Hotel Royal Nikko Taipei

  • Room Type : Premier Room
  • Stay Nights : 1 night
  • Stay Num : 1 person
  • A brick-like building facing Namiki street is characteristic!
  • Interior decoration that is based on white feels bright and gentle!
  • Hotel homemade pineapple cake and nougat are recommended!

Hotel Royal Nikko Taipei (Hotel Royal Nikko Taipei) is within walking distance from MRT Zhongshan Station and located along Zhongshan North. This hotel, which is convenient to access anywhere, was founded in 1984. In Zhongshan, the center of the business area, the hotel has a strong presence in here for more than 30 years among a lot of hotels in the same areal. Currently, the renewal of each room is ongoing.

Hotel's exterior, entrance and reception

You can see the top part of the hotel building from the tree-lined streets of Zhongshan Northern Road.

It is difficult to see the entire exterior in the summer, but it has a lush atmosphere.

Building is made of bricks and it felt like European retro style.

The entrance part feels very open and it goes to the second floor with a high ceiling. The ceiling can be a sun/rain shade.

Once you approach the entrance the staff will open the door for you.

The hotel's reception is modern designed with cream white color and gentle soft lightning warms up the space.

You can relax in the lobby for waiting or taking a break.

With this stairs you can access to the 2nd floor for restaurants and gift shops on the 1st basement floor.

Premier room

Completed the check-in and we headed to the room. *We stayed at a conventional premier room, but I did not find it old.

I took the elevator to the room floor. It was quiet and had dim lightning.

Entered the bedroom from the entrance.

The carpets is on the floor. The layout and furniture were clean and new. The light from the window was blight. The couch was placed by the window, and TV stand and the desk was on the other side. I felt it's a bit full of things but there is still enough space to put a suitcase on the side of the TV.

The king sized big bed was moderately hard and comfortable to sleep with. There are 4 pillows.

There is a telephone and an alarm clock on the bed side table. There was an indoor electric switch and an outlet on the wall beside the bed.

The couch at the window has an ottoman that you can extend your legs on. Because the backrest is so short, you may almost lie down rather than sitting down.

On the opposite side, there is a study desk, a TV, a drawer and a TV stand on the shelf where coffees are placed.

The study desk is not very wide, barely enough to put a laptop computer and documents, but the chair is comfortable to sit and work.

The stationery which was put in the desk was perfect lineup.

There is a DVD deck on the TV stand.

Look at the bedroom at 360 ° Kuula 7 lvzr {width: 100%; height: 400 px; max-width: 100%; max-height: 100 vw;

Excellent spacious bathroom

You can see the bathroom through the blind from the bedroom.

The bathroom with large windows facing the bedroom is preeminent in spacious feeling.

The bathroom is located on the left corner facing the entrance.

It feels very blight when you open up the blinds so you don't get cooped-up feeling. The sink was wide and the usability was very good. Television was installed.

There is a chair at the sink and the make-up mirror is placed, which will make women pleased.

The bathtub is separated from the shower room with a glass.

It is nice to take a bath in a beautiful big bathtub.

The sink is a bowl type, but I felt it a little small to wash my face.


The shampoo, conditioner, body soap, body lotion and soap on the washbasin are from L'Occitane.

There were variety kinds of amenities in the drawer including tooth brush set, comb, razor, swab, cotton, hair rubber, and shower cap.

Look at the bathroom at 360 °.Kuula7lvzt {width: 100%; height: 400px; max-width: 100%; max-height: 100vw;}

Private toilet room separated from bathroom

There is a toilet room on the opposite side of the bathroom, across the corridor.

The complete private toilet room is separated from the bathroom, so it will be good if you're staying here with your family or friends.

Tile floor and toilet bowl are clean.

The toilet has a washlet function.

Hand wash and towel rack are also useful.

Closet & Safety deposit box

The closet is next to the toilet.

Bathrobes and slippers were placed in the closet, and there were also many hangers. There was also a safety deposit box.

It is a simple one that locks by locking a 4 digit PIN. It's quite big one and felt safe.

There are plenty of space to put things in. There was a deodorant spray on the safety box.

In-room coffee is amazing

We came back from sightseeing and had a break with the in-room coffee and was amazing.

Firstly, an apple and a banana, hotel's original pineapple cake were served on the dish placed on the TV stand.

When you open the inside of the shelf, coffee, tea bags and cups are placed. You can make hot water with the electric kettle.

There was a charge in the refrigerator, but various kinds of drinks were included.

Three restaurants, including breakfast buffet!

The hotel has three restaurants. They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and all-day buffet at restaurant “Le Cafe”.

Besides, there are Japanese restaurant “Zhongshan” and Cantonese restaurant “Ming Court” in the hotel and you can host banquets or parties there.

Seats at "Le Cafe" are lined up vertically so that many people can have seats.

The breakfast is served from 6: 00-10: 00, and international cuisine is available. One-bite sized breads are good for trying out.

There were many buckwheat and condiments in the bowls.

Even if you have one kind of salad, you can choose topping such as 4 kinds of dressing and toppings such as small tomatoes.

Cheese platter, warm salad. stir-fry

Bacon, eggs, and curry

There is also porridge and dumpling, so I really had a trouble choosing what to eat. Some meat was a bit hard as it became cold, but basically all of them were quite delicious.

Juice is rich in variety; orange juice, tomato juice, milk, mango juice and apple juice.

You can drink good quality coffee from the machine; espresso, cappuccino, latte machete, and so on.

You can have lunch from 11: 30 to 14: 00 and afternoon tea from 14: 30 to 17: 00 here, but the dinner buffet from 18: 00 to 21: 30 is the most gorgeous one.

The buffet counter goes on till the end of the space and good smell of the food filled the space.

Japanese food including Sushi, and Chinese food

Some dishes were almost same from the breakfast and lunch, but for dinner, meat and fish dishes become more rich in variations, quality of ingredients itself was also higher.

Lamb meat with bone was soft and tasty.

The chef cuts the roast beef.


The chef showed us fresh dim sum.

There are many types of sweets such as cake, but I can not eat everything although I wish I could eat them all.

Drinks were also many too choose from.

Although I only passed by this time, the Japanese cuisine "Nakayama" was like a fine restaurant.

From lunch to dinner, you can eat sushi and Japanese cuisine using fresh seafood.

It is gorgeous but you can feel relaxed at the same time. The restaurant is very spacious. There are also counter seats and private rooms.

Cantonese cuisine "Ming Court"

You can enjoy either à la carte or full-course meal of Cantonese cuisine by Hongkongese chef. The restaurant can be also used for a banquet or party.

Confectionery, pool, and gym

In addition to the restaurant, the hotel has gift shop, cake shop “Royal Bakery”, lounge, conference room, pool and gym .

In the Royal bakery at the end of the 1st floor lobby, hotel's homemade bread, cakes, sweets such as cookies and chocolates are sold and they can be a good souvenir.

The hotel's original macadamia nuts nougat and pineapple cake seems to be particularly popular ones.

There is recreational facilities on the rooftop.

During the summer you can relax comfortably in the pool.

When the weather is nice, you can take a refreshing break on the deck chair, or you can enjoy the view of the city from here.

It is a small sports gym but had enough equipments.

Hotel surroundings : plenty of restaurants are around

Public security is fine and I could walk around walked at night.

A variety of shops and restaurants are lined up in front of the hotel, which was very convenient.

It is a signboard located on Zhongshan North Road. You can see that many hotels, including Nikko Hotel, are concentrating around our current location.

There is "Din Tai Fung" in Shinko Mitsukoshi department store, a restaurant famous for xiaolongbao.

The restaurant was crowded with many people.

I saw chefs making them from the glass, but this xiaolongbao freshly steamed from the kitchen, was really tasty.

Accessible to any tourist spots with Subway MRT

The hotel is a 4-minute walk from Zhongshan MRT Station, about 45 minutes by car from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, 15 minutes by car from Taipei Songshan Airport. A taxi costs about NT $1,300 one way from Taoyuan Airport, and NT $ 250 from Songshan Airport. You go to Zhongshan station from the hotel, and can access to any tourist places with MRT metro.

Hotel Royal Nikko Taipei Staff

The staff of the hotel was kind and cared about the guests.


There are many Japanese tourists and business people as the hotel is Japanese brand. As there is a free parking lot in the basement, local tourists were also seen. It seems that the hotel is loved from families to couples.

Other rooms including suites

We are pleased to present you with the other rooms.

New Type Premier Room

It is narrower than the Premier Room I stayed this time, but it was a beautiful room because it was just renewed.

The study desk is small and there is not much space to spread personal computers and documents in one position, but it is enough if you will stay the room mostly for taking a rest.

Bathroom is separated from washing area. It is new and modern design. Look at the room at 360 ° Kuula 7 lvq 4 {width: 100%; height: 400 px; max - width: 100%; max - height: 100 vw;} Look at the bathroom at 360 ° kuula 7 lvqh {width: 100% ; height: 400px; max-width: 100%; max-height: 100vw;} Next is "corner suite" room

As this is sweet room, it is very spacious and full of luxury.

The living room was separate from the bedroom.

The study desk and couch are also in a large space. The size of the desk seems to be the same as the premier room.

In the bathroom, bathtub and shower room were separated and television was attached, too. There is jacuzzi in bathtub, sauna in separate room. The sink of the sink has two bowl types lined up. The toilet is in a private room. Look at the bedroom in the room at 360 °.Kuula7lvq7 {width: 100%; height: 400px; max-width: 100%; max-height: 100vw;} Look at the bathroom in the bathroom at 360 °. 100%; height - 400px; max - width: 100%; max - height: 100vw;} Look at the room as a whole at 360 °. ; max-height: 100 vw;} Lastly, "Premier Suite" room

I entered the entrance and was surprised by the size of the room. This type is one rank lower type of the best Royal suite, but it was a wonderful room and you cannot wish anything more. There is a bedroom in the center of the room, but the two panels are walls and and you could fold the other two so it felt spacious.

It is a type with two semi double beds but wide enough.

You can look through the separate living room and dining room if you do not close the door.

The wall-hanged TV is stylish and the desk is large.

The round-shaped bathhub with fancy tiles bathroom was giving special feeling. It was very luxurious with a jacuzzi and a sauna. Look at the room at 360 ° Kuula7lvqp {width: 100%; height: 400px; max-width: 100%; max-height: 100vw;} Look at the bathroom at 360 °.Kuula7lvq0 {width: 100% ; height: 400px; max-width: 100%; max-height: 100vw;

Hotel Royal Nikko Taipei : Summary

Well, how was it? Although it became a little long, I hope my review helps you to understand how attractive the Hotel Royal Nikko Taipei is. Although the suite room which I introduced last was exceptional, the premier room which I stayed this time was a wonderful room full of elegance.

Price-wise, it is not impossible to stay Premier room, so I would definitely recommend it to those who want to have a bit of luxurious stay. Also located in the center of Taipei city, it is a convenient place to go anywhere. I think that it is a hotel that can be used for both sightseeing and business.

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