Hotel Kva Chateau

  • Room Type : Standard Twin Room
  • Stay Nights : 2 nights
  • Stay Num : 2 people

I chose "Hotel Kva Chateau" because it was discount price with airline tickets, and the hotel's evaluation and interior decoration were also good. were also very impressive with photos. We found out that the hotel was in Taoyuan although we were searching a hotel in Taipei, but it was fine as metro started running in Taiwan in recent years, we thought we didn't need to worry about transportation as it seemed to be fine. Taoyuan is a famous city with the airport, but since I had never stayed so far, I thought that it's a good opportunity to stay there.

The exterior, entrance, and reception of the hotel

The hotel has a new building and an old building, and this is the exterior of the new one which we stayed. The appearance was dark enough to be familiar with the atmosphere of the city and had an image like ruins.

This is the old building.

You can not enter from the old building.

New building's entrance.

I stepped into the entrance, and found out that the ceiling was high. As lobby was spacious, we were able to wait comfortably at check-in.

The front desk design looks like very classical from a long time ago. It had a gorgeous atmosphere.

Front desk

There was also an information desk.

Lobby floor elevator

Lobby floor elevator hall situation

Inside the elevator

Floor button panel

Room floor elevator hall

A large painting was displayed in the elevator hall on the guest room floor

Room floor corridor

Standard twin room

Room entrance door

My room was 611

Entrance door seen from inside of the room

There were a shelf with a closet and a cafe set on the left side, and the bathroom and a full length mirror were on the right side.

The room was also classic, I received impression of cleanliness and dignity. However, I felt unhappy for the wrinkles on the bed sheets that I found immediately after entering the room. The interior uses many dark colors, and it gave the room a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Antique-like furniture and marble wash basin were making the room very luxury.

The bed was very comfortable and I fell asleep instantly. I think it is perfect for those who like hard beds.

There was a TV set on the opposite of the bed. The TV was not too big nor too small, just right size.

There was a desk with a mirror and a chair beside the TV.

There was a chair and a table at the side of the bed and the window.

Landscape from the room. Unfortunately the weather was not very nice, but when the sun was coming from outside the window I felt very comfortable.


Shower room and bathtub were separate. It was a very good condition for me and my friend who wanted to relax in the bathtub. When we put hot water into the bathtub, it didn't take that much time until it got full as the water pressure was strong. However it does not have drainage grooves on the upper side, it becomes full very quickly and water will be flooded if you do not keep your an eye on it. Please be careful!

The shower was removable/ height adjustable hand shower. The water pressure of the shower is strong enough.

A soap was placed in the shower room.

You need to throw away used toilet paper in the trash can.

Washing basin

Towels were placed under the sink.

For bathroom amenity, shampoo, shower gel, body lotion, hair comb, 1 set each, razor, shower cap, toothbrush, and cotton swab set were arranged for the number of people staying. There wasn't any problem as I had it all, but if you want to use conditioners and treatments, you need to bring it by yourself as those are not placed here.

There was also a hair dryer.

Closet and Safety Deposit Box

Inside the closet there was a built-in hanger, a bathrobe, extra bed cover, laundry bag and so on. There is hangers for tops such as coats and bottoms. There was also a shelf below that.

There was a clean bathrobe wrapped in vinyl in the shelf.

The safety deposit box was a common type that sets the PIN number.

Mini bar / cafe

There was a cafe set, an electric kettle, a coffee cup, a glass, and two free water bottles (not cold).

Green tea, oolong tea and instant coffee were prepared in the shelf.

Two free water bottles were in the refrigerator. No mini-bar. As the fridge is not so big, I think it is difficult to cool wine bottles. If you bring something to drink, it is better to bring them in cans.

Restaurants in the hotel

I did not go to the restaurant, but there seems to be a Western restaurant “Vivid”, a Chinese restaurant “Aki Tower”, a Thai restaurant / lounge bar “Furuha”, and a bakery “Ku Cake” at the hotel.

The Western restaurant "Vivid" seems to have various dishes in a buffet style.

There seems to be three private rooms in the Chinese restaurant "Aki Tower".

Thai restaurant / Lounge bar "Furukawa"

Facilities in the hotel

It is a whiskey museum which is the main attraction here, although I got to know it on the last day. Machines that make whiskey appear immediately after entering the entrance.

The owner of the hotel likes whiskey, especially Japanese whiskey seems to be favorite. I've heard that this is sort of an extension of his collection.

Famous Hakushu, Yamazaki are lined up together

Cute bottles from Britain

Something that could not be priced such as limited items were displayed as well. It says "Please contact us for the price".

I bought Taiwanese whiskey as souvenir for my friends and my father.

Since I could see unusual whiskey around the world, I think people who like whiskey should come here definitely. You can taste whiskey too!

There was a fitness center in the hotel. It was available from 6 am to 10 pm.

There is also an outdoor pool, but it seems that it can not be used from December to April.

There was also a business center where personal computers, printers, newspapers and magazines were arranged.

Surroundings environment

The area around the hotel is a bit scary as the whole city is dim, but there are plenty of shops and I think that security is fine.

A city around the Nanko station, the nearest station

It is regrettable that it is close to the hotel but it is a famous small basketball shop.

Art on the promenade from the hotel to Nakao

Staff & Customers

The hotel staff was very kind. When it was raining and I didn’t have my umbrella, staff brought an umbrella and lend it to me.

There were many families from Asia and couples from Europe. I think that people who are Chinese are high-society people.


From the airport, we can go by the new Metro. The last stop is going to be Zhongli Station in the future, but as of September 2018 the construction is not completed yet, so the last stop at the moment was “Huanbei station” which is the nearest station to the hotel. It is quite convenient because it takes about 40 minutes by train from the airport. Although I didn’t have enough time to go this time, access to Zhongli Night Market was also very good. There were many markets, stylish cafes, coffee stands and tapioca drink shops. When going to Taipei, it takes one and a half hours with one high-speed railway, but a bullet train has been started operating from Taipei to Taoyuan, and it may be good to try it because it is cheap.

Huanbei station station which is the nearest station from the hotel.

There was also a local market to the south of the hotel.


Although we booked the hotel in Taoyuan by mistake this time, it was good that we could stay here. I think that it is a hotel that you can stay without any problems even if you go to Taoyuan for the first time. It seems to be relatively clean hotel in Taoyuan. Access to Taoyuan city, Zhongli district, and Taipei is also very good. As I have visited Taipei many times, I think it is a good place as a new sightseeing spot in Taiwan.

There were stylish cafes around the hotel, unusual artworks on the boardwalk, and many other spots to take pictures. I think that I would like to stay here again when I go to Taoyuan.

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