walk on. The upper sidewalk connected from the station has many people, but the lower one has less people. However, even walking at night, I was not particularly scared. From the hotel, the nearest BTS station is Chit Lom, which can be reached in 2 to 3 minutes on foot. From the Holiday Inn, if you go down the slope and go to the left, there is an elevator, but if you go to the right (intercontinental side), there is an escalator. However, it is necessary to go up the stairs about three steps before getting on the escalator, so people with leg issues may want to use the elevator in the direction of Holiday Inn.

Shopping center opposite the hotel

Power spots within walking distance of the hotel

Staff & customer base

The staff were friendly and classy and easy to talk to. In particular, the female staffs always responded with a smile, and they solved problems immediately, so I was able to stay very comfortably. Even if you don’t speak English, it is easy to communicate with body language.


There were many Chinese and Western tourists. There were a few businessmen, but if it was a percentage, it would be 70% for personal tourists and 30% for business. In terms of race, there were more Asians. There were no group customers so it never felt packed.


The access from the airport was very good. From the airport, I changed to the airport link and BTS and arrived at the hotel. It took less than an hour to move, and even with a suitcase, I did not feel inconvenient because the elevators were both at the Airport Link, BTS transfer, and places to get off. There was no danger in the area around the hotel even if it was walking around 10 o’clock at night, but since the street shops have been restricted since the old days and the street shops are gone, the traffic may be less. There is a supermarket called BIG C near the hotel, but I think that the Isetan department store is also about 5 to 7 minutes on foot until there. There is a department store called AMARIN PLAZA in front of the hotel, and there are McDonald’s, food court, foot massage, and lounges of JCB, so I had no problems shopping. If necessary, you can take the BTS from Chit Lom Station, which is just a 2-3 minutes walk. I think the access is very good.

AMARIN PLAZA in front of the hotel

Power spot opposite the hotel


The good service made me want to stay here again. I did not have any problems during my stay. The room was a bit hard to walk from the North Building and the front desk, but the breakfast was delicious and I could always spend leisurely time without worrying about crowds. The room was quiet and compact, and I also liked the atmosphere.  The bed was a single, but the hardness was just right, so I was glad to get up without feeling pain in the morning, even with a deep sleep when lying down all the time. The station is near when we leave the hotel, and supermarkets and department stores are within walking distance. I really want to stay here again because the access from the airport is great.

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