Holiday Inn Express Waikiki

  • Room Type : City View Deluxe King Room
  • Stay Nights : 4 nights
  • Stay Num : 2 people

I chose "Holiday Inn Express Waikiki" because it was a new hotel, and good value for the price to stay. It was my first time to stay at the Holiday Inn which is a big group hotel, and I had a sense of security. I stayed at a hotel in Hawaii for the first time including a partner who went with me and I thought that a clean hotel was good. This hotel was opened in 2017, and it was deciding what was new and I saw the review that the correspondence of the staff was good.

How is the hotel's exterior, entrance and reception?

Hotel exterior

A view of near entrance (front desk side)

As soon as I entered the entrance there was a front desk on the left side.

There is also a parking space in front of the hotel.

A look of the inside of the hotel from the entrance on the parking side.

The lobby is an open space. There was cleanliness, there was stylish lighting on the ceiling. It is like a Hawaiian window, there is no glass and a wind blew through, I felt good.

There was a spacious chair, sofa, and table in the lobby. There were a blue vivid color sofa and pretty cushion, and it was a good atmosphere. I often used, I felt the wind of Hawaii at this lobby than my room, and it was comfortable. Other guests also used to take a break, read books, and each was relaxed.

There was also a terrace seat.

front desk

Concierge Desk

In the lobby, there was a business center where personal computer and printer were installed.

There was a water supply machine on the first floor. It was convenient because it is free to drink.

Front Floor Elevator Hall

Inside the elevator

Elevator Inner floor button panel

There was also a floor display panel in the elevator.

When I got off the elevator, the room floor number was big signed on the wall.

Room floor corridor

There was also an ice machine in the guest room floor corridor.

City View Deluxe King Room

Room entrance door

Hold the card key and enter the room. It was nice for women that there was a whole body mirror as soon as I opened the door.

I was concerned about the peculiar smell like muffled at the moment I entered. Is the room a little expensive business hotel feeling. Cleaning was beautifully done.

A view of the room as seen from the window side. The room was small, so it was difficult to get into the bathroom When you open the suitcase.

The room is small, but the bed was comfortable. Personally, I like the hardness of the pillow, I was able to sleep soundly with a soft feeling. The mattress is stiff. The bed height was high.

On the bedside table there were alarms, memo sets, remote control of television and so on.

Outlet receptacle on the bedside.

The drawing of the bedside table contained a booklet of room service and a booklet like the Hawaiian version of the town page.

There was a TV set opposite the bed.

There was a window in the guest room.

From the window I could see the surrounding buildings and canals beautifully.

The building itself is quite high with 44 story buildings, so the more it goes up the better the view will be. I thought it would be nice if there was a balcony.


When entering the bathroom there was a washbasin in the front, there were a shower room and a toilet on the left side.

Towels were prepared under the sink. We stayed with 2 people this time, but the towels had enough.

Because it was bathroom without a bathtub, a shower is important, but it was fixed shower-head which can only adjust the angle. Although water pressure was alright, I feel that it might unsatisfactory for Japanese people. Cleaning was beautifully done. Space itself did not feel narrow, but the shower is disappointing.

Shower drain.

The view of the side of the bathroom door from inside the shower room

toilet next to the shower room.

Amenities were prepared with shampoo, conditioner, a mini bottle of lotion and soap. Because It was a little, I thought it was good to bring my own thing. It was comfortable to use. There was information about you can call to the front desk, if you need a toothbrush, toothpaste, razor and shaving cream.

There was also a hairdryer.

Closet and Safety Box

The closet was right of the entrance door. it is next to a shelf with a refrigerator and a microwave oven, and space is narrow, but There were nine hangers.

There were irons and ironing boards, hairdryers, laundry bags etc in the closet.

There was also a safety box in the storage shelf of the bedside table.

Although I did not use this time, there was instruction about how to use on the door.

Mini bar / cafe

There was a microwave, a cafe corner, a refrigerator next to the closet. Personally, I was most pleased that the microwave was in the room. I bought a box lunch at a convenience store in front of the hotel and it was good so I was able to warm up.

There was a coffee machine in the cafe corner. Because there was the only explanation of the picture, I could not make coffee well, but I wanted to drink it because it is a cute package of Kona coffee. There was a cup with a paper lid which is common when taking out a cup at a cafe. Even if you carry it you can throw it away quickly. I think it is good because it is disposable and sanitary.

There was a refrigerator, too.

There was nothing in the refrigerator, there was no mini bar.

Restaurants and shops in the hotel

This is the Entrance of the breakfast buffet restaurant. Guests can get a breakfast buffet for free every day.

There are abundant variety and a variety of bread, cereals, yogurt. There were omelets, sausages, fruits and so on too. There is a pancake maker and it is fun to be able to make pancakes yourself. A child might be a delight.

Breakfast room was cold and cold so we went out to the terrace seat and ate. I felt good.

The good taste was depending on the food. It was good that the kind of yogurt was abundant and tasty, and there was coffee without caffeine.

There is only one shop on the ground floor in the hall. The assortment was not so good and I did not use it a lot. There is a convenience store on the front of the hotel, so there is also a selection of items there, so we went to buy it.

Facilities in the hotel

There were an outdoor pool and Jacuzzi on the 5th floor. when you open the door a large number of chairs, swimming pools and jacuzzi are spreading. It is not large, but enough. It was good to see the cityscape from the pool.

Towels are prepared near the entrance and it was convenient because it is not necessary to bring it from the room.

On the poolside, there was a deck chair as well as a cabana that can be separated by a curtain.

There was no bathtub in the room, so when we returned from shopping, we warmed up in this jacuzzi and relaxing. Since the pool is open until 20 o'clock, there were only a couple of people every time when we went after every time, it was comfortable. As the temperature lowers at night, it is chilly to enter the pool and most people were in the jacuzzi. It was pleasant to enter the jacuzzi while watching the night sky. Unfortunately this time, we could not see the sunset from the pool.

There was a mini golf course and huge chess etc on the same fifth floor as the pool.

There were table tennis and hockey game stand.

There was also a fitness center on the 5th floor.

Drinking water was also prepared near the entrance of the fitness center.

There were various machines in the fitness center.

A TV monitor is also installed and you can exercise while watching TV.

There was also a games room in the hotel.

There was a game machine such as Wii-U in the game room.

There was a laundry room in the hall and used twice during stay.

At the entrance, there are vending machines where detergents are sold (charged). I use coins for detergent but it costs 1.75 dollars. If there is no coin there is also a change machine so it's okay.

Washing machine. Both washing machine and dryer can use a credit card. Washer/dryer was $ 4 once.


Hotel surroundings environment

Although it is necessary to walk a bit from the center, I think that the location around the hotel is not bad. There are many ABC store in Hawaii, and when you walk a bit, shops such as Tommy Bahama restaurant and longs drag are there. There are also trolley stops and bus stops. If you are on a tour, I think that it is good to go for shopping such as the Ala Moana Center by using the trolley bus more and more free of charge. Unlike the center, the hotel surroundings are quiet.

There was a store like ABC store convenience store opposite the entrance on the hotel side of Kalihi Street.

There is also a take-out shop and a convenience store opposite the hotel entrance.

Royal Hawaiian Center front. It's about 10 minutes on foot.

It is around 15 minutes on foot to Waikiki Beach.

Staff & Customers

When we went there was no staff who could speak Japanese, we checked-in and checked-out in English. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. Even if I can not speak well, They try to understand our English well. In the breakfast restaurant, there was one Japanese-speaking staff, asking me to “delicious?”, Was a good feeling person. Although it was said that there is some staff who can speak Japanese, we do not see it while staying and it does not seem to be resident at all. Therefore, we also need to grasp the word, etc. necessary for check-in in advance. After all, when you explain detailed service contents, it may be inconvenient if you can not speak English.

I do not think the rooms are so relaxed, so I think that the family group was small. Because it is a compact hotel, it is the impression that there was a lot of staying alone, couple, friends group and so on. I think that there were various people such as Japanese, Korean, other English speaking people.


It was about 14 kilometers from the airport and arrived in a little over 20 minutes. we used a fixed airport taxi fare booked in advance from Japan. There are no railroads in Hawaii, and the means of transportation is only for cars, so I think whether it is good to use things like preference such as taxi and car distribution service. There are convenience stores around the hotel, but it faces Kuhio Street so it is safer to come back from Kalakaua Avenue when you come back at night. because there are trolley and bus stops nearby, I think that it is safer not to walk as much as possible. Kuhio Avenue is pitch black, so it was said from the local people that it is better to stop walking alone in the evening.

It is also written on Ala Moana Center, Royal Hawaiian Center within 2 kilometers and official website. It is not the central part. Although it is not the feeling, it is possible to get out to Kalakaua Avenue soon, and at a convenience store, a shop that sells clothing items cheaply when walking for a while, I bought a camisole about 5 dollars. I did not feel inconvenient because the trolley stop and the stop of the city circulation bus (TheBus) in Hawaii are nearby.

Royal Hawaiian Center

Waikiki Beach


If you value cost, I think that it is right to choose this hotel. Since breakfast is attached, I think whether you can save money considering eating out every morning in Hawaii with high prices. The staff was also good and the customer service was wonderful. When checking in, the staff at the entrance took care of the big baggage. In addition, facilities such as pool, fitness center and games room are fully equipped. However, I can not recommend it to those who “come to Hawaii and always want to see the sea!” Or “I want to stay near the beach!” too.
Also, because the rooms are small, I think that it will be somewhat cramped if you stay for a long time. Those who would like to enjoy Hawaii with emphasis on shopping, I think that the hotel is a satisfactory hotel for those who just need to go to bed. Overall it is beautiful and what you need is available to a certain extent and I think that it is a well-balanced hotel.

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