Holiday Inn London Mayfair

  • Room Type : standard double room
  • Stay Nights : 3 nights
  • Stay Num : 4 people (2 children)

I came to London on my family trip with two children under elementary school age. "Holiday Inn London Mayfair" stayed at the Holiday Inn London Mayfair is a short walk from tourist destinations such as Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, and is a good location hotel that is just a short walk from the Green Park Subway Station. Sightseeing in London was the point that it was a distance to the hotel when we wanted to take a break for a while because we go to town by famous red two-story bus and subway, on foot. This hotel satisfied those conditions and user rating was high, so we decided to stay. Let me show you how I tried staying.

How is the hotel's exterior, entrance and reception?

The hotel's exterior is a brown brick building.

The entrance faces the space that the car can cross. I felt the entrance was a little narrow.

The front desk was crowded in the check-in time, but it's smooth.

There was a concierge desk with an elevator in between, and she took baggage temporarily.

There is also a sofa that can sit in the lobby.

The room double room

Pass through the carpeted corridor to the guest room

The room where we stayed is room larger than standard room one wider room.

There are 2 double beds, a couch, and a table.

There is also a working desk and a TV.

There is no space to spread a large suitcase, but the size of the room did not feel like being narrow. It is cleaned very beautifully, but I feel some oldness.


It is a bathroom with a bath and a toilet set.

Bathtub with shower and washbasin.

It was difficult to adjust the lever with this shower, the water pressure was too strong or too weak on the shower tab partitioning with a curtain. I got used to it on the third day.

The sink is simple.

There were only the soap, shampoo, and body soap, sink needs to prepare other amenities.

A hairdryer is fixed in the drawer of the guest room.

Minibar or Cafe in the room

The bottom of the TV stand is a cafe bar. It is not a refrigerator but a cooler. I had to get the ice in the bar next to the front desk.

There were a cup and a glass, there was an instant coffee.

Closet and Safety Box

The door next to the entrance is the closet.

There are also several hangers and an iron and press machine.

There was also a safety box.

The view from the room

This room is on the 5th floor, the view was the next building.

Rather than having a good view, it is the scenery inside the city.

Hotel restaurant

There is a restaurant in the back of the front desk.

There is a bar, and there are menus such as fish and chips, pasta and salad.

There was a petit accident that the room was not ready though check-in was 15 o'clock. While waiting for a while, the staff gave me a drink ticket for a family so that I can spend the time at this bar.

The latte I ordered was from Starbucks. Since there is a Starbucks opposite the hotel, is it delivered from there?

This restaurant becomes the venue for the breakfast buffet.

Slices of bread arranged side by side

There are sausages, bacon, and mashed potatoes

There were also beans and egg dishes.

There are enough kinds such as salads, cheese ham, and fruits.

cereal counter

Coffee machine

Fresh juice and tea

It was rich in variety to suit the taste of various people.

Around the hotel

Go out one step further from the hotel, there are lots of traffic on the road, and many people are walking on the sidewalk. The station is near, and one of the main roads is also Piccadilly soon.

Starbucks, Marks and Spencer's supermarket, cafe etc are nearby and it is convenient.

Sightseeing anywhere starting from the hotel!

Leaving the hotel and arriving at Buckingham Palace in 10 minutes on foot.

After 15 minutes' walk from Buckingham Palace, I came to Big Ben. However, at the moment it was not possible to see the classic scenery that would be a postcard during renovation work like this. In the summer of 2017, the bell is also stopped. All renovations will be completed in 2021.

Tower Bridge is about 20 minutes on the Metro.

Kings Cross Station is also famous for the movie Harry Potter. If you like it you can also enjoy Harry Potter's gift shop.

The British Museum is free of admission. Rosetta stone and genuine mummies are a must-see.

There are still many sightseeing spots, but shopping is also indispensable for London's way of enjoying.

Piccadilly Circus is crowded with people on a big digital TV evening at night. Chinatown is near, so we do not have any problems with meals.

It is fun to buy popular goods at department stores. Harrods (Harrods) has a gift shop floor where many Harrods goods are placed, so please go there.

Fortnum and Mason can shop tea and tea set. It is also elegant to spend a real afternoon tea.

In Liberty London, you can choose the fabric of Liberty pattern, if you like sewing and handicraft excitement will not stop.


From Heathrow Airport by Metro, Pigaderry Line I arrive at the Green Park station of the nearest station by one by taking a line. It is about 50 minutes.

From Green Park to the hotel it will be a short walk in a couple of minutes.

Staff and Customers

The staff were very kind and polite and corresponded with a smile all through. Correspondence was also good for concierge when leaving luggage and going out. Guests also saw European and Asian type. Family and couple also felt that it was easy to stay with a wide range of age group and family composition.

Holiday Inn London Mayfair Summary

How was the Holiday Inn London Mayfair? Holiday Inn was a famous and affordable hotel in various parts of the world, so there was a sense of security. It was an old building, so I felt usability around the water and the oldness of the door, but it is enough for a comfortable stay because it is for sleeping/resting. It seems that amenities are enriched as suites and grades go up. London is very scattered and the subway is rich like Tokyo, so it moves according to sightseeing spots and shopping and purpose, so it was very good here near the station. The green park station is convenient for going anywhere because the Victoria line, the Piccadilly line and the Jubilee line meet. This hotel is recommended for those who do not care about the luxury of the hotel and prefer location conditions.

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