Venice Principe

  • Room Type : Twin room
  • Stay Nights : 2 nights
  • Stay Num : 2 people

The reason for choosing "Venetia Principe" was that it was a four-star hotel with a sense of security and reasons such as having a good location near the main station. When I traveled to Europe last time, there was no hot water, check-in time passed a little past the check-in time and it was not possible to check-in hotel problems, take a suitcase from the airport, take a subway, I thought that I wanted to avoid such troubles as much as possible from experiences that it was difficult to walk a European cobblestone road with a suitcase. I though that this hotel had was good access to go anywhere, shorten traveling time, and I was able to secure a lot of free time.

What is the exterior of the hotel? Check entrance and reception

Overall it had a retro atmosphere, and there was a feeling of profoundness. The exterior is a shade like Orange Pink, and the hotel name is also greatly written, so it was easy to find from the side of the canal.


The view of the entrance seen from inside the hotel

When entering the hotel, I saw a luxurious space.

There were a lot of sofas to sit in comfortably.

The staff at the front desk was friendly, and I was able communicate with simple English.

Inside the elevator

Elevator inner floor button

Room floor elevator hall

Room floor corridor

A shared water server was placed in the corridor.

A view of the room entrance door

What is the room of the twin room?

Room entrance door. It was a type that used a normal key, and it was a little hard to turn it.

Room entrance door seen from the room

The room had air conditioning.

In a nutshell, it is an impression that it is luxurious in retro. The color scheme of gold is particularly memorable. The whole room was unified with gold and white, and the light was a chandelier. There was the room as soon as we opened the door, the room itself was small, but the bed and the closet were big and we able to spread two  suitcases on the floor. It seems like a very historic hotel, so I felt the oldness of the building. The door knob in the bathroom was coming off and it felt a little dangerous. In addition, the walls were thin, so we could hear voices of the people staying next door.  

There was a TV set opposite the bed.

There was a desk and a chair on the opposite side of the bed and under the TV.

The twin beds were set very close together, and at first glance it looked like a single bed. Both were wide, so I could relax and go to bed. The bed harness was normal, and was comfortable.  There was one pillow and two cushions. We were staying for two nights and the bed was made neatly the next day.  

There was a fixed telephone and memo set on the bedside table.

There were no terraces or balconies, only windows. When I opened the window, I could see the outdoor unit etc in the space like the back side of the hotel. We could not enjoy the view from our room. I think that the room on the canal side has the best view.


There was a bathtub in bathroom. I facility looked old.

It took quite a while for the hot water to come out, but became steady afterwards.

The water pressure of the shower was weak, but it was enough to use it without inconvenience. The shower head was adjustable in height and was removable.

The size of the bathtub is a common one person size. There is a transparent partition on the side, but the size of the bathtub is half the size of the bathroom, so the gap between the partition and the bathtub is large, so the floor of the bathroom became wet after the shower .

Towels were also prepared.



There was soap, body towel, shower cap and so on. The cup was covered with a bag and it felt clean. Also, I was very happy that there was tissue. It is unusual that there is a sewing set in the amenity so it was memorable.

Although there was a hair dryer the wind power was weak, so it took time to dry my hair.

Closet and Safety Box

The door of the closet had a whole body mirror.

Inside the closet, there were hangers, a safety box, extra beddings and sheets and it was a spacious closet.

The safety box looked new.

Inside of the safety box

Mini bar & cafe

A refrigerator was installed in guest room.

Juice and water were kept in the refrigerator and there was a mini bar.

Price list of minibar

There was a cup, but there was no cafe corner such as tea or coffee. Instead, there was a shared water server in the corridor.

Restaurants in the hotel

There was a restaurant in hotel which we used only for breakfast buffet.

I felt that having terrace seats facing the canal was the biggest attraction.

It really looks like Venice.

The sun was bright.

Itt is outdoors, be careful with the pigeons because they will try to steal your food.

There were plenty of indoor seats, and you can enjoy a relaxing breakfast.

Inside the restaurant

Viking of breakfast was rich in the number of items, so we did not get tired of the menu.

Hotel surroundings environment

Because the hotel is around the station, there is a lot of traffic, but I did not feel like security was bad. There were many tourists, I had an image that it was crowded. There were lots of shops around the hotel, and it was fun walking. In addition, the hotel also faces the canal, and the place where the canal can be seen from the restaurant was personally the biggest attraction.

View of Canal and Grande

Church of San Cimeone Piccolo

There were many shops around the hotel.

A view of the street around the hotel

Staff & Customers

Every staff members were very friendly and kind. They responded politely even if we were speaking with simple English. When asking for the way and asking for photos, thy responded brightly.

There seemed to be a lot of tour groups staying at the hotel. I hardly saw any children.


Access from the airport was very convenient. From the airport to Venice main island, about 20 minutes by bus. I arrived at Piazzale Roma, and it only took about 10 minutes on foot from there. Moreover, it is about 2 minutes on foot from the big railway station called Santa Lucia station. I was facing a big street and it was nearly straight from the station so I was able to find it soon. The road was also wide, so it was easy to walk even with a suitcase.

There were plenty of shops around the hotel, so it seemed that you can buy anything you want. There was supermarket in the immediate neighborhood. There are many shops like Venetia souvenir shops and gelato shops. I was able to go to almost all major tourist attractions on foot. Venice itself is narrow. Also, access to the water ride called Vaporetto is close, it was convenient.


I had a nice stay at this hotel. The good thing was the good access. As there are lots of luggage on European travel, it is very attractive that the hotel is close. Until the last moment I was able to leave my luggage at the hotel and go out. In addition, it was a 4 hotel but very reliable. It seemed to be an old historic hotel, there were places where facilities that seemed to be old, but hot water came out steadily, so there was no inconvenience. And most of all, it was the best hotel that allowed me to enjoy Venice. The restaurant faces the canal and is the best place to see the canal like Venice while dining at the terrace seating. Because it is outside, the pigeon cam often though …. I booked the room without specifying the the view this time, so I could not see the wonderful view from the room, but I think it would be best to be able to see the nice view of the canal from your room.