Hotel de la Deig

  • Room Type : A double room
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 2 people

I chose "Hotel de la Digue" because it was close to Mont Saint Michel and was a reasonable hotel. I wanted to stay not only in Paris but also in the vicinity of Mont Saint Michel, so I searched for an online travel reservation site for a hotel that I can walk within a short walk to Mont Saint Michel. Because there was not any place I would rather stop by except Mont-Saint-Michel, I chose this hotel because it is close to Mont-Saint-Michel and the price is not too expensive anyhow.

What is the exterior of the hotel? Check entrance and reception

The hotel looks old and cheesy but I thought it was such a countryside.

The atmosphere of the entrance, to be honest, I felt somewhat cheesy and a single anxiety came over.

There was no one at the front desk, when I shouted several times, one staff appeared from the restaurant about five minutes later. I was told that there was still time before check-in and I wanted to deposit suitcase alone, but I got the keys of the suitcase storage place and went to them by themselves, but with the suitcase of others, the stairs Just putting it in a place like it, I was worried about security.

Stairs connected to rooms on the second floor

Because it was a hotel with no elevator, I thought it would be a problem because there was a heavy suitcase, but fortunately it was a room on the first floor.

What is the room in the double room?

Room entrance door

It looks at the entrance door from inside. Guest room was atmosphere of feeling that it was old business hotel. The room is small enough to spread two suitcases for two people and the treadmill of the foot is gone. A little "old" smelled. But it was very close to Mont - Saint - Michel and I just thought that it would be nice to go to bed.

The bed comfort was good. The bed was large and the hardness was just right, and the pillow was the same. The temperature of the room was just right, so I felt asleep.

There was a TV set opposite the bed.

There was desk and chair, too.

There was a storage shelf under the desk.

View from guest room window


There was a bathroom door on the side of the bed. There was no bathtub in bathroom, only shower room was. Overall it is an old hotel, but the bathroom was never dirty, it was clean, I was able to use it pleasantly.

The shower was a hand shower with removable height adjustable. There was no problem with water pressure, hot water immediately went out and it was stable. There was no such thing that the hot water came from the shower room and the entire bathroom got soaked.

The toilet was an ordinary toilet without a washlet.

There was a washbasin between the toilet and the shower room. The comfort was good.

Amenity was shampoo, rinse, body soap, toothbrush, soap, shower cap at the sink. Although it is an old hotel, it is the best product selection among French hotels I stayed so far, I was moved unexpectedly. Shampoo and rinse were nice with hair never becoming kissi. However, there was no slipper after all. France is unfortunate though it seems to be anywhere.

There was also a hair dryer. The wind pressure was strong and it was easy to use.

Closet and Safety Deposit Box

There was a vertically long closet beside the bed.

A hanger was also installed in the closet and I used it to hang the coat. Safety box was not found. We did not have the person who cleaned it in one night and it was nice, but it is a bit uneasy that there is no safety box.

Restaurants in the hotel

Although we did not use the restaurant in the hotel, it was a famous restaurant of the same affiliation as restaurant in Mont-Saint-Michel.

Unfortunately we closed at 21 o'clock and we could not eat, which came back late from Mont Saint Michel. Since there is nothing in the countryside, we recommend eating at this restaurant.

Entrance to restaurant from outside hotel

Facilities in the hotel

There was a vending machine for snacks beside the stairs.

Hotel surroundings environment

There was only one big hotel around the hotel but nothing else. Although it is dark, people who go to watch Mont Saint Michel which was lighted up at night also did not have such a dangerous atmosphere as they are scary. The road in front of the hotel is beautifully paved and there are plenty of trees, but it is in good condition. One woman may be a bit scary, but I think it is good to go to see Mont Saint Michel in the evening if you go in multiple places.

Road in front of the hotel

Staff & Customers

The hotel staff was unfortunately inconvenient. When I got to the hotel, no matter how many times I called it, even if I told you that I wanted to leave my suitcase, I will not carry the keys of the warehouse under the stairs and will not carry it for security I thought. Just sorrow was good. I can not communicate in Japanese at all, but I can communicate in English. The trouble is late dinner. I did not know that the hotel restaurant closed sooner, and it was closed when I tried to enter at 21 o’clock. There is nothing to eat around because there is nothing, I finished with snacks. I wanted you to tell in advance the time when the restaurant is closed.

There were young and old women and men of Westerners in the customer base, but I think that there were relatively young people. I think that Asians were probably only us. In the first place, I think that it is common for Japanese people to participate in Mont Saint Michel on a Japanese day trip. However, Mont-Saint-Michel was beautiful at night so it was nice to stay.


The destination is Mont Saint Michel only, it looks far away. It will be close to but it will take about 30 minutes to walk. I think that it was good because it would be good exercise. A free bus to Mont-Saint-Michel will also be in front of the hotel. I think that it was about one in 15 minutes. It is quite crowded so occasionally it may not be possible to ride, but it is very convenient.

Mont-Saint-Michel which can be seen far from the hotel

Mont Saint-Michel


I stayed only in Mont Saint Michel near the night, and thought that I was glad that I stayed at this hotel this time. The good point is that it is cheap and close to Mont Saint Michel. There is a hotel in Mont-Saint-Michel, too, but since it cost about 50,000 yen per night, we think that we were good here. It was pleasant to walk around the pier for about 30 minutes. Free bus also soon so it was convenient. The bad thing is that the restaurant will close soon, and I did not tell it. It was closed at 21 o’clock and there was no restaurant at all, so I was in great trouble. Next time, if there is something to stay near Mont Saint Michel, I think that I would like to stay in Mont-Saint-Michel even if it is high.

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