Hotel Genova Rome

  • Room Type : Triple room
  • Stay Nights : 4 nights
  • Stay Num : 4 people (2 children)

When I decided to travel to Rome and decided to search for hotels, the geography of the city of Rome was only an image, so I was at a loss as to which area to stay in. But, I decided to stay at "Hotel Genova" for 4 nights and 5 days this time. It is 6 minutes on foot from Rome's biggest Termini station, it is easy to get on the subway and bus, it is easy to get to sightseeing from the hotel. And, since we were able to tour for three days except the first day and the last day using time to move, we were able to make effective use of this favorable location the hotel is based in. Hotel Genova is a 4 star hotel, but the building was old and there was a little faint atmosphere. The price is not so expensive, but that doesn't mean that it is a cheap looking hotel. I am going to introduce this hotel to you, because I want to recommend you to stay here if you are planning on going to Rome. Also, I will be visiting three areas of Rome from this hotel in three days so I would d like to see them as well.

What is the exterior of Genova? Entrance and reception

The general white brick hotel exterior of European style stood on the street without any noticeable conspicuousness.

Hotel Genova stand alongside other hotels on Kabul street.

The entrance was a small rotating type and the door man was not standing, but when entering inside the door man came out. There was a barrier-free opening / closing door beside the rotating door.

The front lobby was not that wide, but as soon as we came in, a staff came out and greeted us. Unlike a luxury hotel, I got an at home feeling.

The bike placed in the lobby is the same type as the scooter used for the movie, the "Roman Holiday."

We had time to check in and keep our baggages as soon as we arrived.

The elevator hall is simple.

There is one elevator, but you can ride it without worrying about it getting crowded. Our room was on the second floor so it would have been ok to even just take the stairs.

Rome Hotel Genoa check-in is at 14:00, goes to the room

It is a wooden entrance door, and you enter with a key, not a card key.

The bedroom is large and is a triple room with 3 beds.

The double bed and 2 single beds are large enough to sleep with 4 people.

Phones and memo pads are placed on the side table.

All the beds were just the right hardness and they were very comfortable.

There is a desk with a mirror on it, and a chest which had the television placed on top.

There was a couch for one person and a coffee table by the window.


Bathroom in front of the entrance

The sink and the mirror was large and easy to use.

There was a washing toilet for women, which is common in Europe, along with a bathtub and a shower and a toilet.

The glass partition of the shower is lacking in sealability, and when you take a shower the water leaks and it gets submerged around the toilet. I needed extra towels.

Regarding water pressure and hot water of the shower, it was better than expected. It is often said that the water pressure in Italy is weak and the temperature is lukewarm, it was the total opposite.

The toilet was clean, there were no inconveniences other than the flooding after showering.

The sink was did not have that mush space when you put things on it, but it did not bother me so much. The cup on the sink was plastic and disposable.  

The dryer was an old type that was fixed on the wall. It took time to dry my hair.


Amenities were set with a few mini bottles of shampoo and body soap and a set of solid soap, shower cap, and cotton swab. There was no toothbrush and conditioner, so you need to bring your own.  

Rome Hotel Genova simple cafe bar

Two types of snacks are placed on the table on which the TV is placed. There was no instant coffee or tea.

In the shelf, a cup, a small wine glass and a bottle opener was prepared. There was no wine opener.

There was a little bit of alcohol and drinks in the refrigerator. There is enough room to put what you bought.

Closet and Safe Box

The closet is large enough to put jackets and shirts. There were many hangers. There is nothing in the drawer so you need to bring indoor slippers if you need them. There was a safety box in the closet.

First of you make it record your 4 digit code, then you can lock and unlock the door by entering the code.

What is the view like from the window of the room?

You can see the scenery after opening three doors;  the lightproof door, the glass door and soundproof door.

This  is Kabul street where you can see the terminal of Termini station in the distance. There are lots of buses and cars running and it is noisy.

Even at night the there were many cars passing by. I hear the noise even when the triple doors are closed. I heard the sounds of sirens and horns far away, but it did not bother me, because I was too tired from sightseeing.  

All rooms with breakfast. What's the content?

As breakfast is included in every room in this hotel, we are able to enter the breakfast room without checking in.

The seating area was not so wide, and there was a day we waited a bit because it was  crowded. But, I did not feel dissatisfied because they cleaned the tables up quickly.

There were not many dishes to pick from, but there were a lot of each. It was a simple breakfast.  

Bread, croissants, donuts, and Danish series

There were three types of bread which you can heat up in the toaster.

There was butter and jam and fruit placed as it is.

Cereal and yogurt

For eggs, you can choose between scrambled eggs and boiled egg days, and there were also sausages and bacon days. There were also cheese and ham as well.

Juice was only orange juice, and the coffee was weak and disappointing. To be honest, I was not expecting a good breakfast here. I think it would be better too just eat quickly, fill your stomach and go sightseeing right away.  

Facilities includes bars and terrace

There were no restaurants in the hotel and there was only a bar called Orange American Bar in the back of the lobby. It did not seem to be open during the day, and there were some people using it as a lobby.  

There were not many people there at night either, only few people drinking alcohol.

It was a small space, but there was a courtyard.

There was a sunny rooftop terrace on the 6th floor. You are allowed to smoke here.

There was a meeting room with a projector.

Enriched with convenient shops and restaurants

First of all, the biggest Termini station in Rome is nearby.

As the train from the airport arrived and it became the terminal of the subway, there were so many people walking. I also saw many people with large suitcases as well.

Next to Hotel Genova, there is a hotel called "Hotel Atlantico."

The hotel "Hotel Massimo D'Azeglio" is opposite the hotel.

Hotel California "and other various ranked hotels were gathered together. There were many restaurants and many tourists.

The restaurant "Tomoko Tudini" was a Japanese owner's restaurant.

Basically, no matter what kind of restaurant you eat in Italy, the food in Italy is superb, so I do not think there is a coming off, but since pasta and pizza have different types, I would like to taste different kinds.

Caprese of raw ham and mozzarella cheese is a starter menu that you should definitely order.

Italian restaurant "Amedeo Ristorante" opposite to Hotel Genova

The lasagna I ordered was very tasty and the meat sauce was also rich and I was impressed.

Pizza at the Italian restaurant "Elettra" was also a delicious pizza with authentic tomato sauce that is different from  ketchup. There were lots of other restaurants lined up, so it was easy to find a place to have dinner near the hotel after returning from sightseeing.

A supermarket which is a few minutes on foot from the hotel is a supermarket that sells souvenir classic key holders, magnets and other things such as foods and alcoholic beverages.

There is also a chain supermarket where local residents often shop at.

There is a supermarket called "COOP" across the street of Hotel Genova.

We shopped there for drinks, sweets, snacks and so on, because it was very convenient to get there.


It is about 50 minutes on foot and train from Fiumicino Airport.

After leaving the arrival gate of the airport, I went to the Italian national railway station called TRENITALIA for about 10 minutes on foot. I bought a ticket to Termini Station there which was € 14.

To go home, I will just have to get on the train to Termini station.

From Termini station it is 6 minutes on foot from Cavour (Kabul street).

Rome Hotel Genoa customer base and staff

Most people there seemed to be European. There were some families with children.

The staffs responded with friendly smiles all the time. There were kind to my children and gave them candy. Most of the staffs only spoke Italian and English.

Three sightseeing areas from Genoa

It was very convenient from the hotel to sightsee in major tourist destinations in three areas in three days.

For sightseeing, Roma Pass is recommended. 72 hours since I started using the city bus and metro are all you can get on and two museum tickets are included. They also accept ticket discounts. The price is € 38.5. You can get into the Colosseum without lining up if you have this pass.

[Around the Colosseum]

The first d is sightseeing around the Colosseum. Walk from the hotel to Termini station and have the metro entrance stairs. Take the B line towards Laurentina and get off at Colosseo station and you will find the Coliseum in front of you.

In addition to the Colosseum, you can also walk to Palatino, Roman Romano, the mouth of the truth. Because it is an intense tourist destination of ups and downs, how about turning slowly and taking a rest for a day? Since there is no toilet when entering the ruins of Roman Forum, let's finish it before entering! You can take a break because there are restaurants nearby.


The second one is sightseeing around the Vatican. I planned to ride the A line of Metro, but as I could not wait for it, I decided to go by bus. It seems that it is common in Italy for trains to be late. There is a big bus terminal at Termini station, and you can get off at the station around the Vatican upon riding 40th and 64th etc.

The Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter's Cathedral are full of things to look at. Be sure to purchase tickets online. Please go up to Cupola of St. Peter's Basilica and look at the scenery. You can walk to Sant'Angelo Castle by walking out of the Vatican.

[Around the Spanish Step]

The third one is sightseeing around Plaza España. Take the A line Battistini from Termini station and get off at Spagna station to the Spanish square.

If you take a lot of photos at the Spanish Steps, walk around the streets lined with luxury brand stores around you, enjoy shopping, and there is the Pantheon in about 15 minutes on foot. After 6 minutes walk we have Navona square. There is a little distance from Piazza Navona but you can walk to the Trevi Fountain.

Rome Hotel Genova Summary

Hotel Genova is close to Termini station, and you can walk to sightseeing spots such as the Trevi Fountain. It was a hotel I was able to receiving a warm welcome like I was at home. As the hotel recognized the somewhere that the impression of a 4 star hotel was linked with luxury feeling, I had doubt with the old faint atmosphere at first, but it does not matter after staying at the hotel and getting good service. Even if I was tired of sightseeing, I came back to the hotel and was able to relax. Even if you can hear the noise of the street in the room, for those who stay in Rome tourism by all means even if there are free cafe bars and breakfast in the room, the place where correspondence and cleaning of staff did well and price was put in large room. I definitely recommend this hotel.

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