Holiday Inn Express Bangkok Siam

  • Room Type : Standard Queen Bed Room
  • Stay Nights : 3 nights
  • Stay Num : 2 people

I chose "Holiday Inn Express Bangkok Siam" because the price was reasonable even it is near the station in the Siam district. I was looking for a clean hotel with lower price in the Siam area where there are many shopping malls. Generally the price should be high if it's located near station, but this hotel is all right for our budget and it is very close from the station. And I carefully checked the reviews and it seems ok, I decided on this hotel because it has good rating. I could also trust this big hotel group brand.

Check entrance and reception

Because there are high-rise buildings around, I felt a feeling of pressure when I looked out from the outside.

Carriage space is not so big, so the shuttle car was getting jammed.

The carpet in front of the entrance door was so wet and I was about to slip.  The automatic door didn't work well with some noise.

The entrance from inside the hotel

The lobby

The reception counter is compact.

There is no porter service after check-in, I needed to take my bags by myself and head for the room.

Front floor elevator hall

Inside the elevator

Elevator floor button panel

Room floor elevator hall

Room floor corridor

Room door

Standard queen bedroom

Room door

Entering the room, I saw the bathroom is in front and the bedroom on the right.

There was a card key insertion opening, lighting switch and air conditioning adjustment panel on the right side wall.

One side is a big window, you can see the very good view. Because it was the 23rd floor which is the top floor of the guest room, it feels a bit scary when standing at the window. The room is bright overall and has a feeling of opening due to this large window.

A view of the room from the window side

The bed was comfortable.

There are two types of pillows: soft and hard.

When the electric switch in the side table was off, the lights of the switch panel and the clock were too bright, so I hid it with cloth when I went to bed.

There was a TV set opposite the bed.

There was a desk and a chair under the TV. The desk was not big enough for working with PC.

Outlet receptacle at the desk

There was a large chair and round table at the window which was taking up too much space in this small room.

The windows cannot be opened because of high floor. The view is very nice but I felt it a bit scary.

You can see a sport field just below.

There is a Nissan building in front right beside, logo is large and conspicuous.


The bathroom is simple and compact. There was not bathtub, it has only shower room.

The shower is removable with height adjustment. The water pressure was good, the hole of the shower head was large and the amount of water was enough.

The shampoo and body soap was equipped in the shower room. Personally, I do not like the shampoo and the body soap which are dual-purpose.

Towels were set on the lack.


Vanity top

Amenity was prepared on the washbasin. It included toothbrush, shower cap and sanitary bag. The head of the toothbrush is very big, one by one is thin and soft. I think that the shower cap is useless because rubber part has stretched quickly.

There was also a hand soap and a hair dryer beside the sink.

Closet and Safety Box

The closet is tall so that it can be hang long dress or coat.

In the closet there were six hangers, disposable slippers, laundry bag and safety box. I think that it is easy to use because it has four shelves.

A baggage rack.

The safety box was a common type that sets the PIN number.

It was easy to understand because there was introduction.

Mini bar / cafe

There was a cafe corner on the desk under the TV. In the cafe corner there were electric kettles, 2 coffee cups, 2 spoons, instant coffee, sugar, brown sugar, no calorie sugar and tea bags.

Two bottles of mineral water were also prepared.

There was a refrigerator under the desk.

There was no mini bar in refrigerator. Since it is small, it becomes full with four 500 bottles of PET bottle. There is a free ice machine on the 7th floor, I used it several times.

Restaurants and shops in the hotel

There was a buffet restaurant to be the breakfast venue on the 7th floor of the hotel.

Almost all the guests seemed to have breakfast, which was crowded all the time.

There were outdoor seats and some people smoked there.

Pastry corner

There are sausages, scrambled eggs, cereals, etc.

There was pasta and fried rice.

Salad and yoghurt


Hot drinks

Because the menu does not change so much, I think it will be boring if I stay long.

There is a McDonald's on the 1st floor of the hotel, and it has direct entrance from the reception lobby. I saw often someone buying McDonalds.

Facilities in the hotel

There was fitness center on the 24th floor of hotel. It seems to be available 24-hour.

Because the wall was glasses, you can see the view of the Bangkok city during exercise.

There was a laundry room on the 7th floor. You can use washing machine at 100 bahts.

Iron and ironing board were also in laundry room.

There was a garden on the rooftop.

From the rooftop you can also see the view of the Bangkok city.

View from the roof garden

The hotel also has meeting rooms that can accommodate up to 10 people. There seems to be facilities that can use the projector and video conference.

There was a business center with PC at the lobby.

Ice machine on the 7th floor was available for free.

There is a vending machine on the lobby and 7th floor. You can purchase drinks and snacks.

Hotel surroundings environment

The hotel is close to the center area, so it has heavy traffic. It was hard to walk a bit because the sidewalks were crowded. As you can not make a right turn on the road in front of the hotel, you need to take a detour if you want to go the right by car or taxi. There is a massage shop next to the hotel and a laundry shop where I walked about 10 minutes from the hotel. I used it because its cost is only 90 Bahts for washing, drying and folding up at 1 kilo.

Street in front of hotel

Staff & Customers

Every staff responds with smile. When I check-in, they explained gently about the inside of the hall and breakfast venue. I needed to print a flight ticket and asked where I could do it, they printed out for me at the reception.

Almost all staff of the hotel are able to speak English, so it was inconvenient to stay for 4 days. However, When I asked to a woman staff in English how to insert a card key in elevator, she could not understand.

I saw many young ages guest at the hotel because the shopping area is close. Also, it seems that many businessmen stayed. I hardly saw a family or big group.


We headed to Don Muang Airport from the hotel using taxi app and it was 350 baht. Since I heard Bangkok has traffic jams every day, I left earlier. Arrived in about 40 minutes.

Because it is close to the center, there are many convenience stores and shopping malls. The shopping mall is 5 minutes away and the location is the best. It takes about 3 minutes to the station. Always the sidewalk is difficult to walk because it is narrow and crowded. I felt walking alone in narrow alleys is not very safe.

Shopping mall near the hotel

Shopping mall near the hotel

Nearest station

A convenience store near the hotel


The reason to stay here is the best location and affordable price. In addition, the view from the big window of the guest room is awesome especially the view from the bed at night time. Until now I focused on the price and the size of the room rather than the location. But I realized it is very important to be back easily and safely after going out. Breakfast is not special tasty, but it is attractive as it comes free of charge. It was a simple and basic hotel, but it was the best Bangkok trip. Next time I come to Bangkok, I would like to stay here again.

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