Hong Kong Sky City Marriott Hotel

  • Room Type : Executive Floor 2 Double Bed Room
  • Stay Nights : 3 nights
  • Stay Num : 1 person

I chose "Hong Kong Sky City Marriott Hotel" because it was close to AsiaWorld–Expo and was able to receive Marriott gold member benefits. I was searching hotels close to AsiaWorld–Expo as my purpose to visit Hong Kong this time is to participate the event at AsiaWorld–Expo. It was 2 choices between this hotel or the hotel connected to the airport, but I was a Marriott gold member and can receive some benefits like the access to the executive lounge, free breakfast, room upgrade. Moreover, I could use a free shuttle bus from the airport as there is a Marriott counter in the airport.

What does the hotel look like? Check out the entrance and front desk!

The hotel looks like an office building rather than a hotel. However, it was very sophisticated, clean and it gave me a good impression.

Entrance is not so luxurious or wide, but it was clean and tidy. The door man was very kind.

Entrance seen from inside the hotel

The lobby didn't look as luxurious and big as I expected. The lobby was a little bit crowded and it was difficult to go through the crowds, so I thought it would be great if I could get to the front desk much easier.


There was a long queue (about 20 people) in front of the front desk when I checked in around 6 o'clock.  

2 front desk staff were helping guests to check-in.

There was a lane exclusively for Marriott members and I should have checked in quickly, but I was not sure which lane it was and had to queue for a while.

Front floor corridor

Ground Floor Elevator Hall

Inside the elevator

There was a monitor in the elevator.

Elevator floor button panel

Room floor Elevator hall

There is a big window in the elevator hall and you can see the outside view.

Room floor corridor

What is Executive Floor 2 Double Bed Room like?

Room entrance door

There was a bathroom on your right and a closet on your left when you enter the room.

Guestrooms are air-conditioned.

Air conditioning outlet

I felt there was too much stuff in the room. I would have preferred no sofa because the room was not so big. Somehow, I felt the room decoration was a little bit old, too.

A sofa and table by the window

Welcome fruits were prepared on the table.

There was a round mirror next to the bed.

The bed was made beautifully without wrinkle, and I thought this is Marriott! The bed is reasonably firm and just right for me. The bed sheets and the pillowcases are freshly washed, but I didn't smell strong softener from them and it was comfortable to lie in. I used a normal pillow, but it seems there are a couple of types of pillows.

There was a lamp, a telephone, an alarm clock on the bedside table.

There was a TV opposite the bed.

There was a desk and chair next to the TV.

There was a telephone on the desk, too.

Magazines were prepared on the desk.

There was a travel plug conversion adapter, too.

There was a big window in the room. I requested a room with the airport view because I like aeroplanes and would like to see them taking off and landing from the room. Unfortunately, I had the room with an ocean view, but I was very happy as I could see them a little from my room. I think scenery from the room with an airport view is not so great as it is under construction (it might not be great view even construction work is completed...). As a result, I am happy to be able to stay the room with an ocean view and I recommend it!

View from the room


The bathroom is spacious, clean and tidy. It was a cosy space. There was a sink in the front, a toilet on the right and a bathtub on the left.

I had to be careful not to splash water all over the bathroom because the partition on the bathtub was only a half covered.

The water pressure was fine and temperature adjustment of the water was easy. I like a hot shower, and I didn't have any problem about it.



Hand towels

There was an arm mirror beside the sink.

Bathroom seen from the bathtub

There was a towel hook on the bathroom door.

Towels were prepared under the sink. Bath towels were very fluffy.  A member of the hotel staff brought me a bath towel as soon as I asked an additional one.

There were enough amenities. There was shampoo, conditioner, shower gel in the shower room.

There was a tube of hand soap on the sink.

There was a bar of soap, a shaving kit, a shower cap, body lotion, mouth wash, a tooth brush set in the amenity box. A member of staff brings new amenities everyday, but she also checks them in the evening if guests have enough amenities. You can request amenities through the app on the smartphone, too. Amenities are all high quality and have pleasant smell without a strong fragrance.

Closet and Safety Box

The closet is on the left side from the entrance door.

There were some hangers, a safety box,  bathrobes, an iron, an ironing board and slippers in the closet.

The closet was big enough for one person or two.

Safety box seemed not to be new, but it was easy to use.

Inside the safety box

Minibar & Cafe corner

An ice pail, 2 glasses, a couple of bottles of water were prepared at the cafe corner. Some fruits were prepared on the table next to the sofa everyday, but the content of minibar or cafe corner in the room was not a big matter for me as I could use the executive lounge and have some drinks and food there.

The fridge is stored under the TV.


There was enough beer, water, juice etc in the fridge. I thought it was good amount of drinks in the fridge because we have some space to put drinks that we buy ourselves and cool them down.

Restaurants and a shop in the hotel

I had a chance to eat breakfast at Sky City Bistro. It is next to the lobby and offers buffet style breakfast.

The restaurant is very big, so I couldn't see the back of the restaurant from the entrance. You had better sit the back because all dishes are prepared from the middle to the back of the restaurant. There is no partition between the lobby and the restaurant, so you had better sit the back in terms of your privacy as well.

There are many dishes, so you can enjoy various food. They are all tasty, too.

You can also have plenty of raw vegetables that tend to lack while travelling abroad.

Drink corner

There are some open kitchen space, and I could get freshly cooked dishes like egg dishes  and rice noodles. A chef also cooked things for me that I like.

There is a cafe called "JAVA +" in the lobby.

There are cakes and pastries.

There is a cocktail bar called "The Lounge" in the lobby. It is in front of "Sky City Bistro".

You can enjoy high tea during the day and cocktails in the evening.

You can spend blissful moment with a lovely ocean view.

There is a Chinese restaurant called "Man Ho Chinese Restaurant" on the third floor, too.

There is a sports bar called "Velocity Bar & Grill", too. It seems like you can watch sports while drinking beer.

There is a small shop which sells only a little stuff like drinks in the lobby. I didn't see a staff there, so wasn't sure if the shop was open or not. I recommend you go to 7-Eleven in the AsiaWorld–Expo. It takes only 5 minutes on foot from the hotel.

Executive Lounge

I was able to use the executive lounge on the 12th floor because I'm a Gold Member of Marriott.

The executive lounge is bright and spacious.

You can have breakfast from 6 in the morning, and dinner and alcohol from 17:30 in the evening.

I went there at dinner time.

It seems that there are soft drinks, cookies, fruits, etc. are prepared even it is outside of breakfast and dinner.

You can also take raw vegetables.


Compared to other Marriott hotels, I thought there are not many food and drinks, and the service are slightly poor.

Facilities in the hotel

There was a building on the other side of a drive through drop off point. There were ballrooms, meeting rooms, a fitness center, an indoor pool and a spa etc. in the building.


Inside the building

Guide board in the building

Fitness center

The inside of the fitness center is bright and clean.

It seems to be open 24 hours.

There is an indoor pool in the fitness center, but there were not many guests there. It seems a member of staff checks the pool frequently and it keeps clean. I think the pool is for training, not for playing like a resort as the pool is closed and the ceiling is low.

There is a jacuzzi in the pool, too.


Hotel surroundings environment

There is nothing except the AsiaWorld–Expo. It is still under development around the hotel.


Staff & Customers

I thought there were not enough staff in the hotel, but they were very kind. I think the hotel is busy during events at the AsiaWorld–Expo. The most impressive staff was the concierge. She arranged the restaurant for the party with 70 people because of my urgent request. Staff include housekeepers that can speak English, so I didn’t feel any inconvenience. If I were to say, I had to wait in some circumstances as there were not enough staff.

The guests were mainly from Asia, Europe and the US. The age group is not so high. I saw lots of business people and airline crew members (at least 4 airline companies), and occasionally saw families.


I can’t think of alternative ways other than the shuttle bus about transport from the airport. You can get on a shuttle bus for free if you tell your name at the Marriott counter in the airport. The buses run every 20 minutes, and it takes about 10 minutes to the hotel.

It is only 5 minutes walk to the AsiaWorld–Expo, so I will highly recommend if you have any plans there. However, it is inconvenient to go to other places. I used a taxi or car dispatch service like Uber from the hotel every time. The nearest downtown area Tung Chung is about 15 minutes by car. There is also a big shopping center there.


I think this is the only hotel if I have any business at the AsiaWorld–Expo in the future. There are also free shuttle buses to Hong Kong Disneyland, so it will good for the people who go there. The Marriott was surely a luxury hotel. I enjoyed superior quality of space and had a relaxing time there. Regarding the Executive Lounge, there are not many food and drinks, and the service are slightly poor compared to other Marriott hotels, but I still think it’s a great hotel even if I deduct those points. However, you might be better to choose another hotel if you come to Hong Kong for sightseeing because the hotel is very far from the center of Hong Kong and I thought it was not realistic to go back and forth between the hotel and Kowloon / Hong Kong Island.

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